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In Dreams: Annie’s Dream

Finally, after all the hand wringing and such yesterday, I locked myself down and got some writing done.  I will admit I wrote part of this over my break yesterday, but even so I managed eleven hundred words at home, late at night, just enough to get my NaNo count up and over the line.  I have ten days to go, I’m 12,600 words from the finish, and I need 1,261 words a day to hit the fifty thousand.

The odds do seem to be in my favor, but I’m gonna have to push it if I want that winner code this year.

And considering I’m going to lose a couple of days traveling–well, maybe I won’t lose them completely.  We’ll see.

This is what some people have waited for, and even wondered about:  what was Annie’s rune dream.  Well, I’ll tell ya:  I’ve know it for probably a couple of years now, so I’ve finally reached the point where you can see it, too.  Here it is, in its entirety:  Annie’s Dream.


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

I open my eyes and there is soft light all around.  It’s morning, but it feels different.  It is different, because I today I awake someone different—

There you are, in my line of sight.  Sleeping still, your hair tousled, your mouth slightly open, your freckles seeming to glow against your light skin.  You look peaceful in the morning light, safe and secure under the comforter.

I slide next to you and press myself into your body.  I’m not wearing anything, but then neither are you, and I feel warm and loved like this.  I lay my right arm over you and pull myself closer, then lightly kiss your lips and cheek while you sleep.  There isn’t a reaction at first, but half a minute you slowly open your eyes as a tiny grin plays upon her face.

I give your lips another soft kiss.  “Good morning, my love.”

“Good morning, Sweetie.”  You wrap your left arm over me, pull me tight against you, and kiss me in the way I’ve grown to love, and when we stop our faces remain against our pillows, centimeters from each other.  “I could get spoiled being woken up that way.”

“You can, can you?”  I kiss you again.  “We’ll have to see if you can find a way to spoil me, then.”

“Oh . . .”  Your grin is bright and amazing this morning.  “I can think of a few things—“

Before I can discover how you want to spoil me there is a buzzing.  I know what it is, as do you.  You roll onto you back with a tired look and slip your right hand out from under the covers.  You hold out your hand and summon your phone.  You read what’s on the screen floating above your face and chuckle.

I think of propping up my head, but rather like the softness of the pillow.  “Who’s texting this early?”

“My mom.”  You half turn your head towards me.  “She says your mother wants to know when we’re coming to the house for breakfast.”

“She’s a little early texting us:  we’re not supposed to be there until eight thirty.”

The phone twists so I can see the display.  “It’s eight thirty-five.”

I push against my pillow and laugh.  “Oops.”

“Yeah.”  You flip the phone back so you can see the display.  “Text mode . . .  Mom, Annie and I slept in; getting up and getting ready; see you in about an hour; go ahead and eat without us.  Bye.”  You tap the air and the phone slides away to rest on the end table.

I try to keep from laughing when I see the look on your face.  “I guess we shouldn’t start anything we can’t finish.”

“We could finish—“  I wrap my hand over your shoulder and kiss you.  “But we’d be even later.”

“And we wouldn’t want to do that to our waiting parents.”

“It’s not as if we won’t have time later.”

“Oh, yeah.”  You roll away to the edge of the bed, the comforter falling away.  I can see your bare back, smooth and soft, complemented by your shoulders.  A robe sails over from where it was resting on a chair and you slip it on before standing.

I wait until you are leaning against the railing and looking down into the living area before I climb out of bed.  I don’t bother with a robe, and join you at the railing as I slept.  I smile when you look at.  “You look as if you’ve never seen me naked.”

“Well, I haven’t for the first time today.”  You chuckle and scan the room below.  “I’ll use the shower downstairs.”

I reach for you hand.  “Bring up something for me to wear?”

“Sure.  What you want?”

I decide right away.  “My green sleeveless tunic, jeans, and my brown gladiators.”  I give your left hand a squeeze.  “It’s going to be a busy day; I want to be comfortable.”

You nod slowly, probably going over something in your head.  “Clean bra and panties?”

“Naturally.”  I lean my head against your shoulder.  “You remembered.”

“I’ve had some practice with that the last couple of years.”  You give my hand a light squeeze.  “You want some coffee?”

“Yes.  That would be lovely.”

“Consider it done.”  There’s a silence that stretches on for about fifteen seconds.  I’m almost about to ask what is wrong when you speak.  “Did you feel anything . . . different?”

“Yes.”  I release you hand and turn to face you.  “It was like my head cleared.”

“Same here.”  You face me.  “I guess that means they were right.”

“So it would seem.”  My right hand becomes entwined in your left as I draw closer.  “Now the question becomes, where do we go with this—“  I press against you and kiss you long and slow.  “Mr. Malibey?”

“The answer to that is simple:  anywhere and everywhere we want to go—“  You return the kiss, and when you step back, there is a gleam in your eye.  “Mrs. Malibey.”


And there it is:  signed, sealed delivered.

Naturally Kerry has something to say . . .


Annie stood, watched, and waited for Kerry’s reaction. He’d not said a word the whole time she’d related her dream, and when she reached the end, he started back as if he were seeing a person he’d never met before now. After about twenty seconds of silent she grew worried. “Kerry?”

He cleared his throat and spoke weakly “Yeah?”

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m . . .” He looked out over the lake to this right, then turned back to Annie. “Mrs. Malibey?”

She nodded. “Um, hum.”

“As in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Malibey’?”


“As in—”

“Kerry, we were married.” Annie wasn’t exacerbated by any apparent reluctance he manifested, but she felt she had to tell him everything. “I know the time and place of the dream. The place is my lake out, the one on my parent’s property.”

“You’ve told me about that—” Kerry didn’t appear upset or overwhelmed, but now curious. “But I don’t know much about the place.”

“It’s something I had built just after I turned nine.” Annie relaxed, as Kerry didn’t seemed like he was going to fly in to a panic or bolt. “It all came about due to a dream I had—”

“Or vision?” Kerry was beginning to suspect that this rune dream wasn’t the only dream of Annie’s that showed her something from the future.

“I think it was a vision—it came after something that . . .” She looked down, shaking her head. “It’s not important. I saw it in a dream a few days later, and I was compelled to make my family have it built.


Now you know that Annie’s lake house was built on a vision:  it was something she saw and therefore, something she needed.  She also knows something else about that loft.


“There’s a small upstairs area on the north side—I told my parents it was meant to be a guest loft. There’s a bed, a small sitting area, and a walk-in closet which is also the entrance to a full bath. The south end of the loft is open so you can see everything in the living area below.

“It’s suppose to be for guest, but I’ve not had any guest, and no one has ever slept there because it’s meant for more than that.” She sighed as she took a step closer to Kerry, moving to where she was almost touching him. “That’s why I know when my dream happens, because the first person to sleep in the loft is me—on my wedding night . . .” She gazed into Kerry’s eyes. “With my husband.”


The lake house was built to be Annie’s honeymoon house, and she knows it, so if she’s sleeping in the bed in the loft with . . . “her husband” . . . and it’s morning, then her rune dreams if of the morning after and the honeymoon is over, and judging from smiled on their faces, it was a pretty good one.

Which means there had to be some kind of lead-in, and Kerry’s making connections so he mentioned the vision he had the night before.  He decides to say a few things about what he saw, and Annie is making the connection as well and coming out with her own truths . . .


Deanna’s words flew back into Annie’s memory: You must tell your dream first. That should get Kerry to open up about his vision. There were things she had to know now . . . “They told me you had a vision, but not what it was. Tell it, please. Tell me what you saw.”

He took a deep breath and described his vision. “I was in a room, but there was a railing and a lot of darkness on my right. There was only a little light in the bedroom area, but there was a light below in the darkness—”

“The fire in the fireplace—” Annie’s voice took on a dream-like quality. “Dying.”

“I think so, too. And there was this smell, like—”

“Cherry wood.” She smiled and moved closer to Kerry. “It’s my favorite. You were walking towards the bed—”

He nodded. “Yes, I was. And you were on it—”

“Kneeling; sitting back on my heels. And you came and sat on my—”

“Left side, because I’m left handed—”

“And I could use my right.” She reached for him, touching his arm. “And I touched you—”

“And I touched you—” Kerry lay his hand on a spot just above Annie’s heart.

“And I touched you . . .” Annie’s eyes grew wide and she quickly pulled her hands away, stepping back at the same time. “We shouldn’t be talking like this.”

Kerry leapt back as well and was now trying to control his breathing. “I know . . .” He bent slightly and caught his breath. “Did they tell you what I saw? ‘Cause I never mentioned that last—”

“They didn’t have to.” The redness that had crept into Annie’s face faded. “I had the same vision.”

What?” Kerry’s mouth dropped open upon hearing this news. “When?”

Annie looked to the sky as she swallowed a couple of times. “Back on Orientation Day. In Memory’s End.”


And now you know what Annie saw during her tea trance:  the same thing Kerry saw six months later.  Only, since that last line was the last thing I wrote last night, it won’t be until tonight you find out just how significant having a vision like that becomes.  Also, it’s evident that these two shouldn’t be alone when they talk about this vision, ’cause . . . just saying.

Also, there was mention in Annie’s dream of people being “right” and having cleared heads.  I know a few people will ask, “Wait, does that mean something, Cassie?” and all I’ll say is, yes, I do tell you what that means, only not in this novel, but the next one, if it gets written.  So you only gotta wait like, oh, another year or so and maybe two hundred thousand words to find out what it means.  That means I can’t tell you now, la, la, la, fingers in my ears, I can’t hear you . . .

As I’ve told a few others, I’ve not just plotted out this novel, but five others.  Yeah–five.  This is a long game, and there are events in this book that don’t get played all the way out until the second and third books, which have events that become major deals in later novels.  I have also mentioned something, in passing, in this book that doesn’t become a major deal until–here it comes–the fifth novel.  Yeah, I’m like that:  torturing you.  Just wait until I start killing off beloved characters, because George R. R. Martin shouldn’t get all the hate . . .

In the mean time, I need to finish the current scene and get to Kerry’s dream–

As you can see, it's coming.

As you can see, it’s coming.

And then I can get to the aftermath of what happens to these kids.

It’s fun, I tell you:  fun.



NaNo Word Count, 11/20:  1,934

NaNo Total Word Count:  37,398

22 thoughts on “In Dreams: Annie’s Dream

  1. In a way, I was right, yes? kerry’s ero dream, and Annie’s dream…. except, Annie’s is beautiful. She’s already a wifey ,Mrs. Malibey, and it’s her honeymoon night.

    OMG, don’t tell me her vision started when she was just 9 , and it was so vivid that the house was built based on that dream, and, wait a sec… didn’t kerry’s ero dream included a railing, too ? Except he didn’t dream they were married.

    RED HERRING ! ! !

    Okay, lemme think first…. I’ll come back.

    • That’s because I *left out the part* when Kerry makes the connection of a railing being to his right. But he’s talking about the same thing: Annie tells him she had the same vision he had, but . . . you’ll see.

      Kerry knows now he was in the loft. I just didn’t include that part in the excerpts. And in finishing the scene tonight, it’s not going to be much of a surprise that they both saw the same thing–only differently.

      • Alright, my thoughts…….

        To be honest, it’s feelings that I cannot articulate. I’ll try, just the same… Kerry’s reaction : what bothers me was his seeming lack of reaction. He was just too cool, until that part where Annie mentioned Mrs. Malibey. That kind of startled him. Why is that ? I mean, he was quiet when Annie was speaking. Did it surprise him they would be married in the future ? Maybe it’s just my prejudice showing 😐 …. okay, maybe, his thoughts were actually like a plane taking off , but he didn’t show it, because he was such a cool and collected boy. 🙄

        yes, I think they saw the dreams differently. Annie’s was beautiful and sweet, whereas kerry thought his dream was inappropriate and perved.

        So , now we know Annie’s teacup and rune visions were similar. No wonder Deanna gave her a wide grin.

        Question….. why did Deanna tell them it was imperative to share their dreams NOW, not later, but , immediately.

        I need to know kerry’s rune dream. I suspect it’s totally different, just like his teacup vision is different. And that’s why Deanna warned them not to prevent these visons from happening. I think Deanna directed that statement to Kerry. By knowing Annie’s visions , kerry would not attempt to change his visions because in the end, he and Annie would be together, no matter what happens in between.

        • You’re trying to read thing into what’s happening without seeing everything. Kerry didn’t see his vision as perverted; he was troubled by *something*, but he certainly hasn’t come across as seeing it as a perv vision. If anything, when they started recollecting their visions together, Kerry was becoming quiet–well, you could say he was just as loving in the moment as Annie, and she was the one who broke it because she knew where it was heading–and so did Kerry. (He did say, “I didn’t say anything about that part,” though in a way he did, but he probably forgot.)

          Yes, Annie knew at 9 she would spend her wedding night her in lake house. And there’s a lot more about her in those regards that I haven’t gotten into.

          You’re seeing one side of this and assuming the worse motivations for Kerry. Really, if I were 11 again, and some girl I knew was telling me that she’s had visions of getting married to me, and that I’d had a vision that show something very similar, I’d probably be freaking out a lot, and not wanting to talk about that. And Kerry’s dream sets up a whole lot of things . . . that will probably take another 30,000 words to get out completely. Because fan torture. 😉

          • Fan torture… I know. But loving it. Hmmmph, you’re a tough nut to crack.

            Well, at least you know what your reader is thinking. as I said, maybe kerry’s brain was like a plane taking off as he was listening to Annie’s dream.
            * sigh * I want to know Kerry’s rune dream. Hint…
            * looking at you with pleading eyes*

          • I still have to write it. But it’s next on the list. But I’ll say this much: Kerry’s dream is far different, and it will set up something. That’s why there are scenes that follow–

            It’s never going to be THAT simple. 🙂

  2. I took a peek at your outline. Next to Kerry’s rune dream is ONCE TORN ASUNDER. The hair in my arms stood on ends. Didn’t I just write exactly the same words on my previosu comment ? ” What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.” 😮

      • cassie, I ‘m totally clueless as to Kerry’s rune dream, but one thing I’m sure of, it’s totally different from Annie’s. And if I have to go by his teacup vision, where Annie wasn’t there, and instead , there was another girl, I’m guessing that teacup vision and his rune dream are the same, just like Annie’s similar dreams in both, but different from Kerry’s. Perhaps, Kerry is happy that his recent dream tallies with Annie’s, but knowing Kerry who overthinks, I’m sure he already feels uncomfortable with his rune vision and teacup vision. I have noted that Kerry intentionally omitted the gender of the person who’ was with him in his teacup vision. And Kerry is now very much aware what visions are…. in other words, he knows…. and he can’t do anything to prevent that from happening…. hence , the asunder thing in your outline.

        • I can say, with great certainty, that he’s not thought about his vision in Memory’s End for some time. Why? He was told not to. He also never EVER questioned Annie about her vision in Memory’s End either, even though he knew she had one, and was told it was “personal.”

          AND . . . given they were both in a trance at the time, what are the odds a certain Seer may have told him NOT to think about that vision, or to omit certain details. As stated, those visions could change their lives . . .

          Look at the big picture, and remember not everything in this story remains self contained.

          • That certain Seer knows that a certain girl will have her heart broken if he gives the details. I bet the Seer knows that Annis gonna consult with her. And well, she did, the next day. Annie’s consultation was merely the lamentation of a girl who feels she is in a one-sided relationship… that she has an unrequited love….. that she’s the only one who’s in love.

            And it’s very telling that the Seer did not confirm nor deny. She just did some psychological talk , that Kerry is still immature, blah, blah. It was a straightforward love consultation.

            I’m sure the visions are a game changer. If Kerry’s visions turn out to be true, Annie’s reaction to this event will be the one that will drive the story forward. After all, It’s her own vision that started it all. She was adamant and determined to make it come true. She has placed her future solely on her vision. I cannot begin to imagine what her reaction will be when the time comes that it’s kerry’s own visions that will shape his own future.

            maybe Annie will run amok ?????? , he he he

            Annie does sometimes lose control . Emma and her bleeding…. yeah.

          • Can’t really say any more on Kerry’s vision, because I know what happened and what he saw, and to say anymore would give away too much. Needless to say, those events, if they do happen, won’t happen for years, and they would be, as I said, the start of something life changing–and just WHY they would, I can’t tell you. Just know it represents a major turning point in Kerry’s life as well as in Annie’s.

            I would say that Annie was the one who hid the most from there: at least she got to find out what Kerry saw. Poor Kerry never had an inkling that Annie was playing touchy-feeling with him in her vision–nor that she saw something that she’s going to tell him she say in about another two hundred words. 😉

  3. I’ll post what I think about this after coffee… It’s just too much. I need to read again after the coffee has taken effect so I can think properly. Hmmm…. These kinds of visions, shared visions, means more than just that they’re together later and get married.

      • nah, I won’t write a fanfic… I wouldn’t know how, anyway. Everything ‘s on my mind,,,,, oh, and what’s on my mind does have kerry and Annie in it, but not together. I have officially disengaged myself from their relationship. I’m just so eager to know how it will happen, and what’s Annie’s life ‘s like without kerry by her side, and what’s she gonna do with her shattered dreams. No wonder she felt an overwhelming sadness at her blurry last dream of kerry.
        Come to think of it, I think Annie’s Mom knows…. and she told Annie’s dad about it, and maybe that ‘s the reason why Dad told Annie she might get hurt.

        Gotta go…. see you tomorrow !

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