The Disingenuous Doings

It’s a known fact that writers are paid to lie.  I mean, come on, look at what they do?  Trolls in the dungeon?  Lies.  Elves hiking across the plain to help deliver a ring?  Total bull.  Vampires having affairs with Lego bricks?  Not a chance.

As I’ve told some of my readers who’ve engaged me in conversation about my last novel, I’m an unreliable narrator.  You should believe what I say as much as you believe Tyler Durden when he’s telling you about how he’s gonna save the world.  You have to be that way so you don’t give away the game when you’re telling everyone about your story.  And ever with as much as I exposed in my last novel–pretty much everyone got to see most of what happened as I wrote each scene, and that went on for over a year–there was a huge amount that wasn’t revealed.  There were questions asked that weren’t answered; there were events that occurred that won’t be resolved for a long time.

About the only place I’m gonna be pretty much upfront with you is here, in this blog.

Well, sorta.

See, something happened last night that I didn’t plan on happening, but just sort of did.  It’s something that I said wasn’t going to happen, but . . . well, hell, sometimes these things have a life of their own, you know?  And when they demand attention, then you gotta do something.  And I did.

What am I talking about?  This:

Behold Bewitching!

Behold Bewitching!

Yes, that’s a total lie there, something I said I wasn’t going to do for–what’s the countdown that I’m reminded over almost every day now?  Fifty-two days?  Well, it’s a little sooner than that, I’d say.

Sometime about seven-thirty I started laying out this sucker–The Foundation Chronicles:  B For Bewitching.  As with the last novel it’s in three acts, though I assure you it won’t end up another four hundred thousand word monster like A For Advanced.  Though that could be a lie, too, but I digress . . .

Anyway, there’s two-thirds of Part One laid out.  I know what was coming beyond the scene Morning Pickup, but Better Call Saul was coming on, and it was time to sit and watch some television.  But everything else you see is totally legit, all done with the help of information I have set up on Aeon Timeline.  So when you see dates and times, you know that much is correct.

This first chapter is kind of Kerrycentric.  Actually, much of Part One is, because I’m going through his suffering.  Does that mean there won’t be any Annie?  Perish the thought!  She’s in there, you just haven’t seen her in this layout.  I do, because I know.  Oh, and because I’ll get asked:  yes, Calling Bolder means exactly what it means, because this is where Kerry Skypes someone he knows in Bolder, Colorado, and we know who that is, right?  And the times, particularly in Chapter Two, are when events start, so I have a notion of when things are occurring.  Not that I don’t already know, since I’ve went over this section in my head many, many times.

What does this mean for Kolor Ijo?  It means I’m still editing, and I’m probably about half-way through that.  I have plenty to do because it’s going to take some time to get the parts and chapters laid out correctly in B For Bewitching, and as I’m thinking up what’s going to happen there, I can continue editing Kolor Ijo and ready it for eventual publication.  See, I do have a plan!

So did the Cylons.  Look how that turned out.