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Westbound Witches

As I like to say, Chapter Thirty-Four and Part Eleven are history.  Both were finished last night after completing a short scene which did little more than wrap up what has so far happened with the kids up through the month of April.  They are, as the title of this post says, westbound.

And in the process of them leaving, we learn a few things:


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

Erywin entered the Witch House classroom as the last of the A Level students were streaming out with unhappy looks upon their faces. She waited until she was within whisper distance of Helena. “I sense a bit of disappointment among the children.”

“Today we were working on Minor Spell Shields today.” Helena looked up from her tablet. “We’re been working on it the last two weeks, and I thought today was time to give everyone a bit of a challenge . . .”

Erywin picked up the hint of mischief in her partner’s voice. “What did you do?”

“Oh, I had someone who could use Air Hammer use that against the others.” She quietly cleared her throat. “Did I say ‘someone’? I meant to say, ‘someones’.”

It wasn’t difficult for Erywin to pick up the meaning of the last statement. “You didn’t.”

“Oh, I did.” Helena shrugged. “They’d figured out the spell right away, and I figured they needed a little experience controlling their Air Hammers so they didn’t kill anyone.”

“But was anyone sent to the hospital?”

“No, but the nurse needed to tend to a few of the students who didn’t bother to learn the spell correctly—or take their opponents seriously.”


So Helena is taking her two best and letting them “help her out” in class.  How did that work out?


The expression forming upon Erywin’s face revealed her feelings. “I don’t understand that last. They’ve been able to do Air Hammer since the second month here.”

“I know. And Ramona has been working with them off and on since November to learn how to control it better.” Helena chuckled. “There were a few interesting moments—”

“Oh?” Erywin’s right eyebrow shot upward. “How so?”

“I paired Emma against Annie, and I thought Emma was going to run the moment she saw Annie preparing the spell.”

“Really.” Erywin tried not to seem too surprised, but she’d heard part of a tale from Coraline—told in confidentiality, of course—that Annie and Emma, as Coraline put it, “had words” in the triage center after the later’s life was saved by Kerry. “And the other interesting moments?”

“I pared Kerry with Lisa.”

“And Lisa is still with us?”

“Oh, yes. He took it easy with her.” The sorceress glanced at Erywin out of the corner of her eye. “Though he may have knocked here off her feet at the end. Not to mention . . .”


Being one of the people who help other people–as well as having to keep a lot of secrets–we already know that Erywin, Coraline, and even Deanna, chat among themselves about some of the students.  Annie’s . . . “action” against Emma was obviously something that Coraline mentioned to the other counselors, if for no other reason than to have them keep an eye out when those two were together.  “Had words”–but of course they did!  Where those words, “Oh, damn, I’m bleeding!”

And what is this thing you are going to mention, Helena?


Helena waved the classroom door shut so she could be completely alone with Erywin. “I’ve been showing Annie how to use dark energy with some spells, and had her show it to Kerry.”

“When did you start doing that?” Erywin had learned some time before that Helena was aware of Annie showing Kerry the things she was learning on the side at the Witch House, but this was the first time she’d known of Annie being told to show a sorcery spell to Kerry.

“I few months ago. She already knew how to combine dark energy with normal spells, so I asked her to start showing Kerry.” Helena packed here tablet away in her case. “He could have use that against that Abomination back in November.”

Erywin nodded slowly. “You’re right. I just hope . . .”

Helena felt her partner’s hope taking up space in the classroom. “Don’t worry: we’ll be fine.”

“I still worry.” She looked towards Helena’s office. “Where are they?”

“In the restrooms changing. I didn’t want them heading back to their tower. The less time out in the pubic view—Ah—” Helena looked up as the door opened and Annie walked in with Kerry behind her, both of them attired in their normal clothes. “Go ahead and lay your uniforms across your desks; housekeeping will be along later to get them back to your rooms.”


Nice to know that Helena is finally admitting that Annie has been showing things to Kerry, but this is the first time she’s mentioned that she told the girl to take something she was shown and mentor him.  Why is she doing this?  Oh, there’s a reason, I assure you.  You’ll just have to wait and see what it is.

So this is the old and the new–

And inching even closer to the end.

Which is inching even closer to the end.

–And I’ve made some changes to Chapter Thirty-Five, namely I’ve added two scenes and changed the names of the existing two scenes.  This part was one that when I plotted it out over a year ago I had the meta idea in place, but I wasn’t quiet sure of the detail.  Now I have the detail, for in the last month I’ve really worked out everything, so I know what’s going to happen.  In fact, there’s one part in particular which I was able to finally figure out every little thing, and all that remains is to set up the plotting.  And to check and make sure the time line is right.

And there are a couple of big reveals coming up in this new chapter.  I guaranty it.

22 thoughts on “Westbound Witches

      • Nah. It didn’t even make a small dent.

        So, are they leaving now for Kansas ?

        Did Helena, et al, know about Emma liking Kerry even before Annie found out about it ? Or do they just know about Annie not liking Emma due to the fact that Kerry almost died because of her ?

        We do know Helena has been mentoring Annie from day one. And I’m very sure she knows Annie is passing it on to Kerry . I’m sure she already knows The Foundation has plans for these two, and what role they are going to play in its plan. I’m surprised Erywin doesn’t know about this. I bet Deanna knows.

        • Erywin would have heard about “something” happening between Emma and Annie, but unless there was a real problem–not related to, you know, almost letting a death spell loose–Coraline wouldn’t have gone into detail. You have to expect that there’d been some discussion about what she almost did to Lisa as well, since even Kerry heard about that. So it’s known that she is a little “hotheaded”. Helena wouldn’t have known about Emma liking Kerry: as far as anyone know the only people aware of that one are Emma, Kerry, and Annie. Maybe Helena knows more than she lets on.

          Yes, they are on their way to KC. The next part is all about that operation.

          Anything Guardian related that Helena knows she WOULDN’T pass to Erywin, and anything Erywin knows about Annie almost killing Emma she MIGHT NOT pass along. As Erywin said earlier, “You have your secrets to keep, and I have mine,” and it’s something they both live with. You could imagine that Helena has tole Erywin earlier that she suspected or knew that Annie was teaching Kerry, but her admission there in the classroom is that she ordered Annie to teach him about using dark energy with normal spells. And that’s something that isn’t taught until around C Levels because it’s dangerous.

          • ” but her admission there in the classroom is that she ordered Annie to teach him about using dark energy with normal spells. And that’s something that isn’t taught until around C Levels because it’s dangerous.”

            This just confirmed that Helena knows the Foundation has plans for these two. They are fasttracking their lessons, and surreptitously using Annie to work on Kerry . I think The Foundation already knows the power these two possess.

            On the very first day at Helena;s class, she used kerry as guienna pig, and I believe she was trying to goad a reaction out of Annie, and whatever it was, she passed. It made me think that the Phoenix did the same thing on Kerry. Kerry chose Annie over a good relationship with his parents. When kerry did, The Phoenix stopped whatever it was doing and seemed satisfied with his reaction.

            Or maybe I am overthinking. But it does make sense. Everything seems to boil down to these two.

          • I will neither confirm nor deny that Helena is getting the kids ready for Foundation work. Maybe she sees Annie as they child she’s always wanted, and she’s training her up like Mommy and Grandma did with her. 😉

            Helena did admit she was trying to get a rise out of Annie on the first day. The phrase “emotionally immature” bothered her, and you don’t want an emotionally immature sorceress who can bleed you out running around. I mean, look what happened two months later.

            And The Foundation DID know about Kerry before he was six. If he was tripping sensors in San Fran at that age, that’s significant. Or maybe it’s just where he was at when he was picked up. After all, his parents did work for ILM, and he does mention at one point–can’t remember now–that he’s been to their offices. It’s likely he was picked up there.

  1. I’m throwing my theories out here. It would be such great fun to know which one of them would come out true.

    But I can tell you outright that my theory that at some point in the story, Annie and kerry will break up. Under what circumstances it will happen, I’m not sure. This is almost canon to me. But I have a feeling Emma will figure in it. That vision of kerry’s with Emma in it is a foreshadowing. A huge one, at least, to me. And don’t think I missed that part where you first mentioned Emma …. a red haired girl who was looking at kerry when the A- Levels first entered the Great Hall. :/

    And kerry’s conversation with Emma when she confessed really bothered me. I’m sure you didn’t make it intentional. It’s just me being nitpicky and thinking too much.

          • For a while, I thought Hermione would end up with Harrt…. but there had been hints they wouldn’t. First off, harry liked them pretty, hence Cho Chang. JKR described hermione as , well, actually not good-looking. Ginny had always crushed on Harry , even early on… and he was described as pretty, and actually looked like harry’s mother. It was the movie’s fault that people shipped Hermione and Harry. Emma watson was quite cute. But romance played a very small part in Harry Potter. I never gave it a thought, actually. . Oh, the fans did hype harry’s first kiss, though, he nhe he.

          • I remember Hermione being described as plain, and Emma (hey, nice name. 😉 ) ended up being way too hot for the role. I hated what the movies did to Cho, too, but I wasn’t writing them.

            Just the first time you see Ginny see Harry, it’s like, “Oh, she likes him–REALLY? How obvious was it?” And then Ron’s like, “I think she’s got a crush on you, mate.” That’s for that, Captain Obvious.

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