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Starting the Day the Birthday Way

Before we get into the writing–which I actually did this time, no TV watching unless you count that I had Braveheart, one of the most historically inaccurate movie ever made, on in the background, and then there was some Breaking Bad on after that, but that’s all good–there is some important news.

I’m out at work.

By that I mean I finally went to my manager and told them, “Look, outside of this environment I’m a woman, and I can’t keep pretending I’m not one here, so . . . let’s fix this.”  And they said yes, they’ll work with HR on this matter, and I hope, in about a month, I can start doing all that, “It’s five-thirty, I gotta start working on my face,” stuff that women love doing so much while I prepare for my day at the office.

On the up side, there's always coffee.

On the up side, there’s always coffee.

That makes 12 January, 2015, another milestone day in my life.  Remember:  it’s not just a gender adjustment, it’s an adventure.

On the writing side, another milestone of sorts.  At one time I was worried that Act Three might not make it to a six-figure word count, that it was gonna fall short of the other acts in the novel.  Well, nope, my fears are unfounded, because . . .

Gaze upon my wordiness, ye mighty, and despair.

Gaze upon my wordiness, ye mighty, and despair.

Without realizing it I headed over the ninety thousand mark last night, and I’m about twenty-two hundred words of going over the four hundred thousand mark–meaning I’ll probably hit that point in the next scene.  That makes me believe that by the time I get into Chapter Forty-One I’ll be over one hundred thousand for this act, though were I to write another ten or eleven thousand words for this chapter, I’ll clear that easily.  And since the next scene has Annie and Kerry returning to the scene of an event that sort of helped shape Kerry’s life, Annie will have a few things to say, and that means . . . words.

The point of this scene is another birthday:  Kerry’s.  The lad finally turns twelve, and he’s caught up with all the other kids in his level.  It’s true:  his is the last of the A Level birthdays, though his isn’t the last one in the school.  Without mentioning it in the last few scenes, by virtue of his birthday being so late in the school year, he became the second youngest student to student to complete the Mile High Flight.

So how does this special day begin?  Like this:


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Kerry checked his email first thing after returning from his morning shower. Though he half expected nothing, the message from his parents was there in the Inbox. It was short, wishing him a good day and saying they were looking forward to his return in a month. He deleted the message as soon as he was finished and went on to the next: an auto message from the Headmistress’ office wishing him a good day and reminding him that he was not only allowed a choice of special selections for dinner, but that between twenty and twenty-one hours he and a guest could enjoy a slice of a cake of his choice.

He was surprised to see the last part of the message, for when he’d joined Annie for her birthday cake, she’d not mentioned whether or not she was told she could bring a guest. As Kerry hadn’t sat in with anyone else during their birthday celebrations, he didn’t know if they were allowed a guest as well. He had to figure that everyone was allowed at least one guest, and maybe, in the case of people who weren’t seeing anyone, they could bring along two or three people.

I’m glad I’m with Annie. He powered down his computer and finished dressing in his uniform before slipping the device into his backpack. If I were by myself I’d probably not go and sit in the Dining Hall at night alone . . .


If anyone were to go back and look at Kerry as he was back before Annie’s birthday, you’d find a sad-sack kid who more than likely wouldn’t have fit in at Salem at all being chased by some ginger girl from Colorado who’d think their hair color would look fantastic on their kids.  In short, he’d be a mess, and an unhappy one at that.

And speaking of Annie–


He grabbed his backpack and hurried towards the door. Annie was on the other side, a wide grin on her face as she stepped to one side to allow Kerry access to the hallway. She said nothing until the door to his room was closed; she threw her arms around his shoulders and whispered in his ear. “Happy Birthday, my love.” She kissed him slowly and with tremendous love, much like he’d done with her two days before. The moment she broke the kiss she straightened his jacket. “Mozhe da imate dnes naĭ-izumitelna rozhden den, sŭprugŭt mi da bŭde.”

Kerry chuckled as they walked towards the stairs. “What did you say?”

“Something you’ll hear every birthday—” Her eyes twinkled as she glanced in his direction. “For the rest of your life.”

“Just like you telling me you love me?”

“Exactly.” She was nearly skipping down the stairs as they headed into the Commons. “I only wish we didn’t have class today.”

“You can’t expect the school to shut down for us.” He took Annie’s hand the moment they reached the ground floor. “At least the weather is a little better than what we had on Beltane.”

“Only a little rain in the morning—” Annie moved quickly for the door and held it for Kerry. “My turn to be nice to you.”

“You’re always nice to me.” He walked through into the Pentagram Wall passage, but before he could open to the door leading into the garden, Annie waved it open with a Movement spell. “Hey.”

“You need to be fast around me today, moyata polovinka.” She skipped out into the garden walkway, matching Kerry’s smile with hers. “I love seeing you happy this early in the morning.”

“My last year as a tween; the last A Level to turn twelve—” He took her hand and gave it a nice, loving squeeze. “And I’m in the most wonderful relationship at school with someone I’ve loved for years. Those are four of the best reasons in the world to be happy.”


Look at that Annie, opening doors with magic.  And there’s she’s trotting out the “my mate” line again, one we haven’t seen her or Kerry say since they returned from Yule.  And she’s rolling out another line, one that she says he’ll hear for the rest of his life–and let’s hope he doesn’t break his neck at the end of the day.  She already told him that she’d tell him she loved him for the rest of his life, she’s gonna lay this on him.  And what did she actually?  “May you have a most wonderful birthday today, my husband to be.”  Though, in time, the “to be” part will probably go away . . .

I know:  Annie’s bringing up the future, she’s gonna jinx this relationship.  At the same time, as I see this scene, both of them are probably the happiest they’ve been the whole school year.  I can imagine the smile etched on Annie’s face as she magically opens doors for Kerry, and the happiness on his face and the bounce in his step as they walk through the Garden on the way to the Great Hall.  Notice, too:  of the reasons to be happy, Annie takes up fifty percent of them–and there’s no mention of his family.  It’s almost all about Annie.

She brings him joy.  And that’s good right now–

‘Cause he’s gonna need that later.

33 thoughts on “Starting the Day the Birthday Way

  1. It sounds like your manager is being helpful, which is good, so, congratulations! 🙂

    Your writing productiveness is just amazing! You write so much, and so well, I do admire your skills.

  2. G’morning Cassie.

    It’s definitely such a relief to be out at your workplace. Tell us how your co-workers are taking it. The women won’t be a problem. The men… well, it’s gonna be tricky. I hope it turns out alright for you. Gambatte.

    Kerry’;s 12. To be honest, I’ve been imagining him looking like Daniel Radcliff aka Harry Potter , with red hair. ( HP’s eyes are green, too. And like any 11 year old reader then, I had a humungous crush on Harry. Calendars, posters, bedsheets… all HP. XD

    Kerry’s parents didn’t forget his birthday,. that’s a relief. It’s better than nothing. Annie gave him an expensive broom for Christmas. I wonder what her bday gift is. Since she can’t really go out of Salem to shop for gifts, maybe she ‘s also asked some teachers, most liekly Helena and Erywin. to shop for her ? Make her buy a couple’s ring, Cassie… XD And fully engraved, of course. ” Kerry – Annie Forever.” ❤ And, I think it's appropriate that Helena and Erywin buy something for Kerry, too…. for his bday and a job well done in kansas. Like a brand new laptop. XD

    I wonder what Emma's gift is…. he he… a kiss ? In your dreams, Emma. Oh wait….

    • Annie, I believe, stated that the broom was an early birthday gift, as she didn’t expect to get a gift from him at Yule, but she did get a birthday present. He will get a gift from someone, and it’s going to be a little unusual . . .

      As for Emma giving a gift? Hahaha! Not with Annie hovering around. And the Thursday classes (which 3 May, 2012 was) are Transformation and Sorcery. It’d be a SHAME if a spell got away from Annie . . . 🙂

      The laptop issue is going to be addressed. Way ahead of you there.

      It would have been too mean to have his parent forget. Particularly when they’re five hours ahead and have plenty of time to get off a message. Nothing from the grandparents because it’s 3 AM there.

      • ooops, yes, I remember. It was an early bday gift. And yes, Kerry gave her a necklace, worth 70 lbs ? Did Erywin and Helena find a way to return the money ? They said they would, right ? Kerry did say that was all he had.

        An unusual gift from someone… hmmmm…. What would be unusual among witches…. 🙂

        Why did you capitalize SHAME ? XD Will Emma do something again, like steal a kiss when she thinks Annie’s not looking, and Annie sees it, and throws a spell on her ? o_O Shameless hussys like Emma should be ” burned at stake” , at Salem . muahahaha. * evil laugh * Kidding. Not.


        • Yes, they found a way to get it back to him, I just didn’t write it up.

          Oh, you’ll see the gift, it’s coming. And . . . something else.

          They didn’t burn witches during the Trials, but they crushed a few under heavy stones. And they do have a lot of stones at the school. No, Emma would be insane to try an sneak a kiss to Kerry with Annie even anywhere close by. Annie would give her more than just a little stink eye . . .

  3. yeah, it happens in mangas, too. Stuff happens off panels. XD

    Another teaser…. 🙂

    Oh, I didn’t know that. maybe they only did that in Europe. ❓

    I watched Hansel and Gretel on TV… Good movie. have you watched it yet ?

    Well, Emma can always turn invisible ( assuming she’s good at it . :/ ) Or have a late night talk with him, when Annie’s already sleeping. You did say it would happen. ❓

    • I want to see someone do this story in manga form. I can imagine Annie as an angry manga school girl.

      I have not seen Hansel and Gretel. I don’t get to watch a lot of TV, actually.

      The interesting thing is I’ve never mentioned what Emma can do well. Then again, the focus isn’t on her, but my kids. Another interesting thing is that Emma’s tower is exactly opposite of Kerry’s, so it’s like almost a mile walk from one tower to another. (That would be about right: I think it’s 1500 meters from tower to tower.) Emma better have a broom.

      • About 2 years ago, Betsumu Mag ( or Betsumi ) put out an announcement for interested people ( from all countries ) to submit their own stories, complete with script, or better yet instructions on how they want ithe storty lines drawn. Believe it or not, I actually made up a story, complete with script ( all they have to do is translate it, ) …. It’s almost complete , except the drawing. I can’t draw to save my soul. Also, I changed my plot so many times because i couldn’t decide on what to do with one character. ( kerry.-like … although it’s not fantasy ) , and therefore , the ending, too.

        Well, Emma’s an excellent flier, but she’s reckless, so I don’t know if that makes her flying excellent. And, no, you haven’t written anything about what other talents she’s good at. I hope not Transformation and Invisibilty. She might use Invisibilty to sneak into kerry ‘s quarters. XD By the way, how long does being invisible and trandformed last ?

        • The enchantments that keep you from looking into the room of the opposite gender also keeps you out, so no sneaking in–it keeps Annie out, too, if you think about it.

          As far as keeping up transformations and invisibility . . . at their current skill levels, Annie and Kerry could probably bend light around them most of a day. Emma might be able to do it for a few hours; remember, that was an advanced skill, and only about a third of the class got it down. Kerry’s got the advantage with transformations: Annie’s good, but she can’t hold them as long as Kerry, and he seems to be able to copy other things easily.

          Oh, and just walking into another tower isn’t easy if you’re not a member of that coven. Anyway, no possibility at all Emma could get into Kerry’s room.

  4. I wish you the best of luck coming out Cassidy. People can be so cruel and so judgmental, this would probably be a good time to share some advice my mother gave me relative to life in general …. Expect the worst, and hope for the best.This advice has saved me considerable disappointment throughout the years, and often I find I am pleasantly surprised, just as my mother told me would happen.

    I hope you find yourself pleasantly surprised. Also, happy birthday—- may this be the first of many more!

  5. Congrats!!! That is so amazing and so brave. I hope everything goes wonderfully for you. 🙂
    Happy everything!!! 🙂
    Hope this time treats you kindly, you deserve it!!! 🙂

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