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Off Into the Sunrise

The children are left behind, but they will return soon–tonight for sure.  Here we have the last time you’ll see any of the instructors chatting.  Salem is filtering away slowly, and this is the last of it right here.

For the school at Cape Ann is a memory now.  Sure, it gets mentioned, but in a few we’re not even going to be on the same continent.  We have three more counties to visit, and in the reverse order as we visited them almost four hundred thousand words ago.

Now, though, we have this:


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Erywin sighed as she stood. “And with that I must leave you.” She leaned over and patted both children on their shoulders. “Enjoy your flight, and enjoy your time together.” She quickly left their cabin and made her way past the remainder of the students. She entered the closed-off section at the rear of the student section and shut the door behind her, letting out a loud sigh as she leaned against the bulkhead wall.

“Are they okay?” Deanna’s concern came through in her voice.

“Better than they were this morning.” Erywin took her seat to the left of Deanna. “But they’re still down. When Annie’s unable to push away her sadness after an hour, you know it’s serious.”

“It will be hard on them, but there’s nothing to be done.” Deanna crossed her legs and repositioned her tunic across her waist. “They’ll have to resign themselves to spending the summer apart.”

“I’m certain they have, but . . .” Erywin leaned closer to her traveling companion as the plane was pushed backwards out of the hanger. “Deanna, did we do the right thing letting them spend last night together?”


Erywin, as stated, is a lot like Kerry:  she wears her emotions out where all can see them.  Perhaps in the edit there’s a passage I’d like to add where Deanna mentions that Erywin is like Kerry, and that she identifies with both children, who in turn remind her a great deal of her own relationship.  But for now I’m leaving that out, because it’s not about Erywin, and that line would be a good one for the second scene of the next book, of which I know pretty much how the first six scenes will play out.

How does Deanna answer?


Though she possessed no doubts about their actions, Deanna needed to address Erywin’s concerns. “It was necessary.”

“I know you told us it was something we needed to do—still, they’re so miserable—”

“And how miserable would you imagine them this morning had they spent the night apart in the hotel with the rest of the students on this plane?” Deanna turned to face the woman next to her. “Yes, it’s possible one would have went into the other’s room, and it’s possible that wouldn’t have been allowed, given they weren’t being supervised by anyone from the school—”

“I know, I know. As you said, they were entitled to this moment alone, that it was important for their relationship.” She shrugged. “I do hope that all that happened last night—”

“They’re still virgins.”


Thanks for that TMI Update, Ms. Arrakis!  Though that wasn’t quite what Erywin was looking for . . .


Erywin raised an eyebrow and smirked. “I was going to say that all that happened last night was a lot of heartfelt moments between bouts of crying, but I suppose one can be thankful for that good news” She eyed the seer hard. “How do you know that?”

Deanna didn’t blink. “You know how I know that.”

“The same way you knew they needed to be together last night?”


She knew she wouldn’t get an answer, but Erywin had to ask. “How much do you know about them?”


And there’s as damning a passage as any.  How would you like to have students under your charge, and know about the discussions they’re going to have about sex a few years in the future?  Or know that they had sex?  Or have a vision of them having sex?  Talk about a brain bleach moment.  But that’s something Deanna deals with, not just with these kids, but with others, and even with her friends and acquaintances.  As the next line shows, Erywin was also Deanna’s instructor at one time, and you have to wonder if she wonders if Deanna used to flash on details of their future together.  It’s one of those things that does have to drive you a little nutty, even in a world where nutty is pretty common.

So what does Deanna say?  Not what you might think–


Deanna stared at the bulkhead in front of her for about ten seconds, and Erywin was certain her former student would either ignore the question or reply that it was impossible for her to say. Instead Deanna responded in a low voice that could barely be heard over the whine of the starting engines. “Not as much as you think. When I first saw them I knew who they were—I’d seen their names, and I was aware of Annie’s family—but that didn’t register. Not even after I had the short vision of them at Memory’s End on Orientation Day did they register. It wasn’t until I spoke with Annie the following week, when she first discussed her concerns about Kerry and their dreams, that I realized they were a couple I’d seen in a few visions.”

She straightened her legs as she looked in Erywin’s direction. “There’s been a few others since they’ve arrived. Some you know, like telling Coraline to let Annie spend the night after the Day of the Dead. But there’s been others . . .” She shrugged. “I’ve seen one where they discuss the needs not to do that one thing, if you know what I mean—”

“I know what you mean.”

“It happens in the future, that much I know.”


Deanna shook her head. “I can’t say. I can’t.”

Blasted Seers. Erywin almost rolled her eyes as the plane lurched on the way to its take-off point. Always teasing and never spilling. “Isn’t it true that even though you’ve had that vision, it doesn’t mean it’ll come true?”


In about a hundred words at the back end of a huge novel we finally see a little of Deanna’s visions, and the only snippet of what she has seen of these two in the future.  But if you think there’s more, you’re wrong.  Or are you?


“That’s true.” Deanna set her hand in her lap and began preparing herself for the flight. “A vision is only a possible future, and not only the future itself. There always exists the possibility that one of both of them will do—that—before they get married, and thus partially invalidate their feelings on their own vision.”

There was something in Deanna’s statement that caught Erywin’s interest. “You make it sound like they will get married.”

“I can’t say.” The seer exhaled long and slow. “Only the future knows.”

Only the future— Erywin stretched out her legs as the 777 made its final turn prior to departure. But you said you couldn’t say—not that it wouldn’t happen. She closed her eyes as the engines revved and the jet lumbered down the runway. How much do you know?


We won’t get an answer to that question, not here.  Not any more this story.  Nope, it’s flashing behind us as we sail down the runway on the way back to Amsterdam.  If there are any answers, they come later.

For now, we say goodbye.

So long, Salem Witch School.  See you next year.

So long, Salem Witch School. See you next year.

4 thoughts on “Off Into the Sunrise

  1. G’morning, Cassie.

    Well, well, have you just hinted that what I’ve been saying over and over might come true ? That kerry will have an affair with Emma ? ….. and Annie won’t be Kerry’s first ? And that Deanna has had that vision of Kerry ? I think Deanna’s visions of them are more acute and accurate, and I think getting them to sleep in one room is just to test if her vision would come true. But the fact that it did not happen even when they were thrown together without warnings from the grown – ups, means it will not happen not until they actually get married…. but it cements her vision of kerry doin it with another girl. As I said before, kerry’s are mere feelings whereas Annie’s are true. Of course, women know if it’s the first , but not true with men. technically, it’s true, it will kerry’s first with Annie, but not his first time doing it.

    I’m just disappointed that with all of Kery’s crying and declarations of great love for Annie, he will still succumb to man’s natural instinct. I’m sure it will happen during his and Emma’s 3 day Polar Express gig. Sheesh, if Emma ‘s bold enough to make her moves on Kerry in Annie’s presence, I can’t believe she won’t do anything when she ‘s alone together with kerry for 3 days, just the two of them. It doesn’t help that kerry actually likes her. yes, he does. In fact, if Annie didn’t get to him first, ( and kerry has forgotten abour Annie ), Kerry will gravitate towards Emma naturally. They are more of one kind, free- spirited and open.

    • What Deanna said was she saw them discussing “that” in the future. She didn’t say how far, and she didn’t say what the situation was. It was just them discussing that particular act. I KNOW what Deanna is talking about, but that’s because I’m in her head. 🙂

      How do you know it wasn’t Annie who got lonely? She up there in those mountains, all by herself in that lake house . . . hummm, you can never tell. 😉

      And no where is it indicated that Kerry is with another girl. I gotta come up with a Emma-Kerry ship. Emry? Kerma? 🙂

      Just think: you have two more novels before you discover what happens on the Polar Express. Though I can probably be bribed with dim sum and chocolate. Or maybe you need to make up one of those dishes you’re always showing and Fed-ex it to me. 😀

      • Ah, Captain Hastings, I don’t need my power of deduction to know that deanna is testing if her vision will come true or not. It will, now that she knows Annie’s resove not to do it before marriage. But, she also concludes it will invalidate the ” feelings”, I assume , Kerry’s, because it won’t be his first when he does it with Annie. Deanna is one heck of a seer if she even knows they have not done anything that night. By the way, I have to pretend I’m discussing this with a fellow reader, and you’re as clueless as I am. XD Darn it.

        Mon Dieu ! Is the Pope Catholic ? Annie is the last person to do such dastardly deed, Captain Hastings. ( although I don’t mind, he he.

        deanna knows kerry’s vision, and she knows there’s another girl….. although she did warn kerry not to do anything that will prevent that from happening. Given the context it was given, I don’t see any sense in that warning.

        Eh. I’m okay shipping Kerry with Emma, as long as Annie has someone too.
        It would be devastate Annie to see or know stuff.

        Eh. I don’t even want to know what happens on the Polar Express.

        This excerpt is upsetting, aaargh. ” head desk *


        • I’m just laughing because Annie would never do this. I remember you saying she needed an older boy. And we know what they want! 😉

          Deanna told Kerry not to look into that for a reason, but . . . oh, I can’t say why. Two novels to go!

          But the one thing to take from this is that Deanna DOES know if they get married. And she can’t say. Because that’s how Seers are. It sucks to be that way.

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