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Tender in the Mist

Tax time is upon us, but my mind was somewhere back three years and thousands of kilometers away.  My kids are wandering London, hanging out in the mists of Kensington Gardens.  This is one of those places I want to visit before I kick it off, but I have a feeling this is about as close I’ll ever get.

Then again, that’s my writing:  all about my fantasies and desires.  Go figure.

Let’s get back to the scene, shall we?


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

They strolled slowly along the tree-lined lanes of the garden, holding hand, hardly speaking as they wandered through the quite, misty park. After a while they came upon a bench that was almost completely dry due to be positioned under two overhanging trees. Normally they offered shade; today they’d formed a shelter for a couple in love.

Kerry waited for Annie to sit and get comfortable before joining her, settling in to her right. He set his backpack next to him before reaching inside and pulling out the letter he’d written that morning. “This is for you.”

“Thank you.” Annie took the letter and slipped it into her purse.

“I finished it just before Erywin called. I was going to post it, but she kept me clear of the boxes.”

“For good reason.” She wrapped her hands around Kerry’s left arm and pulled herself into his body. “This is just like our first night at Salem. That’s why I love this weather.”

“I love it, too.” He also loved Annie gloaming onto his arm and snuggling close to him. “Are you now going to tell me you love me, and that you’ve loved me for a long time?”

She chuckled before kissing him on the cheek. “Yes, I am. And I do. And I have.” She pressed the side of her face against his shoulder. “Is your mother still calling me The Girl Who Writes?”

“Yeah.” Kerry scoffed. “Better than being The Girl Who Waits.”


In the next scene with Kerry’s parent he’ll get to the root of those last statements, and you’ll discover where it comes from.  Hint:  if you know his parents, and Kerry, then you know.  At least Kerry’s still writing, still putting pen to paper.  I’ll have to figure out just how many letters these kids have written.

Given what Kerry said, Annie feels the need to retort:


“But you’re wrong.” Annie pulled away from Kerry, though she never let go of his arm. “I’m always waiting for you, my love. I’ve waited for you since the day we parted in Amsterdam, and I waited for you for in my dreams, and I waited for you at lunch.” She bushed her nose against Kerry’s cheek. “And I will wait for you until the end of August, when we come together once more before departing for school.” She kissed the corner of his mouth. “I wait until I once more stand y your side.”

“You’re wrong.”

Annie flinched at Kerry rebuttal. “What do you mean?”

“I wait to stand by your side.” He turned and hissed her upon her smiling lips. “Seven weeks.”


And just for the hell of it I went and checked the time between when “now” is supposed to be, and when they’ll get together again, and–yeah, seven weeks.  Kerry is clever.  But we knew that.


“Until we met again in person.” She drew in a deep breath. “Assuming we don’t meet for lunch again.”

“I’m not expecting it to happen. So . . .” He shrugged. “I’m guessing the next time we meet up is before we leave—”


“Is that where we’re meeting this time?” He was aware if anyone knew the location of the B Level departure city, it would be Annie.

“That’s what my mother told me last week. She heard about it from her friends in the Foundation.”

I wonder what else her friends have heard? After returning from Yule Annie told him a little of what her mother had learned about the Day of the Dead attacks, the awards they’d both been given, and his injuries that required his hospitalization. Annie said her mother made no mention of their night together, likely because Nurse Coraline had said nothing about what she’d discovered, and the only other person who was aware of what happened that night wasn’t speaking . . .


I was questioned about what Helena and Mama Kirilova may have talked about, and while I know–and of course I do–it does seem as if Annie’s mom only need make a few calls and she finds out things about her darling daughter.  Kerry has it pegged, though:  she probably doesn’t know about their sleeping together because no one is talking about that.  It does raise the question of what does she know about Annie’s time at school–or if she’s being a snoopy mom hoping her little girl isn’t getting into too much trouble.

As they say, however, all good things must come to an end . . .


Kerry’s mobile beeped, and the tone told him it was an incoming text. As he retrieved the phone, Annie leaned towards him. “Is it—?”

He read the message. “Yeah. They’ll be here in ten minutes.” He returned the phone to his backpack. “Not much time now.”

“No, there isn’t.” She stood, then pulled Kerry to his feet. “I’m sure they’re going to key in on your mobile; we should find a place in the trees for them to join us.”

They stepped off the path and found two trees which offered enough cover for their friend to jaunt in and rejoin them. She knew they wouldn’t stay long: Helena had promised Annie’s mother that her daughter would return by eighteen so she wouldn’t miss dinner.

That time was quickly approaching.

Annie stood before Kerry, her head slightly hung. “Stupid time zones.”

“I know.” He wrapped his arms around her and pulled in close in a warm, loving hug. “I wish I could stay with you all day.”

“And through the night.” She secured her arms around his back. “It’s not fair that we only have these short moments together, that we can’t meet in our dreams as we once did—”

“At least we can write.” Kerry wasn’t happen with their holiday situation, either, but he’d quickly developed the mindset that since there was nothing he could do to improve their situation, it did no good to decry what was fair and what wasn’t.

“I know.” Annie buried her face against Kerry’s neck and shoulder. “But I want more.”

“And what Annie wants—” Kerry chuckled as he lifted her away so he could kiss her. “—Annie—”

Annie stared back with mist-filed eyes: a single tear slowly trickled down her right cheek.


And that’s where I left it, with Annie and a single tear.  I can hear it now:  “She’s crying?”  Well . . .

Only in the sense there's water that came from inside her body on her check.

Only in the sense there’s water that came from inside her body on her check.

When the scene ends, you’ll discover a little more about the why.  At least you know she can.

23 thoughts on “Tender in the Mist

      • The good thing about the novel is something as innocuous as Annie finally crying has a reason behind it other than the obvious reason…….. She’s sad they’re going to be apart for 7 weeks, However, it makes me paranoid. :/

        Anyways, allow me to speculate. Maybe she has a” sad” vision ? Maybe she’s wondering why they don’t dream together anymore? Is it then a foreshadowing of what’s to come, and it isn’t exactly a happy one ?

        • I really had to come to a decision if I could actually make Annie cry, and it was, yes, under the right conditions. And it would never be and out-and-out sob like Kerry–who will make a comment about it–but rather a simple release of emotions. And no more than a few tears. We are talking about Annie, right?

          It would need to be an EXTREMELY sad vision, because simply seeing Kerry with another girl *coughEmmacough* would create another response in Annie. She wouldn’t hold that back from Kerry, and would discuss the matter. And then murder the bitch the first chance she gets. 😉

          • Aha. Simply seeing him with another girl would not make her cry. But seeing Kerry doing something else with another girl is another matter. I don’t know what her reaction might be, but if that would happen, I wouldn’t discuss it with him….. betrayal does not need to be discussed anymore. But that’s just me.

          • Now that she has HER Kerry back, and she doesn’t have to worry about him getting slapped around by deja vu, if Annie EVER had a vision of Kerry doing something with another girl, she’d be in a difficult situation. For one, they both are getting a hang for how visions work, and talking about one to him could lead him right into the arms of said girl. (Visions in my world really suck; they pretty much suffer from The Casandra Complex unless you’re completely certain you can pull it off, and it’s happening in a short time frame, like what Deanna has seen a couple of times with Annie and Kerry.) In their C Levels they’ll actually get to take classes with Deanna, and won’t THAT be fun!

          • As Kerry has said, “I worry about what she would do to YOU.” I think one of the biggest things that would keep Kerry from straying is knowing that Annie might just do something to the person with whom he strayed. It’s to his credit that by Yule his first year at school, he knew Annie might be pissed at him for Emma talking trash and kissing him, but she would be FURIOUS with Emma, and that could led to Annie completely losing her shit on the girl. I should note that Annie has not yet told Kerry about what happened in triage during the Day of the Dead attacks, and he’s not asked. He just KNOWS that it would be a bad time for whomever tries to steal him away. And it helps that he’s seen Annie kill people with about as much effort as it takes her to slip on a pair of flats . . .

          • Cassie, that reason why Kerry wouldn’t stray is very discomforting. That means, he’s more concerned about Emma getting harmed by Annie, and not because he loved Annie and it would devastate her. And I don’t like that Kerry fears Annie and what she can do.

          • Kerry wouldn’t stray because he loves Annie, but he also knows what would happen if he did. He doesn’t fear her–but he doesn’t want her doing anything else to anyone, either.

            Let’s face it: if Kerry didn’t want to be with Annie, and feared her doing something to someone because he wanted to date them, we could just call her Lum and be done with it–particularly since it looks like she’ll be able to fly and will be able to shoot electricity at people. And I just figured out what one of her Sanhaim costumes can be. 😀

          • About that teacup vision….. I have always thought that was very significant and a foreshadowing of what’s to come. And I really think he’ s been very much aware of it and its significance since the day he experienced it. I even have a feeling it has given him some doubt as to his real future with Annie, And most likely his scenes with Emma have give him some food for thought.

          • Then again, is it possible that Deanna HEARD his vision like she heard Annie, and since they were in a trance told Kerry not to think about it? After all, Annie’s already thought it possible that her insistence on having Kerry read up on divination was due to her. I know the truth, and the truth is stranger than, um, fiction? 🙂

          • What I had read, Cassie, was, Deanna actually ” saw” their visions. Or maybe she heard what they were saying in their visions. In fact, Annie was even acting out her vision. But , correct me if I’m wrong, I’m sure she knew what their visions were, I don’t know how she knew ( heard or saw ? ) , so much so that she had directly warned, more pointedly at Kerry , that he shouldn’t do anything to change the outcome of that vision. Deanna knew Kerry’s vision was totally dufferent from Annie’s…. even worse, the girl in his vision was Emma. Annie talked about her vision , even if she knew she wasn’t supposed to…… because it concerned Kerry and their future together. But Kerry couldn’t, for obvious reason, because his vision was that of Emma ( and most probably of Polar Express ) . I have noted that this vision occurred where Emma hadn’t even let it known to Kerry that she liked him.

            I do think this is a foreshadowing. of what’sgonna happen at their Polar Express gig. Kerry will be , what, about 14 ? That’s middle school age. I know of some guys who did it when they were in middle school, believe it or not. Boys are boys, and when they are alone together with a girl, not for a few hours, mind you, but 3 days and nights, and the girl is so willing, the girl whose fear is her virginity, ( surprised that she was thinking of that at age 11 ) , I’d bet all the treasures in the world she’d try , and with boys being boys, with their raging hormones , it’s possible Kerry will succumbed.

            Well, things like that happening is normal these days. I am just hoping Kerry will not do the normal thing.

          • Deanna mentioned that Annie told her the vision she was having as it happened. Since they were in a trance for eight minutes, anything was possible in terms of what was said. The readers only saw the aftermath of the vision, Annie’s shaking–which was something more, as she told Kerry–but unless there is a flashback to that scene, there’s no telling what Kerry said, or didn’t say.

            Both Emma and Kerry will be 13 at the time of the Polar Express. Emma’s birthday is two weeks before Kerry’s, so they’re actually closer in age than Annie and Kerry. They won’t turn 14 until months after the Express has run.

            We gotta get through their B Levels before we can worry about what might or might not happen on the Polar Express.

          • It’s only a matter of time before it happens. The question will be, how far will that transformation magic take you? Annie characters look pretty freaky when they’re made real. 😉

          • What are you referring to ” before it happens ? ” The Samhain Dance ? She’s 12, I don’t know how she can pull the Lum outfit off. Lum is totally well endowed, and Annie, being 12, is as flat as a washboard. Transformation magic on her figure… suddenly Cup F ? Kerry will freak out … it’s gross.

            Or are you talknig of aother girl, like that one who might have to use a transformation magic /

  1. Although she tends to come across as heartless, I’ve always known that Annie cares a great deal – especially when it comes to her Ginger Haired Boy. Still, it was a bit of a shock to see her crying. She tends to bottle her emotions inside and then explode. Something tells me she’s not exploding though, so maybe she’s just loosening up a bit, not holding all her emotions in anymore? At least around Kerry? Hmmm… Guess I’ll see…

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