At Home Among the Witches

Of late I’ve been on something of a roll, and not the kind upon which you place butter.  I’ve cruised through Chapter Four, writing–and finishing–the third scene last night, which means I’ve written about fifty-five hundred words over the weekend.  I’ve also pushed the novel to a point just short of thirty thousand words, and considering last night was the twenty-third day of which I’ve worked on this novel, that means I’ve averaging about thirteen hundred words a day.  Again, not NaNo pacing, but it’s up there, and I’m happy.

So are my kids:  happy, but tired.  It’s two in the morning, and they’ve finally stumbled back home–if you can call a jaunt from Logan International Airport in Boston to the school “stumbled”, then yeah, they did.  And just like the last novel, it took a few thousand words to get my kids here.  And a lot of other kids as well . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

The professors stayed behind to finish checking everyone in while the students filed out of the station. Those going to Mórrígan and Åsgårdsreia headed east and north across the Great Hall’s Rotunda; those going to Blodeuwedd and Ceridwen turned right out of the center and headed down the West Hall towards the Atrium and then outside to Founder’s Gate and the Pentagram Walls . . .

“Come on, Sweetie.” Annie felt her right hand being taken in Kerry’s left before they began walking towards the West Transept Entrance. Towards the covered walkway leading to Cernunnos Coven tower. Leading to their new rooms.

Leading back to their place they now thought of as home.

Off to the tower with you, kids!  And they do.  The new Gang of Four reach good ‘ol Cernunnos Tower, and Penny and Alex head up to their room, leaving the Lovey Doveys to look around the ground floor commons before heading up to their new digs.  They pass through the first floor and pause for a moment before their old rooms, before meeting up again on the far end where something–a spiral staircase leading upward–awaits:

They stepped into the stairwell and headed up to the second floor.

The layout of the second and third floors—the B and C Levels on the second, the D and E Levels above—were slightly different. For one, this staircase connected the second and third floors to the first floor; there wasn’t another staircase at the other end, which meant the only other way off these floors was by jaunting. The separation of the girls from the boys also remained the same, but since students entered the floor from the northeast instead of the southwest, the girls rooms were now on the right and the boys’ on the left. Lastly, the C Level rooms were in the half of the tower next to the staircase; that required the B Levels to walk to the other side of the tower to reach their rooms.

Annie veered to the hallway on the right and headed to the far side of the tower. She noticed a slight change in the wall shading, which she took to mean they had moved passed the C Level rooms and had entered the B Level section. Second door on her right she found her name plaque, the same one that had appeared next to her room at some time during Orientation Day. It had been modified since moving:

Anelie Kirilova — B Level

“Here I am.” She turned and snuggled into Kerry’s waiting arms. “You need to sleep.”

“So do you, dear.” Kerry held her loosely.

“Then we should get to bed.”

“Yes, Dear.” He gave her a soft kiss. “Good night, Annie. I love you.”

She gave him a final hug, the same way they had every night during their A Levels. “Leka nosht, Kerry. I az te obicham.” She watched him walk down the corridor and vanish around the turn before she opened the door and entered her room.

Good think Annie and Kerry’s names are close to what everyone calls them:  it would suck if they were known as “Pookie and Loser” and someone had to come look for them.  That’s where last names come in handy.  But they are in the big time now, out of The Bowl and into The Pond for sure–though given their advanced status in their own level, maybe they’ve moved on over into a small lake . . .

Fortunately Annie gets reacquainted with her new digs quickly–

It was almost identical to her last room. The study table was immediately to the right of the door, and her bed’s headboard was positioned against the right wall. Her dresser and chest of drawers were across from the foot of her bed, and her dressing table was to the right of the dresser. There was a large open area between her bed and the far wall where she’d find additional beds and dressers if she’d had a dormmate.

The view out her window was nearly identical. She still overlooked the Garden, the covered walkway to the Great Hall, the Great Hall itself, and Åsgårdsreia Coven tower. The main difference was now sitting four and a half meters higher than her old room, and that gave her a different perspective of her surroundings.

She faced her bed and examined the painting over the head of the bed, the one she’d made for the last Ostara celebration: Baby Snakes at Laputa. She had wanted to bring this home and hang it in her lake house bedroom—But if I did that, I’d have to bring it back for this school year. She resolved to do another painting for Ostara this year: all she needed was inspiration.

But that wouldn’t come tonight. All that awaited was her bed and a few hours of sleep. She pulled back the covers, removed her slippers, crawled onto the bed, and slipped under the comforter. As she rested her head against the pillow she felt sleep rushing towards her—

She was back at Salem. In her room. In her bed. With Kerry close by on the other side of the tower.

She was finally home.

And I'm almost finished with another chapter.

And I’m almost finished with another chapter.

There they are, sounds asleep–well, I’m guessing Kerry’s out as well, he was pretty much dead on his feet, too.

On the school timeline the new student begin arriving while the returning students are all in place.  In the next scene we’ll catch a quick look at the last C Level to take up residence on the second floor–a boy from South America who was sound asleep when the returning Euro Group came in–and I may add one more scene to this chapter–or should I add it to the next?  I’m considering it as I get more into the book and see where I can add scenes to flesh out the world and give my kids more room to grow.

Not to mention that since they’re thinking of Salem as “their home”, they should make themselves right at, don’t you think?

School’s about to start again.

Time to get crazy.