Nestled Within the Bay Window

One scene down, seven to go.  The kids are settled into their room, and I can type a lot better today given that the nail on my left ring finger isn’t digging into the skin any longer.  That hurt, let me tell you.  It was a bit like a knife cutting across a sensitive part of your body, and given that’s the finger that sits on the “S” on the keyboard–and “S” gets used more than a few time in a sentence–I didn’t really feel much like typing.

But I’m much better now.

Now, Annie and Kerry are in their room, and checking things out.  One of the main passages of the scene is a description of the room, which you’ve already seen because I designed the room.  But there is this little drop in–


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

In the corner farthest from the door was a love seat set behind a expansive coffee table. It was flanked on its right by one of two small windows set into the east wall, and an enormous bay window that took up most of the south wall, and which offered a fantastic view of Salem Harbor. There was a bench at the lower frame of the window, and the pillows there indicated that one could sit and spend their time staring out at the view beyond.


Of course this got me to thinking what the view out that window was like, and thanks to Google Streetview, I can do more than imagine . . .

Keeping in mind there aren't any cars parked three stories up.

Keeping in mind there aren’t any cars parked three stories up.

This view is from a couple of blocks to the west of where the Inn would sit.  So when my kids look out the bay window to the south, they’re gonna see something almost identical to this.  There’s something else the kids are seeing, and realizing, as well . . .


The centerpiece of the room, however, was the king sized canopy bed along the east wall situated between the two windows there. The navy blue of the comforter and canopy were a sharp contrast to the brightness of the rest of the room, and with it being just to the right of room’s entrance, one was forced to focus upon the fixture.

Kerry let the door shut behind him as he slid his luggage alongside. “This is . . . something.”

Annie did a slow twirl, looking about. “This is incredible. I love the bed—it’s a lot like mine.”

“You have a canopy bed?”

“Yes, I do. Though mine is white—” Annie walked over and fell backwards onto to bed. “And just as comfortable as this. Oh . . .” She rolled over and faced Kerry. “This is lovely.”

“Totally better than our other hotel room.” He set his bag upon one of the luggage stands and began unzipping.


We know–more or less–that Annie has a canopy bed, because of course she does.  Annie likes her feminine side, and doesn’t care who knows.  And there’s something else that Annie notices, and has to point it out to here boyfriend, who is still clueless at times to the ways of love . . .


“My love . . .” Annie sat up and folded her legs into the lotus position. “This is not a hotel room. It’s something different. It’s—” She tilted her head slightly to one side. “Romantic.”

Having never been to a place like this, Kerry reconsidered his last statement based upon this newest assessment. “You’re right. I can see that.”

“Now that you’ve put your initial observation behind you?”

“Which was?”

“That this is merely a place to spend the night. Perhaps for Deanna and Helena and Erywin, but for us . . .” She shook her head with a twinkle in her eye. “No. Not at all.”

Kerry crawled up onto the bed and sat next to Annie. “This means they want us to enjoy our last night together.”


You got it, dude.  And not only that, but–


“Yes, I would think so.” Annie stared off in thought for a moment. “The headmistress has to know about this, too. She signs off on all the student departures for the year, just as she signed off on our arrivals. If someone changed out rooms for tonight, she would have to approve the change.”

That was something Kerry hadn’t considered at all. “Then like everyone at the school knows about this, because Isis would probably know as well.”

“As Director of Security, yes. And Coraline knows, too, because she saw us leave, and she’ll have dinner with us tonight.”

“Which means Mr. Parkman probably doesn’t know.”

“Really . . .” Annie chuckled. “He likes Deanna; she likes him as well. And since he’s part of the top administration, I’m certain he’s found out.” She shook her head. “I would imagine there are a few instructors who don’t know, but likely not many.”


From the beginning the instructors have known these guys are romantic, and have done little about that.  When Coraline caught them in bed together in the hospital, it was due to Deanna telling her, and Erywin knew about it as well later–but the biggest thing that came out of that was few people did anything about it.  (If you’re going to say the headmistress didn’t eventually learn of this event, you don’t know the headmistress.)  She might not have known about the set up in Kansas City, but she certainly would have known about the accommodations at the Inn.

Maybe Deanna and Coraline filled the headmistress in on Annie’s and Kerry’s share vision?  Hum . . .

But the last thing we see is the return of Cohabitating Annie–


Pift.” Annie slid off the bed. “As if I care what they know.” She grabbed her bag and headed over to the wardrobe next to the television. “I don’t want to see this on at all—”

“Not even to play music?”

She turned and smiled as she opened the wardrobe. “That I approve.”

Kerry chuckled. “Yes, Sweetie.”

Annie began putting clothes away. “You are going to change before we go out tonight, aren’t you?”

“Yes, my dear.” Kerry stood and began putting clothing away. If there was one thing he’d learned from spending time like this with Annie, it was when when she questioned something that you may do, it was really more of a request for you to do . . .


It’s a good thing Kerry takes it all in stride, because more than a few of the kids at the school would say he’s a bit . . . Controlled?  Nagged?  Whipped?   Whatever.  He enjoys being with his sweetie, and if she suggests he change for dinner, he doesn’t mind.

After all, he’s said all along he’s learning a lot from her.