In Dreams There Shall be Time

I know what you’re thinking:  there should be sex ed talk here.  Right?  Wrong.  Finished my drive Back to The Burg last night, and a good middle chunk of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was a parking lot.  We had three lanes of traffic on a winding two lane highway, and it didn’t make for great driving conditions.  In fact, in a couple of spots I just came to a stop and stayed there.

What all that means is I’ll have to write the remainder of the scene tonight, which I can do after I go shopping.  In fact, I may just stop at Panera and have something to eat, because I miss them.  Or not.  Stick to the schedule, right?

Anyway, I did think of something last night.  Actually, I thought about it Saturday night when I was chatting with a friend, and we were discussing Annie and Kerry, specifically their shared dreams.  And during the chat I said, “You know, now that I’ve mentioned the dreams, I should work up a time line for them.”  The comment I received back was, “You haven’t already?”  Yeah, I have friends who know me well, and whom are smartasses.

But there is a certain truth to that.  See, I’ve got time lines for just about everything.  I mean, this is one of the first I made:

Sure, it's lonely up there on the top left, but look way down at the bottom at all the pretty colored dots.

Sure, it’s lonely up there on the top left, but look way down at the bottom at all the pretty colored dots.

This is the main time line for the novel–I should say “novels”, because I have information here pertaining to Annie and Kerry throughout their entire time at school.  If you look at the point just to the right of “2011”, you’ll see a lot of different colored dots, and those are the events of which I speak.  All my information in meta form is there, and I’m certain more than a few of you would love to peak at that display.

I also have this one:

Now you can send everyone a birthday card!

Now you can send everyone a birthday card!

A while back I make up lines for most everyone, which include when they were born and when they die.  Yes, even for Annie and Kerry:  I know the dates of their deaths and how they actually happen.  Don’t worry, it isn’t anytime soon.

But you can see I don’t have anything for their dreams.  There’s all sorts of stuff that is there, but what about their dreams?  We know there are some key points:  when they met as toddlers; when Kerry read to Annie for the first time, and what he read; the bike ride after Kerry moved to Cardiff, which is when they first learned each other’s real names; the time Annie told Kerry she was real; when she told him he was a witch; and when he told her he loved her.  I have approximate points and even dates in a few instances, but the rest of it is all over the place.

And I don’t like things all over the place.

Some, sometime this week, I’ll have to fit in getting this together.  Maybe this weekend when I have nothing to do between working on my novel and working on another writing project.  Because I do what to point to one of these views and say, “Yeah, right there is when they did this.”

Oh, and I know when the June bad dream happened.  It’s perfect.