Remembrances of Scenes Past

As it was a holiday and there was no one here but myself, that meant I had a lot of spare time on my hands yesterday.  Which means I needed something to do beside sit around and watch TV and/or drink.  As there was nothing handy to consume–out of choice, mind you, because I’d likely drink too much if I had something in the apartment–I left the television on TCM, listened to music on my headphones, and . . . well, this last was a tricky one.

See, I have nothing to write:  all the stories are finished.  And I won’t start on anything for a few weeks, so that leaves open the prospect of what to do in the meantime.

I did this:

I just can't quit you.

I just can’t quit you.

In case you’re having trouble making that out, it’s Chapter Thirty-Two of Part Ten of Act Three, also known as In Dreams from A For Advanced.  This was most of what I read on the blog posts the other night, and because I was things wrong in those posts, I decided to go back and, um, fix things.

It wasn’t my intention of redoing all fifteen thousand, seven hundred words of the chapter, but after a few hours of reading and rewriting, I knew I wasn’t going to be happy until I’d reached “The Guardians need you both . . .” and put a Revised Draft First Pass on each of the scenes.  Which I did.

Not everything needed a full rewriting, but there were a few spots that were doggy.  There were a couple of areas, in fact, that didn’t make a lot of sense without a few words being moved around here and there.  And I fixed a couple of things by adding additional lines of dialog which either cleared up an event–such as Deanna and Annie speaking about Annie telling Deanna of her vision in Memory’s End; a couple of added lines helped make that clear–and later on, when Kerry is lost in his memories of his Chestnut Girl, and he tells Annie that the girl was nice to him, but “I wasn’t always like that to her,” he looked down at his feet and the paragraph ended there–until I had him say, “Like how I’ve treated you,” which shows he somehow knew, deep down, that he knows it took him a while to fall in love with Annie at school–like it did the first time–and that he’s sorry in his own way.

Mostly, though, I had the chance to reread all this work, and I was as happy as I had been the night before, when I was rereading this chapter for the first time since November of 2014.  That’s when all this was originally written, some five months ago, and it was refreshing to go back over it again and look at it with a different eye, as I have done with Kolor Ijo.

I won’t do a full edit of the work like that:  I was at this for most of the day yesterday, and this is one of the shorter chapters–

Besides, I have a date with another novel in a month.