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The Magical Flight

It has been a busy morning so far.  I’ve made and cut images, and I’ve been working out more details for B For Bewitching.  In fact, I managed to throw on scene in to finish up an existing chapter, and I’ve created two more chapters to finish up Act One.  Just running things around in my head, if I figure on each scene being somewhere between two and three thousand words, then Act One should end up around thirty thousand words long.  Yeah, sure:  I’ve said that before.  But this time I mean it.

This is the layout of a writer who only tells the truth.

This is the layout of a writer who only tells the truth.

The ideas that I have rolled around in my head are starting to come together, and I’m certain that as I go along I may actually add scenes to Act One.  It’s possible, but so far I’m loving what I’m seeing.

While I’m only showing a couple of chapters in the main body of the program, the binder on the left shows the work I’ve tackled this morning.  Late Night in the Garden was added to the end of Chapter Seven, and Chapters Ten through Fourteen have been moved to Part Four in Act Two.  Act One is gonna be the set up for a lot of things, and Act Two will act as the scene of a bit of conflict.  That would mean Act Three is gonna be a lot of resolution, with a payoff of a couple of happy kids dancing off into the sunset.  Well . . .

The metadata synopsis sort of gives away a few plot points, but that’s okay, because do you really know what I’m saying to myself, other than, “You’re going to hurt you kids, aren’t you?”  Well, that goes without saying, but at the same time I’m going to give them periods of tenderness here and there, because they need those moments.  I’ve already mentioned one moment that will either come at the end of Act Two or the beginning of Act Three, and it’s one that will actually show up a couple of times after that.  It’s quickly becoming my favorite scene in a story that’s still forming.

The strange thing is that since I’ve started working out the details of the novel in my head, and begun putting them into the computer, moments are starting to come together, and it’s becoming easier to see how certain events could and do affect my kids.  I’m also seeing some challenges ahead for me in terms of how I’m going to write certain scenes, because of the logistic problems that arise in trying to make them interesting.  Hey, the age-old problem for writers, yeah?  I’ll worry about that when the time comes, because to worry about it now is pretty stupid.

I’m starting to finally get into the creation of this story.  I’m thinking of laying out some parts with an “XX” after the title, because I don’t know for certain the number that will go with the segment.  I do know they’ll end up in Act Three, so if I want to lay out those sections I could do that–maybe today.

After all, I already know the ending to this novel.  I just have to build the road to get there.

21 thoughts on “The Magical Flight

  1. G’morning, Cassie.

    Well, this book sounds ominous , as far as the couple’s relationship is concerned. I think a triangle will definitely form here, with Kerry and Emma seeming to get closer. The fact that Kerry is more into flying and less into becoming a ” dark ” witch makes a lot of sense.

  2. What am I speculating ? I’m speculating Kerry is starting to realize he really doesn’t want to be a ” dark” witch , like Annie is… and his disinterest is starting to be noticed and at the same time, his enthusiasm for advanced flying is noticeably growing, and that means , he is more enthusiastic to be with his wingmate and buddy, Emma. This troubles Annie. And Emma comes out to rub that in Annie’s face. The fact that Kerry knows the situation between Annie and Emma but still acts unconcerned, bordering on insensitivity……. there’s the drama….. and I’m sure his advance flying class with Emma will go beyond the alloted schedule. And if I were Annie, her tender moments with kerry should be taken with a grain of salt. Harsh, huh. 🙂

      • Well, it’s an educated speculation. You’ve set up the scenario. Kerry and Emma had a friendly conversation , as if Annie wasn’t there, and Emma pointedly and without care, ignored Annie’s presence, and let Annie know she gave kerry her Skype address. If Emma and kerry could behave this way in Annie’s presence, Annie should be wary what they can do in her absence.

        • Or maybe . . . Annie and Kerry as SO confident in their relationship that Annie knows Kerry won’t do anything, and Kerry knows he won’t do anything, even with them both knowing that Emma likes him. And as Kerry has said, Emma should be the one who worries, because he *knows* what Annie can do. Annie and Kerry have found themselves in a life-and-death situation, and they’ve both saved and killed people through their actions. I would be hard pressed to believe he’s suddenly gonna let his penis do his thinking for him where another girl is concerned. 😉

          • Ah, I don’t know. Even a marriage certificate and 5 children will not deter a guy from doing something stupid.

            And it ‘s not a good relationship if he worries about Annie doing something unpleasant, if for some reason, his feelings waver.

          • It does seem that little fact doesn’t prevent him from getting too friendly with Emma.

            Reminds me of Bokutachi Wa Shitte Shimata. Never mind, he he.

          • But by the end of the school year, it did seem as if Annie and Kerry were in that “supreme confidence” mode that some couples enter, where they know nothing is going to drag them apart. Which is why Annie didn’t fume the whole time when Emma asked Kerry about wingmate statue for the next year. She knows she doesn’t have to worry about him.

  3. I admire your “pluck”! You certainly have a lot of determination and focus going on. How I wish I could have just a wee spark of it, I am so scattered and seem to be going in circles lately. Waves at you from the hamster wheel of life 🙂 Good going, inspiring is what you are.

  4. I like the momentum the planning is taking. And the thought about building the road to the ending is a really good way to keep everything in perspective and not get overwhelmed. 🙂

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