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The Open Book

As much as I wanted to crank out about fifteen hundred words last night, it was impossible to do that.  Not only was I fighting off fits of depression yesterday–I thought I was done with that, but I was wrong–I started suffering back spasms throughout the day, and it was difficult to sit at the computer for very long and type without feeling the needs to go lay down for about twenty minutes after sitting at the computer for about the same amount of time.  It feels better now, but then I’ve been laying down for the last six hours.

We’ll see what tonight brings.

As such, I only managed about six hundred and seventy words–but as I’ve said in the past, they were good words.  This is a point where Annie is talking about her book, her wedding book.  Erywin asked how it came to be in her possession, and in these six hundred and seventy words she tells you a little about what she’s done with it.  Not a lot, but . . . we learn a few things about what’s inside the book . . .


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

She nodded slowly. “I have. I knew a girl when I was growing up that had one, and a few of my students have had them.” She softened her tone, trying not to shake Annie. “When were you given yours?”

“On my fifth birthday. My mother gave it to me in private, after my father had departed to return to his work. She explained what it was for, what I was suppose to place upon the pages. I wasn’t certain what she meant: I was five, and while I knew about my parents being married, I didn’t know what I would do with my own book.

“A few weeks later I was staring at all the blank pages in the book, and I began having ideas. I’d started sketching about that time—I wasn’t very good because I was starting to learn—but I loved to draw.” Her eyes focused on something beyond Erywin as she thought about her first drawing. “It was my wedding dress. I’ve made much better sketches of it since that time, but the first one is still there.”

“I’m going to take a guess and say your wedding dress is pretty simple.” Erywin lay her hands on her thigh. “I can’t see you wearing something grandiose, Annie.”

She nodded slowly. “Yes, it’s something simply: no long train or massive amount of embroidery, just a simple white dress and matching dress sandals.” She continued staring off at something off I the distance. “I drew how the ceremony would look behind my parent’s home, in the field—that’s why I’ll wear sandals: it’s summer.”

“Sounds wonderful.” Erywin didn’t try to make eye contact with Annie, who seeing her memories. “And the reception?”

“There’s a small hall in Pamporovo that I want for that. I don’t anticipate a lot of people attending the wedding—just family on . . .” Annie paused and met Erywin’s gaze. “Both sides.”

“I see.” Erywin didn’t want to ask the obvious question, so she took the round about method. “What else do you have drawn in there?”

“My bridesmaid’s gowns—though I don’t expect to have a lot of them. I don’t even know if I’ll have them . . . The sketches of my lake house are there: all of them. Everything I wanted it to be, I drew there first.”

“That makes sense. According to Deanna, that’s where you’re going to spend your wedding night.” Erywin tip topped carefully into the next question. “Was that a vision as well?”

“Yes, it was. I saw it while I was standing by the short of the lake—it’s just over four hundred meters from my parent’s home—and I turned around and I saw the house . . .” Annie’s eyes rolled up just a touch. “And someone else.”

Erywin figured she didn’t need to make more than one guess. “Someone who’ll spend the night there with you?”

Annie didn’t try to obfuscate her answer. “Yes. My husband.” She barely made a sound as she cleared her throat. “The center of the book is where you’re support to write your name, and across from your name you write the name of the boy you’ll marry. When I attended private school before coming to Salem, a couple of the girls who had books talked about how they already had two or three names across from theirs.” She snorted. “Stupid girls.”

“And how many names do you have in your book?” This was another question Erywin didn’t have to ask, but knew it was necessary.

“Just one.”

“And when did you write that down?”

Annie sighed and closed her eyes: it wasn’t that she didn’t want to see Erywin, but she didn’t want there to be any chance she’d notice the expression of the third person present. “The night he told it to me.” She opened her eyes slowly. “I should say, the morning after he told me. The moment I woke up, I went to my book and wrote in Kerry’s full name. Later that day I did a rough sketch of him and, over time, managed to capture his likeness as he was then.” She leaned towards Erywin. “My name is across from his, and my portrait sits below my name, staring at Kerry’s.” She grew silent as her eyes turned towards the sky.


I suppose there’s a meme here where someone says to Annie, “You only had one name in your book!  One NAME!” and then if it’s the Worried Annie she give them the worried look, and if it’s the Not Worried Annie, she probably sets them on fire.  I just joke about that:  Annie hasn’t set anyone on fire–


But now we know some of what’s in the middle of that book.  We know there are names and sketches, and it’s been mentioned in the story–back when they were in their last night in Amsterdam–that Annie had the chocolate wrapper Kerry gave her on the Chunnel ride there, and there’s something else written that we’ve yet to hear about.

But you know we will.

And we’ll probably hear from Kerry as well–who has been awfully quiet during all this.  Hard to say what he’s going through–well, I know, but you don’t.  You’ll have to find out.

The upshot of all this is that Act Three is just a few tens of words past forty-six thousand words.  It’s also a couple of thousand past three hundred and fifty thousand, so I upped the counter once more–to four hundred thousand words.

One more bump is all I can take.

There’s been a whole lot of upping of late.

With three parts remaining, I expect the counter to get upped one more time, and then that’s it:  no more upping.  There won’t be any need to up it beyond that–

You can’t go too far beyond “The End”, you know.

31 thoughts on “The Open Book

  1. G’morning, Cassie. It’s 3:32 AM here. I slept very early last night, about 9 PM…. very rare… was

    too tired….. 6 hours of sleep is rare as well. But it’s all good, and I hope it’s the same for you . We all need to relax and rest. Well, midterm exams are coming soon, and school projects are due. I’ll be busy as heck from today on.

    Now for this chapter……………for some reason, there’s a melancholic tone to it and , I don’t know, I feel sadness in Annie. I imagine her drawing, and , a little girl daydreaming about her future. I feel though that she’s now a bit uncertain about her rock solid future. In a way, it’s good. She really shouldn’t depend too much on her visions, and instead work hard to make her relationship work, like what Normals do. I wonder though why a mother would give a Wedding Book to her 5 year old daughter. Is that significant ?

    • It is. It’s a family thing that will be mentioned later. Or it could be that Annie’s mom knew something? Maybe she had visions of her daughter getting married, and though she better get her ready.

      There is a melancholy tone in this passage, but it’s not for reasons you may think. It’s pretty obvious that once she knew Kerry was real she made up her mind to marry him. Also, she’s stated elsewhere that she had her Lake House vision after her ninth birthday, so she’d already had his name in her book before that visions. It’s all leading up to the next part of this scene, what’s really bothering her . . .

      • I assume it’s indeed a family thing. Her own mother had a Wedding book, too, ( although the dad got to see it when they were already married? ) I also thought that the mom had a vision of her own regarding Annie’s wedding, and I have a feeling, she had her vision of her own wedding and the man she was to wed when she was as young as Annie. I’m surprised though that Kerry finds out about the Wedding book and what’s in it this early. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. It’s like forcing the issue on Kerry, thereby boxing him in. However, it wasn’t intentional , at all. Erywyn asked her and she told. kerry though is just an an 11 year old boy, and listening to that, what do I think he’d feel ? In fact,he is always reminded of this time and again…. being married, having children, etc…. Here’s the thing…. I don’t think it has sunk in. I can understand that. He’s a boy. Little boys don’t daydream of weddings. 🙂 He’s busy discovering a whole new world. Just my thoughts, though.

        Re the tone…. From what I’ve read so far, I really think Annie’s disturbed mood has something to do with their latest conversation…… Kerry asking about the possibility of marrying a Normal person, then talking about Emma kissing him HARD , and Emma confessing. ( Ugh. I don’t know why he had to even describe how he was kissed. …. oh, it was you, Cassie, XD ) That’s hardcore double whammy. Now, I ‘m not aware if he told Annie what curse he made…. it was just about Emma not talking crap about Annie… but not stopping her from liking him, and going for him. There’s a big difference. To be honest, that scene with Emma disturbed me a bit. ” I thought you liked me ! “, says kerry.

        I hope I’m wrong though…. but these are just my thoughts.

        Can’t wait to read the next one.

        • You know, concerning the first part of your statement–you are SO close to knowing what’s going on here. You’re right: boys don’t daydream of getting married. It’s not really how they’re wired. At the same time Kerry’s family relationships are devoid of emotion, all the time, and there’s something there . . .

          You really do almost have this one figured out. 😉

        • And Annie’s mom does have “sight”, although . . . if you read the winter scene in the lake house again, it seems that she didn’t know Kerry’s name until it was told or shown to her.

          And Annie is just as human. She’s mature, but, as has been pointed out, she’s still a twelve year old girl with the feelings of one. Seriously, it’s a wonder she really hasn’t lost her mind, because if she’s been seeing things about her wedding while still a tween–well, this is what the next section is all about.

          • And knowing about it for years, and then, BAM, the object of her dreams and vision, didn’t know her from Adam. Devastation to the max ! ! That’s when i started to like and admire Annie.

    • The one thing that hasn’t been mentioned–and probably won’t until, um, the fifth novel–is that The Phoenix is a powerful, powerful, powerful spirit, and can see and do things beyond what we see as “normal”. Now, it doesn’t look that way–after all, what did she do for the school during the Day of the Dead attack?–but she is. And, *without mentioning anything*, look what she promised Kerry during his E&A. Her history coming out more and more as time goes on, and you find out you don’t want to mess with her–

          • yeah…. but she went ballistic too when the Phoenix said she herself might not get accepted. She was ,like,” YOU CAN”T DO THAT ! ” And I was like, Darn, Annie, you can’t tell what The Phoenix can or cannot do !

            Atta girl ! !

          • It was a defining moment for her, too, to accept that she was going to follow her plans, follow her heart, and not let anyone tell her what to do. Maybe a little of her knew that she should give up, and she was being goaded into pushing ahead. As we’ve seen, Annie can have her moments of doubt, and they hurt her. And this will come up in a later scene as well.

      • * taking time out from finishing my Forensics project , due at 3 PM , aaack * I’m almost done though, just refining it*

        Anyways…. did you say the Phoenix is a spirit ? He/she is not flesh and blood ?

        About the Phoenix knowing about Annie’s dreams and ” concersn”…… I assume she knows about Wedding books, and that Anni’s Mom had one…. and I’m sure she knows about her mom’s ” enquiries”… I mean, she did kind of ” goole “, him, witching world version XD…. and she actually inquired if a certain Kerry Malibey was going to enter Salem. So, I think the Phoenix is not that omnipotent, powerful , but not omnipotent. Just my thoughts.

          • I have to reread what Coraline said.

            * ponders* You’re right… all the E & A of all A- levels were done at the same time. okay, she’s omnipresent, then.

      • Uhm, yeah, I guess. I mean, she can even change the gender. And she tells kerry all will be fine with his life and his relationship with his parents if he decides to be a girl.. That’s mighty powerful, indeed. As an aside, is she the one that changes everything , in case something dire happens, like a student dying ? Okay, she’s omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. My, she’s like a God !

        having said that…. what struck me during Kerry’s E & A is Kerry’s choice. he foregoes a good relationship with his parents for his relationship with Annie. No, thank you, he says… I’d rather have Annie and then, bawls his eyes out… he he he… ” Oh, my Kerry…. will you stop that? ” LOL

        Anyways… what’s the promise, exactly ? I know the Phoenix said Kerry was about to close that sad chapter of his life and would embark on a new chapter the moment he got out of that room. And he would be in control by his own will.

        • Kerry cries. Enough said. He can’t help it. He’s an emotional boy, and it’s one of the things that’s really driven a wedge between him and his family, because he doesn’t know how to hold that back.

          And, yes: between family and Annie, he picked Annie. Why? Because . . . there’s really more going on than meets the eyes.

          Oh, and the Phoenix didn’t step in and bring anyone back to life after the Day of the Dead, so enough of that. 🙂

          • Oh…. the Phoenix can’t bring back Lazarus to life then. That’s kind of comforting.

            * facepalm *

            can’t it be as simple as he prefers to be with Annie, period? there’s more to it ? At that point, can it be, his intuition about Annie is very strong, even though, he doesn’t really know her ? Or is there something more ? Cassie ! !

  2. Without reading the comments before I comment (which is not easy since I’m curious, but it’s best if I comment first and then read so my opinion isn’t swayed), I’d just like to say that I feel bad for Kerry during this scene. Though they are extremely mature for their ages they are still children and marriage is the last thing on a boy that age’s mind. Having said that, I think Kerry will be/is torn about this whole wedding book thing, though he’s happy that he’s the only name in the book (my opinion) he’s probably also feeling anxious about all the wedding talk. Plus, he and his family aren’t close, which is sad and you feel that hesitation when Annie says “both sides” in regard to the family being at the wedding.
    Now that I’m back I’ll be able to comment more, but writing on a small screen (my cell phone) was a bit too much. I don’t know how people use their cell phones for everything, especially writing–I enjoy the clicking of the keyboard.

    • It’s something Annie wanted him to hear, and the reasons for it all are coming. And . . . so are his. You did hit something on his family, and it’s something that keeps coming up as well. It does color a lot of his relationship with Annie . . .

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