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The Long Farewell

Here we are, now, the beginning of the end, and it’s reaching us oh, so slowly.  I was kind of rubbish last night in terms of getting the scene done, but I did everything else:  I paid bills, I hunted down shoes, I wrote out an interview, and I took a nap because I was feeling knackered.

It’s pretty much the story of my days these days.

I did get a lot done, however.  The end of the novel is formatted nicely and is, pretty much, in its final form:

Every last part, chapter, and scene in its place.

Every last part, chapter, and scene in its place.

Now all the part and chapter cards are there, the final scene is cut in two as I planed, and I’m considering going through each scene and doing as I did in the Day of the Dead section, and putting notations for date and time of day in place, so people aren’t confused by something they think is out of order.  Then if they say, 3 May, Late Afternoon, coming after 3 May, Morning, they won’t wonder, “Hey, does this scene take play after the last one?”  Yes, Virginia, it does.

(The whole novel is in order from front to back, with events taking place in chronological order.  The only reason I set up the time notation for the Day of the Dead Attack is because things were happening close together.  From the time Kerry crashes during the penetration of the screens, to the Level Three lock down, to the argument between Wednesday and Isis and Wednesday going out to charge the nodes and running into Erywin, to conversation between the headmistress and Isis, and to Kerry waking up after charging the brooms, is about forty minutes.  And as you can see from what I just wrote out, a lot happened.)

So no more messing with this or with checking the weather–okay, maybe once there–and no more looking at maps . . . okay, maybe one.  But that’s it.  I have dinner at Panera tonight, and there I finish Mathilde’s farewell for the year speech, which has something special in it that I dreamed up at work yesterday between bouts of hating on a program I’m testing.  And speaking of hr farewell speech, I also did this last night:

When you're speaking to students, one must know how many are there.

When you’re speaking to students, one must know how many are there.

Before this story started I figured out the counts for each level–I also have the counts for each Coven, the people from each country, and even the breakdown between the girls and the boys.  But this one . . . it’s almost a week after graduation, and I wanted to know how many students were sitting in the Dining Hall this one time.  The first number are the students in each level on 2 September, Orientation Day.  This is followed by the number of students who didn’t make the cut to the next level, and the total of each level that is sitting there listening to the headmistress.  Of course there aren’t any F Levels there:  they graduated.  And you can see, two didn’t graduate–they didn’t make the Final Cut.

One hundred and thirteen students, thirty-five less than they started with at the start of the year, when Mathilde came in to this same room to welcome everyone back and greet the new students.  If you’re sitting in this room, Mathilde will remind you that you’re moving on to the next level.

You made it.  You’re still a member of Salem.

And just like with Chicago Cubs baseball, there’s going to be a next year.

11 thoughts on “The Long Farewell

  1. G’morning, Cassie.

    Looking at your outline, you still have to do a lot of writing before you write Finis..]

    Here’s hoping we get to read the second novel soon.

    • I think the scene after this current one will be LONG, and after that . . . maybe 1500 each. Maybe? The interesting things is this scene I’m in now is all the headmistress, then with the exception of one scene it’s all Annie and Kerry for the most part

      • I’d love to read about the headmistress. I can’t be;ieve she’s oblivious to what’s going on at Salem. And now we know ( from her conversation with Helena after the Library meeting ), she’s pretty much into it, and not on the need to know basis. ( well, I assume she doesn’t know everything, that’s a given )

        You said that Helena was going to announce something…. was that the Library meeting ?

        • I don’t remember what Helena was going to say. She won’t say much here–

          The headmistress is going to wish everyone else, and hope they have a good holiday. And . . . you’ll see. Something cute, I believe.

          And don’t forget, we see Annie’s mom in one of the later scenes.

        • Actually I left something out of the last excerpt, where Mathilde asked Annie and Kerry NOT to mention anything to anyone else (the other students) about their participation in the advanced classes. That was the same way when they came into Wednesday’s class: nothing was said other than “they’re not here,” and it wasn’t until Wednesday was pressed by the other A Levels that she told them. It’s going to be kind of a given when they don’t show up for half their new classes in September that they’re in the advanced classes.

          • Oh, it’s like my sister’s boss at work who gave her an increase and said not to tell anyone.

            I’m sure there would be students who wouldn’t care, but the school should watch out for those who’d get jealous, and feel resentful.

            I really, really, really can’t wait for your next novels. I’d like some of my questions answered, like…
            1. Kerry’s parents’ reaction after being told about Kerry
            2. Who exactly is the Phoenix? Was it a human being before he/she became the Phoenix?
            3. How did Kerry’s great grandparent manage to appear in Kerry’s dream and know aboutb his dream when she’s supposedly dead ? How did she know about Annie ? Or is she really a grandparent ? Maybe she’s his Mom ?
            4. Will there be another massacre at Salem ?
            5. You said major characters would die…. I’m more or less ceratain It would be Helena, because Annie will take over as a Sorcery teacher, and a Guardian… exact;y like Helena. You had set that up yourself, Cassie. The question is, does Deanna know ? Would that be revealed ? And does helena know her future ?

          • Jealous and resentful . . . like Lisa? 🙂 Annie and Kerry are the only soon-to-be-B Levels asked into the advanced classes OTHER THAN Advanced Flight One. There are eight old A Levels going there.

            1. That really doesn’t come to fruition until the third novel.
            2. You meet the Phoenix again soon, but you won’t learn much about her until the forth novel.
            3. Can’t say.
            4. Can’t say.
            5. Can’t say.

            There’s a lot I can’t say, at least not without giving things away.

  2. Yay!!! The end is nigh! This has been a fantastic journey, and while I know it’s not over yet (far from it actually), it’s awesome to see how far this story has come. 😀

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