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Towards the Future Unseen

Guess where I am?

Tell me you've never seen this place before.

Tell me you’ve never seen this place before.

Maybe you need another clue?

How's it looking now?

How’s it looking now?

It’s the Mahoning Valley Service Plaza on the eastern most portion of the Ohio Turnpike as you’re heading west–and that means one thing:  I’m driving back to Indiana.  Biggest different this time is that I arrived here about four-fifteen in the morning, which is why there’s no one here.

Which is probably why I look the way I do in this picture.

Which is probably why I look the way I do in this picture.

It’s also a safe bet that if it’s four in the morning, or there about, and it usually takes me four hours to drive from The Burg to this point in my journey westward, then I’ve not gotten much sleep.  And you’d be right:  I went to bed about nine-thirty PM, couldn’t fall asleep, said the hell with it, and took off.  So here I am, running with the shadows of the night, but no one is holding my hand, so I don’t feel all right.  But I will make it home, trust me.  I will.

It’s strange to be out on the road like this, but then I love traveling at night.  All ready I’ve been through light rain, fog, and even a little snow, before everything turned dry and cold here this side of the mountains.  I expect it to stay around freezing all the way back to Gay Hating State Indiana (with the new state motto, “Religious Bigotry R Us”), and if my calculations are correct, I should arrive back home between ten and eleven AM local time.  That will allow me to take a nap and maybe even crawl off to bed early tonight, but I’ll make no promises.

The one thing I’m pretty sure I won’t do is write.  I didn’t last night, and I’m usually burned out after the six hundred mile drive to want to do much of anything but rest, though I have been know to carry on conversations with people who want to talk writing, as I did last year on this same trip last year.  Though that happened on the way back to The Burg, so we’ll see if that happens again this year.

By the way I am wearing my Mary Janes with the three inch heels as I drive home, because that’s the way I roll, baby.

See?  Totally wearing heels.

See? Totally wearing heels.

There’s one other bit of news I should lay on people.  Because I have nothing better to do as a writer than, um, write, I’ve decided to set a date for when I will begin working on my next new novel–which, if you haven’t figured out by now, is the continuation of my last novel about the Witchy School at Salem, otherwise known as The Foundation Chronicles:  A For Advanced.  This next book is B For Bewitching, and if you check my blog page you’d see this:

Countdown, baby!

Countdown, baby!

Yes, I’m starting on 3 May because of reasons, that’s why.  But I will start, and I will see about having the first novel edited and the separate acts published, and all will be cool and beautiful.  Or so I hope.  At least I’m sure this new novel won’t be anywhere near as big as the first novel.

Almost sure . . .

29 thoughts on “Towards the Future Unseen

  1. aaaargh ! Indiana ! What the heck is wrong with this place ! ! ! Religious freedom, my foot ! ! Well, tell us which establishment thought you shouldn’t be served because of their religious beliefs. I’m mad .

  2. You will never get a chance to visit with like minded people back home. Most artist feel out of place at home. We are different but are not bogged down by stereotypes. Tell them to kiss your Mary Janes!

      • In my town, my ex who cheated on me convinced everyone that I hurt him. Once I left him, he told all of my so called “friends” things I did or said and even lied on me. His best friend said, “You don’t have to pretend to like me!” I was confused but later found out it was my ex that lied and convinced everyone I hated them.They also judged me for being bisexual. They will make you feel you don’t belong. Cassidy, it is in our nature not to belong. Our creativity and passion is beyond their realm. We are way to talented and outspoken for close minded people.

        • You know I think you’re a beautiful person, so no matter how things go, you have someone on this end who will always have your back. You just keep doing what you do and be who you are. I know you will.

  3. Great heels! And you are right about Indiana’s new motto: “Religious Bigotry R Us” But then you already know not everyone is as biased as that.

    Get your sleep, Cassidy! ❤

  4. When I drive long distance I’m more comfortable in gym shoes. And driving through the night is muuuuuch better, you have a larger share of the roads and smaller share of the turkeys—and less of a queue anywhere for coffee …

    Go get ’em, Cass~!

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