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In the Time of Travel

Well, it’s upon me again:  Travel Day.  In a few hours I’ll need to get going and head out on the road back to Harrisburg, and spend most of the day zooming across the flats of Indiana and Ohio, into the Cuyahoga River valley, and off into the mountains of Pennsylvania.  It’s a long drive, and I don’t expect to reach my apartment until sometime after ten tonight.

What does that look like?  A little like this:

Cue River Deep, Mountain Wide.

Cue River Deep, Mountain Wide.

Six hundred and forty miles one way (or one thousand thirty kilometers, if you prefer), almost thirteen hundred miles round trip, done three times a year.  Including two stops in Ohio that are needed for fuel and food, it’s about an eleven hour drive.

I’m really getting tired of taking this trip, too.

There was a time when I truly looked forward to the trip back to my “real” home, but these days it seems as if the only reason I’m here to do a lot of running around and to get things done that need to be done, but no one else wants to do them.  Get the taxes done; get the cars tested and tagged; put in a new router.  That’s been pretty much everything done while here, and because of problems I had getting my car tested correctly for emissions (which was needed before I could buy new tags), I did a lot of running around and spent a whole lot of money, and never really had the chance to start the paper work on getting my name changed.

But I’m not going to put that last on hold.  I’ll get the research done while I’m in Harrisburg, and, if possible, start the paper work from there.  If nothing else I’ll dip into the 401(k) and hire a lawyer to handle that and the gender marker change, then return to Indiana next when it’s time to appear in court to get all this approved.

I’ve promised to return in July after the project I’m on is delivered and my contact is renewed–though that last is always a “maybe” proposition at best.  I’ll know in a couple of weeks if the State of Pennsylvania wants me for another year.  If so, I’ll probably stay.  If not, I’ll have a couple of months to find something new.

Either way, today more or less reaffirms that my real home is back in Harrisburg, and I’m just visiting Indiana these days.  Where as all I do is run around doing things in Indiana (where the new state motto is “We Won’t Cater Pizza For Your Gay Wedding”), back home in The Burg is where I’m working and being creative and going shopping and meeting people.

It’s where, frankly, I have a life.

Give it about two hours and I’m on the road.  I may stop at Panera before I get to traveling to have breakfast and take a selfie here.  Then it’s onto the toll road and hit the cruise and I’m good until I reach western Ohio, my first fuel stop.  (True fact:  I always stop in Ohio because they have the best service centers on the trip.)

Twist through the mountains tonight, and when I come out of the last one I’m about thirty minutes from parking the car for the night.

Thirty minutes from home.

Yeah, I can’t wait.

11 thoughts on “In the Time of Travel

  1. I’ve still not found a place I identify as “home” despite having spent 30+ years in one city and now 10 in another. So, will there be a change in addresses to coincide with the change in names and such? 🙂

    • That I haven’t figured out yet. One advantage I have with keeping a single address is that it made my taxes easier to figure. Otherwise I’d probably end up paying two state taxes. And next year I don’t have to return in March, which is easier still.

  2. Once you find “home” it’s such a great feeling. IT’s where you know you belong. I”m still searching to belong, and find the niche that I fit into. So happy for you that you’ve found yours.

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