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Time Into the Grind

This has started out to be a strange, busy week.  I have a number of things to finish up at work, but none of them really require me to spend more than an hour or so here or there working on them.  I was in a bit of a panic over something that happened to a friend yesterday, and discovered later that it was really nothing.  I’m preparing to head back to Indiana for a week, and dreading the time I’ll spend on the road, and even a little of the time back home, because I know it’ll be full of stress.

And I’m looking at what I have for writing.

I finished up a rather large chapter of Kolor Ijo last night, and I have another to do tonight and another to do in a few days, but the tale of the tape shows there are five chapters–including the one I should do tonight–and about sixteen thousand words ahead of me remaining, and then the pass through this edit is over.  I was fortunate that I’d figured out the mystery ahead of time, because it made things easier when it came to writing it out, and I don’t have any discernible plot holes staring me in the face.  Given the amount of work left, I will finish Kolor Ijo this weekend.  And then come the question–

"Should I call her maybe?"

“Should I call her maybe?”

Uh, no:  not that one.  It’s the one about what comes next.  The one I’m always having.

This is where I need to get disciplined about what to do, because there’s more to writing and, um, writing.  Creating is one thing, but getting that creation out there for people to see is another, and I’m solely lacking in the later.  Since 2011 I’ve only managed to publish three things, and nothing new has gone out in three years.  That wasn’t my real plan when I started on this trip, and getting behind another big project is going to press me further from getting another work out there.  It’s great to be writing, but it’s also great to have people reading your writing.  And plopping down a few coins for the pleasure of doing so.

Hate to say it, but concentrating on writing three stories–a novelette and two novels–in the last two years has pushed everything to the back burner.  And while the urge to get into writing another novel is high, the urge to get something out for people to buy is even higher.  And it’s needed, because I can’t keep working in a vacuum with my writing.

It’s my intention to stick to my schedule as I planed it a few weeks back:  continue editing Kolor Ijo and get it ready for publication.  Now that I have B For Bewitching mostly plotted out, I can start the process of working it out in my head even more, so that when I do begin writing, I’ll know the literary route I must take.  Really, the most difficult thing I’m dealing with now if finding covers for my books, but I’m working on that, trust me–

I’m guessing that if any new writing starts, it’ll come around the first of May.

That gives me a whole month to get organized . . .

22 thoughts on “Time Into the Grind

  1. That struggle between wanting to push stuff out there to be marketed, paid for and read versus writing more stories is one that is very real, isn’t it? I never thought I’d be concerned about having too many ideas, too much to write, but it seems the more you do it, the more the want to do! At times it seems overwhelming! You make an excellent point about ‘working in a vacuum’ – at times it really does feel like that. I hope the search for cover art goes well 🙂

    • I’m going to ask my daughter, who is coming into her own as an artist, if she wants to earn a little money on the side doing my covers. And yes: I find the creation side enjoyable, but when it gets to editing and publishing, it feels like a lot of work. Which it is, actually.

  2. Hmmm, I wonder what that ” Reveal” might be. Oh, wait,…. they’re going to tell Kerry’s parents he’s a witch ! It’s gonna happen at the end of the second novel, right ? ( Though you did say Kerry’s parents’ reaction would be revealed in 3rd novel. )

    • Yes, you’re right. The last scene is Kerry coming home with Ms. Rutherford in tow and telling his parents of his true nature. And then the first time you see Kerry in the third novel, it’s the reaction to his coming out.

          • For the story that I have in mind ( it’s done, including the script ), I want a specific type of drawing, like THE ONE manga. Check it out on Mangahere. The mangaka is Nicky Lee, and she’s Chinese, not Japanese.

          • CLAMP style is typical Japanese. Do you know there’s such a thing as Amerimanga ? Americans write the story and the script, but they hire Japanese illustrators . I have a book, ” How to Draw manga. ” maybe you can buy one for daughter. And you can write a manga too, and have daughter do the illustrations. Like a collaboration. japanese magazines are accepting stuff like this. But then, the location should be in Japan. Stories that aren’t Japanese do not sell well.

          • I have the “How to Draw Manga” book and gave it to her, and my wife objected to it because they showed nude bodies. Well . . . yeah, how else do you figure out how to draw bodies?

            The closest I have to the Amerimange stuff are the Adam Warren Dirty Pair and BGC comics.

  3. I can completely understand that struggle! It’s going to be interesting to see what you do with the pieces you have waiting to edit and publish, and I can’t wait to read some new work. 🙂 Good luck with your plan!

  4. I see you finally got your hands on Kolor Ijo. It surely spent a long time in ‘the drawer’. And you can always talk to me about those covers. 🙂

      • True. The longer the wait, the better we can see the quality of our writing. Sometimes we are surprised how good it is. Not so long ago I took out my first ever novel draft (which wasn’t even completed), written over some 10 years ago, and it felt like it was written by another person. Which is almost true, the other person was the younger me. The writing was badass. I’m surprised I could produce something like that. But I’m glad I never wrote that story. 😀

          • In all honesty I’m afraid to re-read stories I wrote a year or two ago. I made it to the end of the series and I don’t want to look (good that I don’t need to). LOL

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