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Travelogues and Time Lines

I know I said I was going to edit last night, but . . . I got off on a side track.  I know:  me?  Off on a side track?  Heavens forbid!

But that’s what happened.  I started thinking about one thing, then I flipped off to another, and before you know it I started working on this blasted future time line for my kids which started taking up nearly all my evening time.  As I’ve been told already, “You can’t leave those kids alone, can’t you?”

I would appear I can’t.

I found myself drawn back into working out this time line, because it’s something I need to finish now that I’ve started.  I get like that at times when I find myself unable to concentrate on what I should be doing, and end up doing something I want to do.  And this thing, this map and plan, are something I’ve wanted to do for a while.  So, in order to get my mind off things, I’m in it.  The editing won’t suffer, but I can’t do that every right, right?

Where am I now?  Well, how about here?

That's a lot of moving around for two 14 year olds.

That’s a lot of moving around for two 14 year old kids.

So far the stops are Rome, Florence, Milan, darling, Nice, Barcelona, and lastly Lyon.  That’s where I ended, with them arriving in Lyon, where they’ll take a short jaunt to the west to visit Deanna before heading on to Paris.  It’s all flying until they get to the stretch between Barcelona and Lyon, where I put them on a train running from Barcelona to Montpelier, France, where they pick up the TGV that takes them into Lyon.  Why go that way?  Because Kerry wants to ride the TGV, and Annie’s curious about what it’s like as well.  The fortunate part there is I’ve done that same route:  stayed in Barcelona for a few days, then traveled by train to Lyon and Paris.  So here I speak from a point of some experience.

Using the map as a guide, I’ve managed to work out my time line in better detail . . .

With cute names, too!

With cute names, too!

The bar at the bottom of the screen tells me I’m about a third of the way through the trip, but I know from experience that Paris is going to be a long stay, because the kids love Paris.  In their history they stayed there before heading off to their C Levels, and a fun time was had by all.  It was also the first time Annie and Kerry actually got to hang with a few of their covenmates outside the school, which made parts of the experience even better.  So it’s a fair bet I’ll have them there for a week to enjoy the city, and . . . well, something else happens, too.  Something important.

One last thing I got into yesterday was putting down, on the above time line, what hotels they’re using.  And just to let you know, these kids aren’t roughing it–Annie has money, remember?  Now, while they aren’t going five star all the way, they’re for sure not staying in any hostels.  Can you see these two staying in a dorm?  I can’t either.  It’s fortunate that the places they’re staying have a Foundation connection, otherwise someone might think it a bit strange that two kids dressed in leather pants and bomber jackets come in with nothing but backpacks and confirm their already paid reservation–

And yes:  they do get a discount when they show their Student IDs.

13 thoughts on “Travelogues and Time Lines

    • What do you think? Why pay for two if you’re not gonna sleep in one of them? 😉 These two are already USED to sharing sleeping accommodations as A Levels, so in a few years nothing less will do.

      • :/

        He he Just my conservative mindset kicking in. Heh. No problem…. as long as it’s not with Emma. 🙂 By the way, Cassie, how tall is Kerry, now, and at 14 ?

        • Right now Kerry’s about 5′ 2″, and Annie’s about 5′ 1″. I see to recall mentioning in the book that Kerry, at the start of the school year, was about 5′ 1″. By they time they head off on this trip, he’ll be about 5′ 6″ and Annie 5′ 5″. Of course, since they’ll know transformation magic pretty well by then, height is pretty relative–if you want to be a few inches taller or shorter, it’s no big deal. It’s one of the reasons Jessica mentions at one point that when she was modeling she could eat whatever she wanted and never worry about gaining weight, her clothes always looked perfect on her body, and she could wear heels all day and everywhere and never get sore feet.

          • I forgot about Transformation. I was just thinking that w/o using Transformation, height can at least make a guy look a bit older than 14 years. Amd I’ve forgotten that the hotels have Foundation connection.

            is it possible that visions are not 100% accurate ? Like, you know, it’s Annie’s first time ? It seems a stretch that these kids , with all their teenage hormones, not to mention being in love, can actually hold back. it’s impossible, unless of course they have been enchanted.

          • You’ll be glad to know this very subject will be addressed in the next novel. In fact, it’ll become a major point. Yeah, Harry Potter never worried about this . . .

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