Building the B

When I’m starting to build a novel, a lot of things are going on, primarily there’s a bit of adding to the world to start getting things down the way they should be for my characters.  That was what last night was all about:  adding to the world, and by doing so I was setting up scenes for my kids.

Most of the work I did last night involved getting into Chapters Three and Four, with deal with reunions and returns.  In A For Advanced I didn’t deal a lot with Annie and Kerry being in Amsterdam:  the real meeting was in London, and I sort of knew my way around the city there, with the real work coming laying in planning out their Saturday Day Trip.  But I’m back in a new city, with new things to see and do, and my kids have a few days to kill in Germany before flying back to school, so . . .

I have my work cut out for me once more.

Five chapters kinda down, how many more to go is anyone's guess.

Five chapters kinda down, how many more to go is anyone’s guess.

Chapter Three is all about getting the kids back together and comfortable being in the presence of each other once again.  The third scene in that chapter, Happy Anniversary, is the one I mentioned yesterday, where Annie and Kerry are out standing by the Brandenburg Gate as night falls on the city, and this happens on their first day/night in the city, which happens to be the anniversary of their first physical meeting.  In time I’ll build up that scene–with help from Google Maps, which will allow to be “stand” there and get ideas of what my kids are seeing–but that’s not going to come until I’m actually ready to start writing it down.

I have done my home work, however, and that took up a considerable amount of time, mostly because I was looking for a good hotel where my kids could stay, and after I found something I liked I wanted to see where it was located within the city.  Having access to public transportation–particularly the underground–is important, and having a good hotel doesn’t mean anything if my kids are stranded in the middle of an urban nowhere with nothing to do for a few days except sit and watch TV and . . . well, I’m sure my kids would figure something out.

As you can see I’ve found my hotel and room . . .

Never have to worry about booking, however:  The Foundation has that covered.

Never have to worry about booking, however: The Foundation has that covered.

And the location in the city is a good one for them–

It looks a lot better from the ground.

It looks a lot better from the ground.

That big blue “U” sign near center-bottom is the Wittenbergplatz station, and from there my kids can take that line to Potsdamer Platz and walk up the street to the Gate.  This also also, I discovered, will take them to the old Olympic Stadium and to the Berlin Zoo–

Because the line near their hotel is U2, and it will take them to Zoo Station–which was the song Kerry listened to when flying with Vicky a week after they arrived at Salem.

Funny how that worked out.