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The Staking of the Claims

I almost said Staking of the Clams, which would be funny, as that might indicate there are vampire clams in an around the school.  Not that their couldn’t be; around this place we know there are squid-like creatures living in the walls, getting ready to lash out at bad guys and maybe a misbehaving student or two.  Vampire clams?  Maybe Kerry will order them for his birthday dinner.

Also, in other news, with this scene over, the novel is just over six hundred and seventy words from hitting the four hundred thousand word mark, and that should happen sometime tonight while writing the next scene.  That is a long time writing, and I can’t say if I’ll ever get up there again–okay, maybe when I write the D Level story, ’cause that’s a big one, too.  And the E Level.  Maybe.  At least I think I can keep most of the B Level book to around one hundred and fifty thousand words.  Until I really start going from meta to detail plotting, that is . . .

So Kerry gets a present–and I’m told Coraline’s being cheap, too, because a used hospital gown and a kiss?  You can bet Coraline’s getting more than that for her birthday–unless she’s got like a dozen cats back in her room in the Instructor’s Residence, then maybe not.  I would imagine that she gets a lot of offers for date, but being a romantic at heart, she’s probably picky about who she lets close to her.

The truth is, as we saw with Kerry’s gift to Annie, things are more from the heart around here.  You’re a witch, you do magic, you’ve done some amazing things–I need to give you something to remind you that when you walked in the front door you were this gigantic mope when you started, and you fought monsters and lived to fight another day–literally in Kerry’s case.  Every time you see this you’ll remember that day, which may or may not be a good thing, ’cause you could be suffering from PTSD in a few years.  Here’s hoping you’re not.  And also you get a kiss from the hottest doctor at the school . . .

That’s said, being the touchy-feely doctor she is, sometimes she’s not thinking about who’s around when she hands out the affection . . .


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

“Thanks.” He watched Coraline’s face as her eyes shifted towards Annie and locked with hers for just a moment. Kerry turned his head towards Annie just enough to catch the look on her face, which was something of a cross between surprise and annoyance. He wasn’t quite certain why she was starting at Nurse Coraline that way, but he was wise enough to know it had something to do with the kiss she planted on his cheek.

Coraline’s chuckle was almost inaudible at she continued looking at Annie. “I guess I should have asked permission first.”

Annie stood with arms crossed. “Yes.”

“I’ll remember that in the future.”

A smile began spreading across the girl’s face. “Thank you.”

With that over Coraline turned her attention back to Kerry. “You can leave those things here; I’ll see to it they get sent to your rooms. Wouldn’t do to have you carry them around for most of the day.”

“Thanks.” Kerry waited for Annie to returned her smock before he lay his folded hospital gown back in the box and turned back to face the somewhat blushing school doctor.

“Okay, you two—” Coraline nodded towards the door. “You better get off to breakfast. Oh, and Kerry?”


“Stop by the security office before you head off to class. Isis wants to see you as well.”

While he had figured that Coraline wanted them up to the hospital to give him a birthday greeting, he couldn’t figure out what the Chief of Security wanted with him. “Will do.”


First, why see Isis?  You’ll find out.  Second:  Annie’s handing out the stink eye?  Uh, oh.  That doesn’t sound good.  And you find out why just a minute or two later . . .


Kerry turned and was out the door to the first floor walkway with Annie alongside. He waited until they were at the stop of the stairs leading to the Rotunda below before he asked his question. “Why did Coraline look at you so strangely? Was it because she kissed me?”


“Can I ask why?”

Annie stopped half way down the staircase and turned to the puzzled boy. Her smile grew wider as she analyzed his confusion. “Still a bit clueless?”

“Just a little.”

“When we meet her the first time, after our E & As, she put her arm around your shoulders and hugged you because she wanted to force a reaction from me—”

He remembered that night well. “She wanted to see if you really loved me.”

“Yes, and she found out I did.” The smile wavered just a little. “All these months later, she has no doubt that I love you, and you love me—and she still kissed you.” She ran the tip of her middle finger over Kerry’s right cheek. “Right here.”


Yes, a long time ago, Coraline hugged Kerry just to watch Annie’s eyes open wider and nostrils to flare, because she wanted to know if the girl really was in love with Kerry.  She got her answer, and has proceeded onward with that knowledge.

Months later, Annie’s even more in love, and–


Annie left her fingers against his skin, barely touching. “Just as I’m doing now, I’ve touched this cheek; I’ve caressed it; I’ve kissed it many times, mostly when we’re laying together in bed, comfortable in each other’s embrace. This cheek is as much mine as it is yours, my love.” She removed her fingers, taking many seconds to pull them away as she dropped her hand to her side. “When she kissed you there, she invaded my space—without my permission.” Annie shook her head. “I can’t have that, my love. Ever.”

Kerry knew that their love was deep and intense: he felt it from his end, and he was certain Annie felt it as much or more. It was only now, however, that he understood the full extent of her feelings. “I’m sorry.”

“I don’t blame you.” Annie’s stare burned into Kerry’s eyes. “But you’re mine, my darling, and to have someone else being too familiar with you . . .” She lowered her eyes and smiled as she gently straightened his jacket. “That is a problem.”


Annie’s marked her guy, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a grown-up ginger doctor–and Coraline is–in her thirties:  get too affectionate with him in front of her, and there may be . . . trouble.

"My name is Annie Kirilova.  You kissed my future husband on the cheek; prepare to die!"

“My name is Annie Kirilova. You kissed my future husband on the cheek; prepare to die!”

And though we know Coraline can take care of herself, because we’ve seen her fight Professor Chai, Annie might still have the advantage because death spells.  It hard to say if she’d bleed out someone who kissed Kerry–unless said person is another ginger girl, this time from Colorado, and that fight might get a little ugly.

Let’s just hope Kerry doesn’t play the fool and let girls kiss him on the cheek, and then turn around and say, “Not my fault:  she wanted to kiss me.”  Yeah, he’s been warned, too, and I’m certain there are ways Annie can show her displeasure with him without resorting to violence.

That’s my hope, at least.

He’s a smart kid; he’ll figure it out . . .

20 thoughts on “The Staking of the Claims

  1. G’morning, Cassie.

    I finished watching Attack on Titan…. 28 seasons, and another one coming up,, sometime this year.

    Wow. Annie’s , uhm, possessive. and I think that’s an understatement. getting jealous at Coraline kissing him on the cheek, an adult and maybe 20 years kerry’s senior, albeit curvy, is a sign of what’s to come. kerry better be careful of getting over- friendly with girls their age, especially with that girl from Colorado.

    • Annie’s marking out that territory. It’s funny, too, because Coraline really IS the only person who’s shown that sort of affection towards Kerry. Then again, a couple of things are coming into play. (1), she went through a life-death situation with Kerry, and her feelings do seem to have altered since, (2) they’ve been alluding to their departure in another month, and their stress levels are coming up, (3) HORMONES! Annie Haz Them. That will get resolved–in the next scene she’ll mention that she overreacted and apologized to Coraline–but, yes: there are changes coming over Annie, and it’s telling that when she spoke to Kerry in Bulgarian and wished him a wonderful day, she called him “husband-to-be”. Yes, Annie’s really good at controlling herself, except when she can’t.

      It is interesting that she’s only shown this kind of reaction to Coraline. Maybe because she has noticed how Kerry sort of has a reaction to “Nurse Curvy”?

      • ” It is interesting that she’s only shown this kind of reaction to Coraline. Maybe because she has noticed how Kerry sort of has a reaction to “Nurse Curvy”? ”

        I don’t know if you have noticed that I’ve been mentioning that word “curvy ” from day one. :/ And I did again, today. 🙂 Pardon my suspicious mind, but I think Kerry has a roving eye for curvy women, at age 11, at that.. And I assume curvy means ” well- endowed ” , boobsies, y’know ? I don’t know about boys at that age, but I think Kerry has been showing an early interest in women’s bodies. And, Annie’s just 12, and maybe as flat as a washboard. XD

        And then, what if Emma turns out as curvy as Nurse Coraline . ( although, he did notice Annie was curvy too in his ero dream. )

        He also noticed Helena being curvy.
        As Kerry grows older, Nurse Coraline will still look as she is now, he he he.

        And yes, kerry has a reaction to Nurse Coraline.

        ” Well, Annie, you can transform them to Cup D, ha ha , or go see a doctor. XD

        Pardon me, my slip is showing. It’s okay… I’m a happy camper.

        • Since I’ve mentioned that Coraline is modeled after Christina Hendrix, it goes without say that she’s “well endowed”. And, yes: the point Kerry brought up about Annie is that, in the vision, she was curvy like Coraline (that sounds like a movie title there). It goes without saying that Kerry’s not as immune to those feminine curves as one might believe. As you say, it’s a boy and the hormones are rushing.

          But it also seems that he’s comfortable opening up around her. Coraline’s always been patient with both Kerry and Annie, letting them both get away with things others probably couldn’t–and, if we want to get Freudian, Kerry’s mom is a ginger, Coraline’s a ginger and nice to him . . . does his mommy issues pop up with her? If you watch closely, he responds well to any woman (not the girls, but the instructors and staff) who treat him nicely, and not all of them are curvy like Coraline. He’s comfortable around Wednesday, and he’s reacted positively to Deanna, Erywin, and Coraline–and he’s had the closest rapport with the last two.

          But . . . you have to wonder what he’s gonna do when Annie starts looking like he remembers her from their vision. Give that a couple of years.

          • You have to wonder if Kerry ever told Annie about when he told Coraline about his vision–and where she was sitting? I can see Annie nodding her head, “Uh, huh . . .” 😀

          • Coraline was sitting next to Kerry when he was talking about his vision that night in the hospital, and she put her hand on his leg to calm him down. Though Annie was sitting on a bed in his vision . . . 😉

          • Don’t do this, cassie. Not with Nurse Coraline. I like her.


            To be honest, I didn’t miss that, but didn’t think anything of it. Thinking back, Women don’t normally touch guys’ thighs, unless they’re BFs or hubbies. I’m assumimg of course, it wasn’t the leg she touched, but Kerrys thigh. Or maybe she’s the touch-feely type…. although she should watch out where she’s touching, especially a guy who’s already physically aware of her curves. :/ Normally, I’d expect her to touch kerry’s shoulder, not his thigh.

            * facepalm * Why are you saying this now, Cassie ? Is this significant ? 😦 I just gut out of a rut, y’know ? o_O

          • No, not significant at all. Coraline is pretty touch-feely, and part of that comes from being a doctor and counselor and all-around nice person. She gets familiar with someone and she doesn’t realize what she’s doing right away. Now, she’d never touch Deanna, because she knows she’d never want that–and to be honest, she made the touch on Kerry using her “doctor’s voice’ to bring him back to reality, because he was getting caught up in the Annie in my Vision moment.

            And as pointed out, she hugged Kerry that first time because she wanted to see Annie’s reaction. She got what she was looking for. And she did hug him during their talk on his “delicate problem” because she wanted to reassure him–

            She is a bit touchy. They way I see her with the kids in their B Levels, she’ll actually be far more aware of Annie’s reactions, and respect that getting too close to Kerry will bring out the evil eye in the little Dark Witch Who Can Kill You With a Glance.

            And that really IS going to be an issue with Annie: she has to watch her own anger, and people will be aware that she’s sort of like the Second Coming of Helena, all Yellow Flagged and stuff. One day I’m gonna have to write out the story of how Helena got away with killing a student in her A Levels–but don’t worry, the other student got better. 🙂

          • I just went back and check, and this is what Coraline did when Kerry was describing his vision the first time:

            Coraline lightly touched his right arm. “Down, tiger.” He stopped his monologue and turned towards her: she saw he appeared slightly dazes, as if he’d seen the events again. “Don’t want you getting carried away here.”

            I didn’t change that: she knew better! 🙂

          • Wow ! Sweet relief. No wonder I didn’t read anything that didn’t fit.

            He was still dazed. it must have been quite a * cough* vision * cough *.

          • If you see your “wife to be” in a vision and she’s looking “curvy”, it would push you hard. After all, those hormones . . . 🙂 And Annie, when she came out of her vision . . . we know it did *things* to her, so she was affected as well. Imagine how many times she dreamed about that vision.

        • Just for the record, Annie’s developing, but she’s about where you’d expect a 12 year old girl who, now, is only a summer away from being a teenager to be. You can bet that’s going to change in her B Levels.

    • Annie even commented that transformation magic pretty much lets you have great bodies. I’m sure there’s a little going on there. And Annie doesn’t seem like the sort of girl who would “enhance” herself to get Kerry’s attention; he seems quite happy with her now.

      It’s just–Coraline doesn’t need to make milkshakes to bring the boys to her hospital. 😉

  2. ” And that really IS going to be an issue with Annie: she has to watch her own anger, and people will be aware that she’s sort of like the Second Coming of Helena, all Yellow Flagged and stuff. One day I’m gonna have to write out the story of how Helena got away with killing a student in her A Levels–but don’t worry, the other student got better. ”

    I don’t know if she has anger issues…. so far, I have not seen them. In fact, I think she’s been taking tauntings, like the ones from Lisa, rather calmly. She did make Emma'[s nose bleed, and that’s very concerning, but to be honest, Emma did go too far. The only difference between her anger and a normal’s anger is what Annie can do if she wants to act on it.

    • Yeah, she muted Lisa when she was getting taunted, and that was hushed up quickly. As she gets older and deeper into puberty, and begins to master her skills more, she will find it necessary to learn how to control herself.

      The one who doesn’t get discussed much is Kerry. He’s pretty much a powder keg of emotions, far more than Annie, and hasn’t actually done anything yet–short of curse a girl. Now he knows a *lot* more, and given that he can come across as a little unstable at times–I’d watch him.

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