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Last Day of the Old World

I was on the road for most of yesterday, leaving out not long after I submitted yesterday’s post, and returning home about eight PM–so about twelve hours out, with half of that driving.  It was also done in conditions which weren’t the best:  lots of cold and blowing snow on the way there, and I was falling asleep at the wheel through the winding hell that is I-81 in the Scranton-Wilkes Barre valley.  It was probably trying to get back at me for all those times I never saw US version of The Office.  This was topped off by hitting a rest stop and entering the Lady’s Restroom From Hell, which was about as nasty as anything I’ve ever seen.

And that brought about this picture of Tired Resting Bitchy Face.  I was not a happy girl.

And that brought about this picture of Tired Resting Bitchy Face. I was not a happy girl.

I was off in the wilds of New York State doing the shopping thing, getting a few last minute items for my coming out and work, and just having a chance to hang out with an adult and talk.  You really need that, you know?  You need to have some me time to recharge and feel human.

But mostly it was the shopping.  And getting ready for tomorrow.

Friday was really the last day of my old life.  It was the point in time when, once I walked out of the office at three PM, I didn’t have to go back the following Monday pretending to be someone I’m not anymore.  I’m about as ready for it as I can get, short of getting rid of the nerves I’m feeling this last week.  It’s been waking me up at night–like last night–and I’m hoping that goes away after tomorrow, and I can get back to having something close to a normal life.

Or, at the least, a normal sleep cycle.  Because falling asleep at two in the afternoon–or, like last night, getting sleepy at the wheel while winding through northeast Pennsylvania–is no fun.  And it’s a real pain in the ass when I’m trying to write and my mind is going, “You know, I’d think right now, but I want to slumber, dig?”  It makes it extremely difficult to tell a story when your head is swimming.

Today all is done and ready.  I know what I’m wearing tomorrow:  I just have to wait for Tomorrow to get here.  My laundry is finished, so things are nice and clean.  I have the first two seasons of The Walking Dead on and I have things to write.  I’ll get back into the scene and try to finish it today, because I can.  It needs to get finished today, because I can probably finish this chapter by Wednesday.  Then it’s onto the last part and the last chapters.

It does seem like it’s possible that everything will finish up before the end of February.  And then comes the decision, “What’s next?”

At least I don’t have to worry about that tomorrow.

I already know what’s next there.

19 thoughts on “Last Day of the Old World

  1. Good luck, Cass! Hope it helps to know you’ve got an army of followers behind you. Sorry you had to include Scranton on your big weekend–I’ve got relatives near Poughkeepsie, and man do I hate that drive. Rock and roll, girl.

  2. Well, it’s already Monday here, so a “good luck” comment at this point might be a little late. Nevertheless, good luck!
    Looking forward to your update tomorrow.

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