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The Delicate Problem: Opening Statements

Today is that magical day when I hop in the car and head back to The Burg.  A day filled with sitting behind the wheel for eleven hours, with a stop here and there to recharge.  Not sure what time I’ll pull back into the apartment, but I’ll kinda sleep in my own bed tonight–probably also need to take something to help me sleep, because I expect traffic to be a little messy going back.

I would say I'd be doing this around Cleavland, but it's more likely I'll start losing my mind around South Bend.

I would say I’d be doing this around Cleveland, but it’s more likely I’ll start losing my mind near South Bend.  And, no:  it doesn’t rock.

Because of a lot of things going on at what seemed like one time I only had about five hundred words written last night.  Only.  After doing over seven hundred in the morning, that’s close to another NaNo goal.  But NaNo is over as of today, and there’s no need to rush to get this done today.  In fact, it’s likely to be a light writing day, if there’s any at all.

In the meantime, what did happen yesterday?

Well, let me show you.  Because I didn’t write that much, and it’s leading into something that is going to affect my kids, so why not just show you?


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

Coraline knew she wouldn’t have long to wait for her visitors to arrive. The email she’d send last night said eight-fifteen, and they were running close to that time—and the person who’s volunteered to go pick them up in the Dining Hall was notorious for her punctuality.

She heard the lift arrive, and readied herself for what was coming next. The lift area was really the only permanent private area of the third floor: the rest was a single open area that could be configured however was necessary. Most of the time Coraline used this area for private examinations that she didn’t want others to know about, though they’d used this for emergency sleeping space and twice for a repair space for APs.

Deanna followed Annie and Kerry towards the circle of chairs about eight meters from the lift. Even from this distance it wasn’t hard to see that Kerry was a little anxious about Annie being present—particularly after Coraline had assured him last week that they’d met alone. But it was that meeting last week—and the discussions she had with Deanna in the wake of her conversations with both kids—that convinced her it best they all sit down together and have this chat.

“Hi there.” Coraline motioned towards the chairs. “Take a seat.” She watched carefully to see—yes. Kerry sat to Annie’s right. Never fails. “Okay, so . . . Kerry knows why we’re here, and Annie, the email you received last night explained the matter at hand.”

“I know why Annie’s here.” Kerry still looked a little nervous, but he’d settled down since entering the room.

Annie nodded. “We discussed it this morning before breakfast.”

“So you know this relates back to your visions.” Deanna took the chair across from Annie.

Kerry tried not to look bothered that everyone was going to discuss this matter together. “Yes, we get that.”

“It’s actually more than that—” Coraline sat and leaned forward. “Those visions—and Annie’s rune dream—have put you both in a delicate position of . . . I guess you could say it’s accelerated your sexual knowledge, particularly of each other, a bit more than what normally happens around here. Most of the time kids learn about sex the old fashion way, through stumbling and experimentation, though sometimes they come to me and ask questions before they’re too far along the path—and it’s always my intention to help them before any real damage is done.

“You don’t have that disadvantage any more: you’ve seen just about everything one could do on their wedding night, and I’ll take your word on it—” She pointed at Kerry. “—that you didn’t get to the main event in these visions.”

Annie and Kerry slowly stared at each other, then turned back to Coraline and Deanna, with Annie answering. “No. We didn’t see that.”

“Which is good.” Coraline turned to Deanna, then back to the kids. “We’re going to try and answer questions, and help you out when you find yourself in a situation that might find your willpower starting to falter.”


That Coraline:  she gets right down to business.  And it is an interesting position for her to find herself in, because these kids are in a unique position of having not only seen these . . . things, but also having felt the . . . stuff.  And once unseen and felt, you’re not simply gonna say, “Okay, forget all that and just go on with your lives.”  Naw, a little difficult to do anymore.

At least I’ll have plenty of time today to think this scene over.

It’s a bit awkward for me as well.

20 thoughts on “The Delicate Problem: Opening Statements

  1. Their dreams were discreet. It was so obvious they did it,,,, there was a morning after scene, and they even did it again that morning before they came for breakfast, but for some reason, the act didn’t figure in their dreams. There was even a physical manifestation of the act that sent Kerry running off to see Coraline.

          • 1. Reason just given
            2. Normally , the best part of a dream is cut off.
            3. Their ” first ” time will be neither of them. ( at least with Kerry, not )
            4. those dreams will not happen.

          • I won’t state on 1, ’cause I know what happens.

            2. Probably that part of the dream was cut off because it would have driven them nuts. Imagine if YOU saw that when you were 12.

            3. Can’t say anything. Just can’t.

            4. Bawh, hahahahaha!

          • #1 reason and #3 reason are related. I can say with 70% certainty that at some point in the story, they will break – up, Kerry will be with another girl, and his first time will be with that girl. He cannot do it with Annie because of the enchantment, but he can with another girl. ❗

            This is the most logical scenario.

            Am I right or am I right ”

            Grrrr, that Kerry.

          • If I say you’re right or wrong, then I give away future history. And in today’s post, you know I know their history.

            All I’ll say is that in a *future* novel, there will be a part or act titled “The Months of Hell”, and that question will likely find a resolution.

          • Did I say 70% certainty ? I say, make it 99.99%.

            More often than not, neither confirming nor denying gives me a lot to work on. ( investigative mode turned on )

            I have a million and one thoughts swirling on my mind…. well, it’s a magical world, and anything can happen. But it all boils down to their dreams .

            First off, with all of Kerry’s declarations of his love, the one and only, will never love another, and all that **** , never mind, there’s a part of him that is not 100 % sure that it’s Annie in the end. maybe you’re not totally aware how readers take your words, but this is the gut feeling that your words evoke in me. When kerry described his rune dream, there was a certain longing and love for his dream girl, the Chestnut Girl. He even admitted that he was in love with her, and had to half- assed apologize that he had to admit it to Annie. He even knew that it must have hurt Annie when he failed to recognize her as his Chestnut Girl. What bugged me was the fact that he was already aware of the existence of his Chestnut Girl during the 6 months after his dream and the final sharing. He knew it was a vision , ( and at that time, he knew it wasn’t Annie ), much like the teacup vision… again , not Annie. But even after knowing it was, indeed , Annie , there was still part of him that wasn’t 100 % sure of his future with Annie….. and perhaps, that ‘s the reason why any remarks made by Annie with regards to their future together were met with a bit of surprise And no, it wasn’t because of his age… it was because there was a bit of a nagging doubt about it. I have taken note that there’s still that teacup vision.

            So, to go back to that incomplete dreams, it was Annie who said they didn’t see it. Here’s the thing,nowhere in tgeir conversation that Kerry definitely said he didn’t see the act.

            So, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kerry wouldn’t do anything to prevent any separation…. he was warned about it.

            Here’s the thing…. the dream of them being married wasn’t kerry’s…. it was Annie’s. And though he did think it was Annie in his dream, I have a feeling the act wasn’t with Annie… that made him run off to see Caroline. And since you didn’t confirm nor deny what was supposed to be a given fact, that is, annie would be his first, then I can m that , that Annie wouldn’t be his first, and it would be with another.

            Deanna said the dreams would change their lives. I find that odd… to me, it should merely affirm the obvious, not change it.

          • I can’t confirm or deny because . . . plot points. And they aren’t resolved in this novel. So I can’t say anything.

            Kerry didn’t say anything about the Chestnut Girl because she seemed to be “locked away”. The rune dream opened that up. That was really the key to opening up his mind to the dreams once more. Again, that will be explained–in THIS novel. 😉

          • And I still think that what Annie’s Dad said about Annie getting hurt, and Kerry might not be the boy in his dreams…. well, yes he was, but she shouldn’t assume he was indeed the fated one.

  2. I’m starting to wonder if there’s any significance in Annie always sitting/standing/walking to the left of kerry. I know there’s a logical reason … Kerry is right=handed, and so it always feels comfortable to be in that position. But, the fact that it’s always noted countless of times already by this time makes me think this will figure in the story.

    Being in one position is a common thing. My sleeping position is on the right side of the bed. Always.

    Their raging hormones are about to explode, so I wonder what magical stuff and enchantment Coraline will do to prevent that from happening.

    • There is a significance and . . . you’ll find out about that in another novel. And actually Kerry is left handed–that’s been noted. Annie is right handed.

      Ah, their little hormones. Those are coming up for discussion.

      • maybe someone will transform herself/himself into Annie, but her position will be at kery’s right, which is a give – away she isn’t Annie, or vice versa. Do you now know how my mind works ? XD

        • I think they would have to do a GREAT job being her, because now that Kerry remembers her back through their dreams, he knows all her little tells. Pity the poor fool who tries that and fails.

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