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Talking on the Town

There is this thing called “Real Life” that gets in the way of what writers do for either a living or for free.  That was pretty much me yesterday, as I spent most of my time out on the road until about seven PM, at which point I was completely out of it in terms of having creative juice left to stir.

First off, I walked into work in a pair of shoes I shouldn’t have.  This means I was in pain by the time I got there, because of really large blisters on my heels.  Which I popped at work, which came back as I walked home.  Which means by the time I treated them at the apartment before heading off for my appointment means I was in a lot of pain and having trouble walking.  Like I am this morning.  They’re sort and tender and . . . yeah, you get the idea.

But I have good news on the medical front.  My prolactin count has peaked–that’s one of the new hormones I’ve got stored inside my body–so no need for an MRI, my blood pressure was down about twenty points, and “the girls”, as the doctor calls them, are still growing and firming up nicely.  It’s good news all around.

The drive out to see my doctor is long; the drive back, longer.  Which means by the time I reached The Burg I was pretty burned out as far as getting anything done was concerned, and I didn’t get into the novel until after eight PM.  Closer to eight-thirty, actually.  I didn’t feel much like writing, but I wanted to keep going as I’ve been going because, well, writing.  You want to get back into that grove, that rhythm, that pops up when you’re starting a project.  You get to writing, not making excusing.

I managed a little over five hundred and eighty words, and here they are:  my kids back together again.


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

After lunch the urge existed to find things to do, but as Annie said, “We have plenty of time in the future to sightsee—I’d rather be with you.” That was what happened: they left the Pret a Manger and headed to Russell Square park and wandered about there for a while before returning to the tube station and taking the Underground to Lancaster Gate, across Bayswater Road from Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

They headed over to the Kensington Gardens side of the park and walked hand-in-hand. They walked south past the Italian Gardens and along the west side of the Long Water. They stopped at the Peter Pan statue and lingered there for close to twenty minute nearly alone. The cool, rainy weather kept people indoors, and there were few pedestrians to cast wondering glances at the young couple walking close together, their hands intertwined.

They deviated for the lake’s shore and headed inland, standing for a while inside the Queen’s Temple when a light rain began to fall. Kerry finally chose this moment to ask Annie about how she ended up coming to London for Lunch.

“She visited Sunday.” Annie leaned against the wall catty-corner from where Kerry stood. “My mother and her spoke for about two hours while I was out at the Lake House; Helena made a point of insisting they speak alone.” She set her hands behind her back and shook her head. “I should have realized she was planning something.”

“I watched your dad race Sunday.” Kerry had streamed the British Grand Prix from Silverstone that day.

“Yes, he came in fifth. I watched it later after he returned home.”

Kerry couldn’t imagine Annie sitting with her father watching a race, but he had no reason to believe she’d lie. “You think your mom and Helena were talking about lunch the other day?”

“I’m not sure. Mama said they talked about what I’ve done in sorcery and some of the thing Helena planed for our B Level, but that was probably just a small part of what they discussed.”

Kerry thought that was likely true as well. He couldn’t see why Helena would discuss sorcery with Annie’s mother and not have her present as well; it was completely unlike her. “I take it she showed up today?”

“Yes, right after lunch. She spoke with my mother for a few minutes, then came up to my room and said she was taking me to lunch, and told me I didn’t need to change my clothes, because where we were going the weather was similar, and that she’d return later.” She repositioned her hands before her. “So I only nibbled until she returned.”

He nodded. “Was your dad there?”

“Yes, he was.” Annie grinned. “He knows Helena by reputation, and was cordial to her. I think having three sorceresses in the house made him nervous.”

He almost laughed thinking about her father—whom he’d never met—trying to remain casual while Helena and Annie’s mother chatted before Annie joined them. He has to know just how great a sorceress she is by now. “Hope he wasn’t too scared.”

She looked down at the ground for a moment. “He survived the experience.” Annie reached out and took Kerry’s hand. “It’s turned to mist; I want to walk.” He followed, a large grin stretched across his face, as he loved walking in cool mist as well.

And he liked it even better walking along with Annie.


I should mention that I also spent about half an hour looking though Google Maps and checking out Underground routes just to get those first three paragraphs right.  I could have spent less time, I admit, but I was tired, and it was a nice diversion to keep the mind semi-sharp.  And I like maps.

And I snapped this right before I went to bed.  Resting Bitch Face is all you can muster after a long day.

And I snapped this right before I went to bed. Resting Bitch Face is all you can muster after a long day and you’re not wearing makeup.

What will today be like?  I’ll find out soon enough.

So will my kids.

26 thoughts on “Talking on the Town

  1. There are these amazing foldable ballerina shoes that take up a very small space in a purse and you can use as an emergency when your shoes hurt too much. I keep one pair at the office, one pair always in my bag. (http://www.rollasole.com/Rollasole-size-guide-s/1820.htm)
    The only drawback they have is that they are usually “one size fits all”, which means they work well on fairly average feet, but they don’t if your feet are not the average size and shape (my mother, for example, has tiny feet, but the top part of them – how is it called in English? – is very high, so she has trouble wearing them).

    Another thing I do when I wear new shoes is just put band-aid everywhere. My years of ballet when I was a kid left me with short achilles tendons and bumps everywhere, so I know where my shoes are going to hurt and put on as many band-aids as I can (pretty annoying on summer, but it saved my life a couple of times).

    Anyway, I am happy to hear your doctor had good news for you!
    And I admire your willpower for writing even when you were tired: I would have probably just face planted on my bed and slept for 10 hours…

    • I’ve large bandages on my heels today and I’m sticking with flats. I didn’t consider that shoes that were comfortable to wear out shopping all day would give me hell walking a mile in city conditions would rub that bad. I’ve learned.

  2. II threw away all the pars that gave me pain. The pain was brutal. There was a time a had to take my shoes off and walked barefoot…. I didn’t care how it looked like to others, the walking barefoot thing… it was that painful.

    I wonder what Helena and Annie’s Mom talked about for 2 hours ! ! Maybe Helena talked about what the Foundation’s and the school’s plans were for Annie’s future . It was a 2 hour talk…. that was quite a long conversation.

    One good thing about jaunting…. no need for passports , eh ? By the way, does Annie has a US visa ? No need for Kerry… he’s American.

    • I need cute shoes, though, because all the other stuff my size makes me look like a grandma. 🙂

      Yes, Kerry has a US Passport, and Annie has a Bulgarian one. They get them checked going in and out if they are running through normal means, but they usually will have them checked at the jaunt stations in case they are staying somewhere and they don’t want to show up as a, “How did you get here?” entry.

      They could have talked about Annie. Or, Helena could have talked about what Annie’s mom wanted to be, or . . . maybe they were discussing a certain book? “Do your daughter really have that red haired loser in her book?” “Yes *sigh*.” “You know those gingers are nothing but trouble . . .” 😉

      • I use sneakers, and flat sandals. 2 inches is the limit for me, although I do have 5 inch heels ( several pairs ) for parties. I wish I could use higher heels for everyday use… I’m a petite 5’3″ … I could use extra height, he he. I should marry a tall guy for the height genes, y’know, ha ha Oh, well. My sister is 5’4″ and wears 4 inch heels all the time.

        Oh, I’m sure they also talked about Ginger Boy ! ! Girlie gossips , y’know. And I’m sure Mama would be more interested in her daghter’s love life.

        Hmmm, do you think Helena would be asking about The Book ? I wonder if all witches get a Book also, or is it only Annie’s family ?

        • Erywin knows about “The Book,” and given her relationship with Helena–and their relationship with the Good Ship ChestnutGinger–it’s possible that *something* may have been mentioned. Helena’s good at keeping secrets as well, and she’d likely want to know things about Annie and Kerry. OR . . . Mom may have asked Helena about “things” at school. You never know. I’m sure Annie suspects things.

          • I imagine myself like a Mom, and you bet I want to know about that boy who’s kissing my daughter. He he

            So, do we get to know what they talked about on next post ?

            And are Helena and Erywin really just playing cupid… or there’s something else, Salem business ? Hint, please.

          • We know Annie’s mom knows that Annie is with Kerry because of the stuff that happened in the first novel, and kissing is probably involved. And she’s SEEN his name in Annie’s book, so no mysteries there. I would think it’s not so much Mama asking questions (remember the discussion Annie and she had at Yule, and the “You fell in love with a flier” comment she laid on Annie as a dig about how she gets along with her father), but probably more Helena wanting insight on Annie. Remember, Annie’s pretty tight lipped around everyone about her family life: the comments in the hospital that one night to Kerry about her father was likely the first time she ever mentioned that.

            I would imagine, however, that Helena would NOT mention that Annie and Kerry have slept together, or that she played a part in two of those times. That would probably do more than raise an eyebrow on Mama’s part.

            Are Helena and Erywin playing cupid? What did Helena and Mama Kirilova talk about? Hints? What are those? 😉

          • I guess Helena also wants to know what makes Annie tick…. maybe some of her personality comes from her homelife…. definitely from her Mama.

            No hints… not one? a teeny one ? *pouts*

            Yeah, Helena definitely will not tell she has allowed the kids to sleep in one room. Mama’s gonna freak out. My own mother will scream ” Bantay Salakay ! ” Ha ha ha

            I’m waiting for that part why Kerry has to contact Emma.

          • What to know what makes Annie tick? Look at the Ginger Hair Boy! 🙂

            No hints. I can’t give everything away. And what will Mama do when she finds out her little girl slept with at boy when he was 12? Wait, she’s been sleeping with that boy in her dreams since she was like 3. And who knows what they did in those dreams?

            You just wanna work up some Emma Hate. 😀

          • As far as Emma knows, Kerry is really still just infatuated with some Bulgarian hussy’s accent: “Ooooh, Keery, wooo you like to soumple some of my gravic?” Not that Annie speaks like that, but Emma DID point that out. We have to assume she has a bit of one. Emma’s probably thinking, “Oooh, if we had kids, we’d look like the Weaslys!” 😉

          • Oh, she’d like that very much… kids with Kerry. Wasn’t her worse fear to die a virgin ? Who’d think like that at 11 ? Yeah, Emma. She’s a sl*t in the making. And she has targeted Kerry to have the first shot. He he he

    • The Foundation does make sure that everything in a passport is up to date so there aren’t any issues going to and from places. But there will come a time when the kids might not have to worry about that.

  3. You like Google maps and I like Google Earth. 🙂
    Rest those tootsies and take walking shoes next time.

  4. I used to wear the cutest heels, which is saying something considering I have no arch (flat-footed, if that’s a word). Then I switched to mostly wedges. Now, as I get closer and closer to the big Five-O, I’ve become more and more of a wedge, sandal, boot, flip-flop, low-top Converse kind of gal. I’ve given the bulk of my “extremely uncomfortable and/or painful” shoes to GoodWill. I am short, 5’2″, and prefer something with at least a little lift, but if they’re flat but adorable I’m all in. 😀

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