In the Inn

Here it is, the last Part is opened, and the next to last chapter is being written.  I don’t expect it to be a large chapter:  if I’m lucky it’ll top out around five thousand words, more or less.  Probably less.

What this means is I’m finally going towards the end.  After this scene is written there are–well, let’s see, shall we?

Looks like seven to me.  how about you?

Looks like seven to me. how about you?

Now that the Act has just popped up over one hundred and eight thousand words, I’m thinking this Act may reach somewhere just over one hundred and fifteen thousand words.  It’s not as much as the other two Acts, but it’s still a long novel all by itself.

But where in the world are we now?

The Sea Sprite Inn, as pointed out, isn’t a real place.  If you follow the route I laid out, you’ll find there’s a resident on this local.  Across the street, for real, is the back yard of The House of the Seven Gables, which is totally a real place an not just the title of a novel most people these days have never read.  So if you pull this up on Google Maps, you’ll find the House, and you’ll get an idea of where I put the Sea Sprite.  I hope the people now living there don’t mind . . .

What is this place like?  Let’s to go the scene in progress–


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

The inn sat inside a yard that was protected by a brick wall on the north end of the property and two wrought iron fences along the road and harbor sides. Kerry couldn’t see beyond the building to the west, but he guessed there was a fence behind it as well.

The building was three stories high and fashioned in style of those structures constructed during the last one hundred years, though he picked up a few things on the structure, like the doors and windows, that were modern. It fit in with all the other buildings they’d passed along the narrow street on their way here.

He turned to the instructors, who were standing with Annie next to their luggage. “What is this place?”

Erywin placed her hand upon her bag before speaking. “Bed and breakfast that is fairly popular.” He retrieved his bag and slung his backpack upon his shoulder as she continued speaking. “It’s actually owned by The Foundation, and the proprietor attended school with Helena and I.”

Kerry fell in next to Annie as they walked up the drive towards the entrance. “Really?”

“Not everyone working for The Foundation is trying to change and/or protect world.” Helena reached the door and held it for everyone. “Some just wanna make sure you get a good night’s sleep.”


And here is a fact that hasn’t been mentioned before:  sometimes people in The Foundation just wanna do something “Normal”.  Not everyone is out to change the world, or protect it from bad guys, and you’ll usually find them in a Foundation version of the service industry.  This will pop up in other stories where you’ll find stores, restaurants, and inns that are tied to The Foundation, and allow their members to relax and be themselves.

As Helena points out after they check in . . .


At the end of the short corridor was a small lift similar to the kind Kerry had seen in some of the buildings in Wales. There would have been just enough room for four adults, which means there was just enough room for the five of them. He watched Helena wave her hand over the selection panel a fourth button for the third floor appeared. Kerry wasn’t surprised. “There’s a hidden floor?”

Helena smiled. “See? A year away at school and you fit right in with the rest of us Awares.” The lift began to move. “This place caters to the Normal and Aware alike. It’s just that the top floor—the one you can’t see from the outside—is reserved for Foundation people, of which we are all member in good standing.” The life stopped and everyone filed out into the quiet, well lit hallway beyond.


See? Private hidden floor for Witches Only.  I wonder if they have valet broom parking?  And hiding a single floor from prying eyes can’t be that big of a deal if there is an entire walled school and grounds about thirty miles away that can’t even be seen from space–

The instructors were set up in their own rooms:  Deanna by herself and Helena and Erywin together.  Annie and Kerry have their own keys, but . . .


“Yes it has. We’re on this end of the floor—” Helena pointed down the hall to somewhere behind the kids. “You’re down there.”

A slight smile began playing across Deanna’s face. “We’ll see you in a bit.”

“Thank you, Deanna.” Annie spun on her heel before lightly touching Kerry’s arm. “Come on.”

It was only after they’d left the instructors behind that Kerry finally check the room number on his key sleeve: 308. He said nothing to Annie, but continued following her to the end of the hall. It was only after she was standing before the door on the left that he spoke. “Room 308?”

“Naturally.” She grinned as she ran her key through the lock. “Did you really think they were going to put us in separate rooms?” She opened the door and stepped inside.


Naturally.  Annie’s already of a mind that any “special accommodations” they have will involve one room for two people.  Kerry’s not that surprised by the turn of events, either:  he suspected this, but didn’t want to say anything until they were both standing before the same door.  It makes me wonder what Annie would have done if they had been placed in separate rooms–

I’m sure the inn’s defenses could have handled the carnage.