The Difference in Differences

When one has a lot of time on their hands, one is able to think about things in greater detail than normal.  For example, I had to go out last night and pay a bill, then get something to eat, after which I’d pick up a few things to take home, which meant I had a lot of time to think, ’cause what else are you gonna do when you’re our and about driving and sitting by yourself?

There was plenty of time to think about where the next novel is headed, because while I have a meta layout, get into the detail is a little trickier.  I went through this with the first one, and it took about four weeks of looking and planing to figure out what exactly I was going to write, and where I would place those scenes.  Getting the detail down is always a little tricky, but it always comes to me.

However, I am off to a good start . . .

Though it does seem as if I'm starting off with a similar formula.

Though it does seem as if I’m starting off with a similar formula.

Chapters Five, Six, and Seven get them back into the school and through the first week of class.  Unlike the first novel, there’s no need to touch on every class, so the first couple of chapters involve meetings and testing.  Yeah, remember that Gift testing that was discussed?  There it is, big as life.  There’s also something down there about wingmates, but I’ll get to that later . . .

A close look at the Back to the Grind chapter shows mostly advanced classes, and why not?  Now the kids are soaring into the rarefied air of advanced study, and they’re leaving their B Levelmates behind.  And that will be one of the themes of this novel:  being different.  Annie will start feeling it for the first time, as she comes to understand that it’s one thing to keep your differences hid from Normals, but among your peers it’s not always an easy thing.  Kerry is being hit heavy with the feeling:  at the end of the school year he’s suppose to “come out” to his parents and tell them he’s a witch, and while it won’t bother him at the start of the school year–there’ll even be a scene where he’ll speak with Annie about how being “different” hasn’t bothered him that much because that’s how he’s always been treated–but as the end of the year draws near, expect the anxiety to ramp up considerably.

That’s not all of it, however.  There’s a lot more, but . . . not giving it away yet.  Not yet.  And there’s a bit something that happens in his novel that . . . well, I’m probably keeping those chapters hidden for a while.

There’s some fun in trying to figure this all out.  I’ll likely get back into editing tonight, and come Saturday morning I’ll delve back into plotting out this monster.  I’d love to show you my time lines, but they give way too much away in terms of story, and I’m going to start filling them out based upon what I’m getting here just to confirm that everything is in sync.  That’s how you go about confirming that things are going in the right direction.

Now, if I only knew for sure where the direction was going . . .