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Quiet Moments with the Mile High Kissers

It’s been cold here the last couple of days, which makes walking back and forth to work an experience, for sure.  That’s been making it cold in the apartment, and my hands were so chilly last night that I had to get out the wrist wraps made for me by my friend Tanya and wear them because I was feeling a real chill in my hands.

Action shots of me in my red pajamas and purple sweater.  It doesn't get more meta than this.

Action shots of me in my red pajamas and purple sweater typing away. It doesn’t get more meta than this.

Yes, that’s me typing away at the current scene that produced exactly seven hundred words last night.  Now you know what my computer looks like when I’m home, and the TV in the background, and a few pair of my boots standing against the wall.  Beyond those boots is the balcony and the outside world, and I don’t go out there unless I have to.

If you look closely you’ll see I have Scrivener up, and behind that is the dashboard for my blog.  Yep, exciting nights in Casa de la Burg.  As I told a friend last night, “This is what I do for excitement.”  Kill me now.

The title of this point–hum, yeah, that comes from something I wrote last night, something that happened to Annie and Kerry within the first five hundred words, and since I’m nice I should let you see what that was.  And it’s going to open up something on Annie as well:


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

From the Observatory the glow of the Beltane bonfires were visible, and a small part of Annie wished they’d been invited to the Bonfire Dance, but she understood why A Levels weren’t allowed to attend. She hugged Kerry’s arm tighter. “Would you have liked to have gone to the Bonfire Dance?”

“Well . . .” He chuckled as he leaned on the viewing gallery railing and hung his head. “I don’t think I’m ready to get naked and dance around in front of a bunch of people.”

Annie hugged him tighter. “Not even me?”

“That’s a question I can’t answer.” He kissed her forehead.

“Why not?” She chuckled now. “You’ve seen me naked.”

“Yeah, in vision of something that happens in a few years. Not like now, and—” He wheeled around and wrapped his right arm around Annie’s waist. “In person. Besides . . .”

She was fairly certain about what he was going to say next. “Yes?”

“I don’t know if I could handle seeing Erywin and Helena and Wednesday and the other instructors not wearing any clothes.”

Annie didn’t think she’d be that bothered, but then she’d gone with her mother to a spa many times over the last two years, and she was used to catching glimpses of women in various stages of undress. Kerry is so different there. His family doesn’t even like to hug and touch him: public nudity is something he’s not used to being around. “I can see why that could bother you—” She ran her fingers along his left cheek. “At least you know with them having transformation magic they’ll be close to perfect.”

“True there.” He looked over his shoulder. “Maybe next year—if we get an invite.”

“I feel that just might happen.” She took his hand and dragged him towards one of the large deck chairs. “After all, we’re celebrities now: we’ll get invited to all the important soirées next year.”

Kerry laughed as he settled into the deck chair next to Annie. Upon their return from the Mile High Flight the whole flight was lined up for the group pictures, but before they were allowed to leave Trevor—the school’s archivist and the one directing the photos—requested that they take a picture together. Trevor told them that not only were they the first to “kiss on station,” but they were the first known couple to do the flight, ensuring their place in the school’s history books.

Once they were back to the Dining Hall for the Flight Dinner Annie noticed all the students glancing in their direction, with a few of them giggling, a few glaring. Though they’d spent the entire year holding hands and cuddling in public—and even sharing a little kiss now and then—this was their first real display of affection where everyone at school saw it happen. Though they’d shared the dedication dance at Samhain, and they hugged and danced close, Annie kept her kisses to little pecks on Kerry’s cheeks.

This time, however, they’d locked lips for almost fifteen second thirty-one hundred meters above sea level, and they’d not hid it from anyone.

Like it or not, they’d always be remembered as the Mile High Kissers.


Annie and nudity:  she’s down with it!  And like Kerry says, asking him if he wants to see her naked–okay, Annie, we know where you’re going with this.  You also find out she goes to spas with her mother sometimes, which seems like a very un-witch like thing to do, but then again she is the daughter of a Formula One driver and has a few million euros in her own trust fund, so you gotta expect her to go off and do, you know, Rich Girl Things now and then.  But she doesn’t wear pink on Wednesdays–though now I have to write a scene of her doing just that and have Kerry comment on it.

And the Mile High Kissers.  Doesn’t have quite the same ring as the Lovey-Dovey Couple, but they are now famous at the school, and will probably have that photo go up on the Wall of Remembrance in the East Hallway of the Great Hall.  Just wait until their parents see that!  Really, though, that’s another drawing I wish I could do, of them sitting on their PAVs at thirty-one hundred and fifty-five meters, side-by-side, smooching away, and then hugging each other closely while Vicky and their fellow fliers look on.  I can see it done in manga style right now, leading to some incredible facial expressions.

It’s funny, but I’d really wanted to write about something else here, which means I’ll have to do it tomorrow morning, as I won’t get a lot of time for writing on Saturday due to getting the nails done and going out for a little dinner in the early evening.  No Mile High Kissing, however, I can promise you that.

36 thoughts on “Quiet Moments with the Mile High Kissers

  1. G’morning, Cassie !

    Looks like Kerry is less open on nudity. I gues I’m like Kerry . I’ll
    be a bit mortified to see naked dancing women, o_O Annie is more open. I can understand that. She goes to spas where she sees women in different states of undress. XD Surprisingly, Japanese women are more open too. There are public baths in Japan. And they like to bath in hot springs…. Actually, I’m very conservative, he he he.

    • Kerry’s a sheltered boy. He hadn’t even kissed a *real* girl outside his dreams until that first time at the school. Annie’s really a lot more worldly.

      Oh, I know about the Japanese baths. I dated a Japanese women for a while, and we talked about that part. She used to go to a spring in Nagano once in a while.

      And you know they’ll be a scene at the Beltane dance in at least one book. Naked Annie! 😉

      • Ack ! * facepalm * naked Annie ! ! Are women the only ones to dance in the raw ? If i were Annie, I wouldn’t want other girls to see him naked, dancing. * imagines * Nope, I don’t think so, especially with Emma watching.

        kerry can always tell his parents there are more brilliant girls than boys at Salem… * ooops, this one is for your previous post*

        • No, there are a few guys who do it as well, but keep in mind the school is–as it’s been mentioned–pretty much a matriarchy, and the women outnumber the men greatly, both in running and learning. It’s only fair to say that at the bonfire it’s gonna be like six or seven women for every guy.

          Oh, and Emma would never go dance at the bonfire. Never. Won’t happen. She’s even more shy there.

          Oh, don’t worry about posting in the wrong. This isn’t a test. 🙂

  2. 5 to 6 women to one guy ? happiness ! For guys,

    Emma, shy ? Bwahahaha ! Her skin is thicker than a crocodile’s hide.

    Oh, I know the manga expressions, XD

    And I’;m so awake now ! I just turned on the TV, on CNN. WTH ! 2 incidents of hostage – taking now ! !

    • I saw that in France. Guys are on the run.

      Oh, Emma’s really sort of body con. Like a lot of girls her age she’s not really good with image. And she sucks hitting on boys. As for the boys loving it there: just imagine being a boy surrounded by 12 year old girls who aren’t sure what to do yet. I’m guessing there are a lot of guys who are envious of Kerry–and probably a few girls, too.

      I need manga expressions. I can just see the eyes. 🙂

      • A boy surrounded by girls, 3 to 1…. how lucky can he get. Annie should watch out… not now, maybe a few years from now, unless Annie gets to show the girls what will happen to them if they make a move. especially that whore Emma. * whore, your word, XD * I mean, that girl is sly…. she can’t talk to kerry during the day, so, she talks to him at night. What is it that she can’t let Annie hear ? before, being alone at the library wasn’t even enough for her… she had to get him somewhere where they were totally alone.

        • Emma’s really awkward as hell; she has no idea what she’s doing. And, in reality, she was trying to steal Kerry away and did a horrible job of it. Her argument was pretty much, “Annie’s a cold, manipulating bitch, you should be with me,” without showing him WHY.

          With the whole dreamspace thing happening again, though, how would Kerry ever get with someone? He’d fall asleep and there’s Annie, waiting. Totally strange.

          Just remember, as Kerry gets older so does Annie. And if the girls knew what she did in Kansas City, they’d NEVER look at Kerry.

          • her moves are awkward as hell because she’s 12…. at 15 or 16 she’ll be as smooth as a slithering snake, as sly as a fox…. and as vicious as a lion pouncing on its prey.

          • Or she’ll be like a stalker with Kerry’s picture all over her bedroom and the eyes cut out of Annie’s photo. 🙂

            She doesn’t live too far from the Stanley Hotel, which was the inspiration for the Overlook from “The Shinning”. Don’t ever accept an invitation from Emma to go there. 😉

          • ” With the whole dreamspace thing happening again, though, how would Kerry ever get with someone? He’d fall asleep and there’s Annie, waiting. Totally strange ”

            Does it have to happen at night ? Or is he obligated to sleep and dream at the same time ? When Annie sleeps and dreams, kerry won’t be there coz he’s awake dping something else. he he he

            Well kerry go to Bolder, Colorado at some point in the story ?

          • Talking about him visiting Bolder is something I can’t mention. Doesn’t mean he does, doesn’t mean he doesn’t.

            Annie and he only share dreamspace when they’re both asleep. They’ll talk about it in the next novel.

          • Hmmmm… can neither confirm nor deny. I’ll take that as a yes. XD But of course. He has to meet Emma’s folks. He he he I mean, there’s no other reason why he will be at Bolder. Maybe kerry’s vision is actually at Bolder, not at some Russian tundra.


          • You can’t take it as a yes or a no, because to say ANYTHING means giving away plot. Now, Kerry does meet Emma’s parents and her little sister. That’s all I’m saying.

          • ” Give her time. There are spells one could us to do that. ”

            XD cassie, you’re throwing to me just about everything , including the kitchen sink. * rolling on the floor, laughing *

  3. ” You can’t take it as a yes or a no, because to say ANYTHING means giving away plot. Now, Kerry does meet Emma’s parents and her little sister. That’s all I’m saying. ”

    Hmmm, so where does he meet them ? Ar school or does he go to Bolder. More importantly, why does he meet them ?

  4. ” You’ll be surprised just what they’ll be able to do in time. Really, all the girls better hope Annie never turns evil ”

    Huh ? Do you mean to tell me there will be other girls ? besides Emma ?

    • When I mean “All the girls” I mean all the ones at Salem. In time you’re gonna meet Penny and Alex, and they’ll play a big part in Kerry’s life.

      This is why I love plotting everything out. 😀

      • What ? There’s a Penny and an Alex ? Oh, my, gosh ! ! ! What the heck ! ! ! Are they going to make a move on Kerry, too ? They’lk play a big part on kerry’s life, in the romance department ?

        Cassie, are you going to give Kerry a harem ? O_O

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