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That Thing You’re Not Supposed to Do

Last night, after my nap, I wondered what I should do.  It was the first time in over a year and a half–really longer than that, if I get honest with myself–that I haven’t had to think about my kids.  Or sit and write about them.  Or do both:  sit and write.  It’s been a bit of a weight off my shoulder–

And at the same time I’m a bit lost about what to do next.

Or at least I was.  I started working on that, because I’m always working.  But first, what I did that puts a lie to that first paragraph.

Because I get bored, and because I start looking for things to do when I’m bored, I started playing with a few things on the computer.  And by “playing”, I mean I began making plans.  For, you ask?  Why, the next Foundation novel, what else?  I’ve wondered when and if I would get it done, but I will more than likely start on it sometime . . . soon.  Maybe during the summer, maybe as my opening shot in Camp NaNo July, which I have gone through successfully twice now.  (For the record I always blow off the April camp, because I need a rest.)

The first thing I did was fix up my Scrivener projects.  I’ve always had my first novel on Salem, The Scouring, embedded inside the A For Advanced project, and I felt that needed to change.  Last night I broke them apart and gave them their own places to stay, then renamed A For Advanced so that it would better fit in with the names for the novels.  Then saved it all off to the external hard drives and I was good to go.

Then came Aeon Timeline, because if there is going to be a next novel, it needs stuff filled in.  When I put the basic time line together, most of the layout for the next novel revolved around Kerry, because SPOILERS! a major event happens in his life during his B Levels.  Not that something big didn’t happen to him during his A Levels, but most of what I laid out dealt with the circumstances of this event.

I know how that works for Annie as well, and speaking of Annie, it’s a different time for her.  You do find out why she doesn’t have a computer, and if she gets one, or even a phone.  You start to go through her flight training.  And based on something I came up with last night, you finally get to see what happened when someone is called out and it’s time to take the Magical Fight to the Mat.  (Hint:  Annie does the calling, but it doesn’t go the way she expects.)

If I want to do this right, I need to start plotting out events as they happen.  I know what Annie gets for her thirteenth birthday (Teenage Witch, watch out!), but I don’t know what Kerry gets for his.  I know what Kerry plays as Ostara, and I know that Annie wants to work on her paintings and drawings.  I also know that, for the first time, Annie starts feeling something that Kerry has felt for a long time, and they bring up the subject together.

I added another arc in Aeon Timelines:  Book Events.  What’s that?  It’s the time frame covered by the story, in case I was wondering the actual frame for the stories.  That will be important for the coming novels, because the opening of the stories take place before school–and with a couple of novels, cover a lot of the summer before school even starts.  (The D Level novel will do this and more.)

So now I have this on my time line:

I said I wasn't going to do anything, but . . . I lied.

I said I wasn’t going to do anything, but . . . I lied.

Don’t take this to mean I’m going to start writing tomorrow.  There is planing afoot, but that’s it:  nothing more.  Tomorrow I’ll talk about what I really have planed next.

And speaking of planning:  I need five topics to write about next week, which means it’s time for Reader Input!  So if there’s something you’d like me to write about, leave a comment in the, um, comment area and if I select your idea, you’ll get a byline as the originator of the post as well.

Give it your best shot.

14 thoughts on “That Thing You’re Not Supposed to Do

  1. I’d like to know who the characters are that you most relate to. You can also talk about the characters that you like most, besides Annie and kerry.

    I ‘m wary about that something big that will happen to Kerry. I don’t know what can be bigger than almost dying at least 2x. Not to mention the fact that he learns he’s a witch, and a great one, too.

      • Nope, it won’t be. Here’s the thing…. I believe that Annie won’t be doing that, not until she gets married. So, I’m assuming it will be Kerry , but not with Annie. And since he’s doused with magical contraceptives, there won’t be a Father’s Day card either. I checked out your notes here…. I see that the Polar E xpress will happen in the second novel. Ergo…..

        Oh, and did you say there would be a fight on the mat ? And she’d be the one to call it ? maybe she found out ?

          • When will THAT Polar Express happen ? B Level or C Level ? I’m also thinking Kerry’s just 12 the whole time he’s in B Level. And 13 in C Level. Much too young. So, I don’t know. What else will surprise me ? Like, he’ll find out his great great grandma is a witch ?
            Other than that, I don’t know what that big event will be. Or, the Phoenix will contact him again ? Or heaven forbid, there will be a break -up ? Now , that would be huge ! !

          • The only people allowed to go on the Polar Express are C Levels who’ve done Advanced Flight 1 and 2. Older kids can go with permission, but they have to fly with someone from Advanced Flight 2 as a wingmate. So it’ll happen for Kerry in his C Levels, and he’ll be 13. You grow up fast in this group.

          • I know I was still in elementary when the first book of Harry Potter came out. I don’t know exactly how long it took JK Rowling to finish the 7 books. Just musing…..

            Will there be ” action ” like in Kansas, in the second book ? That’s always the best part for me.

  2. Congrats on the new project! As for blog posts… Hmmm… You use many things I’d love to hear more about, but recently the one that has me the most curious is the research involved to find out where everything is (place-wise) in your stories, what the weather is like certain days, and things like that. Sometimes it drives me nuts. I see all your screen shots and I’m like, “How did she find this out?!?” It would be a cool thing to learn. 😉 I am good at research, but nowhere near as good as you. Tips of the trade would be awesome.

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