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The New Office Lady

In case you hadn’t heard, something happened to me yesterday.  Something . . . well, few things don’t get bigger.

Besides being Imbolc (in some parts of the world, that is) and the celebration of an oversized squirrel somewhere in western Pennsylvania, it was also my coming out day at work.  They’ve known about this for three weeks, and from what I’d understood the higher ups had already told their people this was coming, and that people should be ready.

So . . . that said, I’d been waiting, and–no lie–dreading the moment just a little.  Waiting for it because something like this only comes around once in your lifetime, and dreading it because it was something that wasn’t quite what you see every day, particularly in an office environment.

Like it or not, it had been affecting me.  I had a bit more in the way of nerves than I wanted to admit, and it was affecting my sleeping, my ability to do things correctly, and even my writing, because as I wasn’t sleeping well, then I was coming home and crashing out hard at night, and remaining sleepy throughout the evening.

But this was something that needed to get done, and done it would become.

I didn’t sleep well the night before, which meant I was dragging a bit when I got up yesterday.  And up I was at five-fifteen.  I tried to write my post the best I could, then checked the weather, looked outside and saw it was a mess, looked over the outfit I was going to wear . . . yeah, everything was ready, so all I had to do was get ready as well.  Cleanup, change, put on my makeup–all the good things.

And take pictures before I walk out the front door.  Always be taking pictures.

And take pictures before I walk out the front door. Always be taking pictures.

With everything out of the way in my morning routine, it was time to start walking and head into work.  I threw on my walking shoes–no way I’m trying to cover a mile in heeled pumps–and headed out into the cold.  Along the way I passed three people who greeted me with a “Good Morning”, which is something I never got when I was in male mode.  I half expected someone to tell me to smile . . .

Since I’m usually one of the first ones in the office, I just entered an went to my office, which is actually an oversized cubical–sort of like the groundhog, only it doesn’t pretend to predict the weather.  I got my jacket off, changed my shoes, and then snapped a picture to prove I really was in the office and not fooling with people.

Who doesn't look their best in the harsh lights of the early morning office?

Who doesn’t look their best in the harsh lights of the early morning office?

I got my coffee, stomping all the way to the break room at the other side of the building, because when you wear a size 11 women’s wedge heeled shoe, and the floor is covered without insulated padding between the pull-up carpet squares above and the concrete below, you’re gonna make some noise when you walk.  Then it was back to the office cube and another picture.

Much better now that I'm just about to mainline java.

Much better now that I’m about to put down my first cup of the morning.

People came down to see me a few times during the day to tell me they had my back.  People who spoke with me that day were kind and curious–and you can’t help but be curious, can you?  I wa in a couple of meetings that day, and no one thought it strange.  Everyone addressed me by my chosen name after I told them what it was, and I expect that to continue.

In short, by the time I got home last night I was pretty high on myself.  I felt great, although I was tired:  not getting a lot of sleep the night before took its told, and I was nodding on and off from about eight-thirty on.  I had the story ready to go, but there was no way I was going to write anything worthwhile:  I was simply too tired.

But I’m better now, and I expect to do some writing when I get home from work tonight.  I’ll get right to that after I eat.

There you have it:  the tale of a new office lady.  One who I believe will be around for while.

Now that I've had my close up, I should get back to writing.

Now that I’ve had my close up, I should get back to writing.

60 thoughts on “The New Office Lady

  1. G’morning, Cassie.

    Sweet ! All went well ! ! And you look fine in the photos, Miss. And I like the outfit. Very nice. ( And now you know what women go through in the morning… make-up, choose the dress, etc )

    I don’t know if you’ll ever get used to high heels, because i can’t.

  2. Outstanding! I was telling my family about your big day over dinner and they’ll be thrilled to hear it went so well–thanks for sharing your experiences and providing an uplifting moment on a cold, dark day.

  3. I am thrilled that things went so smoothly for you, Cassidy. People can be so judgmental and cruel to each other … that mop could have flopped in either direction. Congrats on your new identity and your decision to take a stand to be who you are, publicly. I admire your courage. I wish you all of the happiness in the world.

  4. This is great news! I LOVE all the photos! You look terrific–confident and happy! And now you can take a deep breath, catch up on some sleep, and get on with your life. So happy for you!

  5. 1) You looked beautiful! Very put together, professional, but cheerful; loved everything 🙂
    2) I knew there was no way it was going to go wrong, and I’m not surprised (but equally happy) that everything was smooth and positive. I’m throwing confetti and yelling CONGRATULATIONS your way anyway because FUN.
    3) You desk is organised. Like, there are no piles of paperwork or anything. (I don’t have a desk, but right now I was doing some invoices things in the dinning table and THERE ARE PILES OF PAPERWORK HERE. For just the 5 mins I’ve been here.) Which proves you are some kind of superhuman.
    4) I don’t know if this is a bad question or if I’m even asking it the right way, but I’m curious, Is your chosen name different from your writing name?
    5) 😀

  6. Congratulations!

    I am very happy that it went so well and that people have been supporting.
    Picture a person, somewhere in an office in Italy, cheering for you in front of a PC – that’s me. 🙂

    Your outfit is really nice, but that’s not really a surprise since you always wear great outfits in the pictures you post here.

    And last thing is… why is office light always so unflattering?
    You look absolutly great in the photos you posted, but it’s so difficult to take good pictures in the office: it’s like they design the grey furniture and operating table lights on purpose to be as ugly in photos as possible.
    We’ve had birthday parties where everybody was really cheerful, that looked really sad and gloomy in photos, thanks to the wonders of office lights…

  7. Oh YAY YOU!!!!!

    What a happy post to read today! 🙂 Congrats! And you look so happy in the pictures. Dare I say like a weight has been lifted?

    I’m so glad there are people there who have your back. Too many times in life people are just waiting to plunge a knife into it for no good reason.

    Oh. And welcome to the world of “I just want to be paid for what I’m doing. The same as a man.”

    And for what it’s worth, let me say you have it all over Bruce Whatsisface in style. That girl needs bangs!!

      • Sad but true. I’ve worked in non-traditional jobs my whole life, but even at that when I was hired back in aught-whatever the two men were hired for $50 a month more than the two women.

        And that was a big corporation!

  8. Cassidy, you look great! And you WERE smiling! I’m thrilled all went so well for you. I got your virtual back! Now get some sleep. 😉

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