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Two-thirds Down and a Third to Go

Today there’s no writing to discuss.  Instead there’s a video being posted, because today is sort of a special day for me, and I wanted to do something different to commemorate.  Besides, I’m thinking up a good post for tomorrow, and that’ll keep your writing jones satisfied–I hope.

Enjoy.  I hope.  And don’t mind the noise!

23 thoughts on “Two-thirds Down and a Third to Go

    • Wait a minute … out of work??? Because you came out as a woman? Grrr. I think a call to the ACLU is in order. Or something. If that had anything to do with it, that is.

      Glad to hear you say you are going to do your best to make it to one year. You damned well better, lady!!

      And FWIW, programmers are notoriously evaluated on their programming skill. And can sometimes work out of their home.

      Oh, and writing is undergoing an enormous shift … to electronic titles. Publishing houses are looking for titles more than they were. So. Write!!! (I trust you are writing all about your experiences in all the transitioning … to help the next guy or gal who finds themselves in your pumps. And do it with humor. Just sayin’.)

  1. Hi Cassidy, happy weekend! I like your videos… have i told you that before? Awesome about a new video coming for the 1 year anniversary. Happy 8 months! Team Vagina 🙂 That made me giggle. How was the souffle?

  2. Flower of spring. Today forget who you are and wake up to life once with nature. Be a butterfly lively and sit on the first flower of purity. Day to be your serene as infinite. Happy birthday, flower of spring! > 3

  3. The only thing thaqt I don’t like in you coming out is, aaargh, another female rival. Kidding, kidding.

    ” out of work. “…. that’s what I heard too.

    There’s a Panera nearby, and everytime I drive by the store, I think of you. I haven’t eaten at Panera, though.

    I studied Genetics a few semesters ago, and Human Biology/ Human Sexuality last semester. Do you know all human beings are born females. It’s only after several weeks that the Y chromosome replaces the X, and male genital form is developed… the female genital is zipped up but there are remnants of it in your, cough. Can’t say it. And that’s also the reason why men have nipples and undeveloped breasts.

    • I know all about what happens when we are forming. And I swear I said “out AT work,” but I’d have to listen to the recording again. Female rival? I’m only after the girls, so now worry I’ll take a guy from you. 🙂

      I can say, for a matter of fact, I have more than just nipples and undeveloped breasts. Maybe underdeveloped now . . . 😉

  4. Keep on keepin’ on …. hope is there right on your left shoulder and love is right there on your right shoulder supporting you.
    Sadness is a part of woman’s hormones. I hated when my hormones raged. I was depressed for no reason … and then … for every reason. Ughh … hated it. But, with hormones comes the sensitivity of feeling the genuine caring from people. So … congrats on getting this far. Follow your heart !!! 😊
    p.s. I know you’Like’ my blog a lot. Thank you !!! I hope you enjoy my nurtue posts. They are my way of getting through my emotions. 😊

  5. I’m so very looking forward to the one year anniversary video.
    And you do have fans, we are cheering you on every step, we see the great and good person that you are, we are amazed by your talent and we are thankful you share with us.
    Now don’t make me cry again because it took me three sittings to get to the end of this and each time I was a mess.

    • I almost didn’t make it through that, either. One of the reasons you film in a public place, because the night before I cried my heart out for about twenty minutes straight, and you can’t do that where others can see you.

      • Cassy, I’m happy you’ve made it to this point and I hope you know we want to see you pass the one year mark (and the two year mark and the ALL YEARS MARK).
        It was very hard to see you talk about the hard times, I felt it because I’ve there (I think many of us have been there) and my heart hurt.
        And your nails were fabulous. I love how you keep the flair up. It’s inspiring.

  6. I think every woman DOES go through this. Or at least this woman does, and that’s really all i suppose I can attest to. I am right there with you on trying to hang on to that little bit of hope. It is really hard when it seems like just when you can just about get your head above water to grab a breath, something shoves you down even deeper than you were before. Loneliness can really be overwhelming. Even there are people who tell you that you are not alone, sometimes you just feel like there is no one and nothing except you and your agony. I don’t have fans, but I do have two little children who would never understand if I just gave up. I know how it is to go through life feeling guilty about nearly everything that happens, and I couldn’t ever let my kids think that they had anything to do with me giving up. They have saved my life more than once. My dad was not the wisest person I ever knew, but he did leave me with one little saying that does help from time to time. “All you can do is the best you can do when you can do it.” So when every day seems like its even worse than the one before it, I try to think about that, and not worry about the next day, and just deal with the one in front of me. I hope that today things are a bit brighter for you!

  7. Hi Cassidy, I have hope that your hopes will be requited soon! You come across as such a warm, loveable person in your video. I hope the right person sees it…

    I have late stage Lyme disease, so i know all about making reasons to get up one day at a time, making sure I have little joys each day. I find that my writing helps me so much. I have to get up or my characters will be stuck where I last left them, I have to keep writing because who will finish their story otherwise?

    Anyway, looking forward to following your blog and seeing those novels finished, and you getting to a new and fantastic place in your life.

  8. His Cassidy, sorry you are doing it so tough just now. You don’t deserve it! Feeling more is definitely a double edged sword, but as the saying goes, at least now you can say you are really living! Hoping 2016 will be your year in all ways!

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