Let the Day Begin

If you’re expecting writing here of a novel nature, expect it tomorrow, for today I have a face only a mother would love.  Um . . . strike that.  I’d probably get Kerry’s mom, and she’d laugh at me and ask how many girls I know.

This is your face--or your upper lip--on electrolysis.

This is your face–or your upper lip–on electrolysis.

Not only is there swelling today, but last night my head was spinning around a bit by the time I got home.  I did the ice and ibuprofen last night to combat the spinning and swelling, but as you can see, the later is still around.

"You shouldn't knock it; you look good."

“You shouldn’t knock it; you look good.”

Thanks . . . I think.

It’s going to be like this for a few more weeks, for sure.  I’m guessing that by the middle of June the facial hair will have vanished completely, and by July I’ll have my face back in more or less one good piece.  Right now it’s a lot of pain to go through once a week, but . . . it’s needed.  It’s necessary.  And I won’t have to shave anymore, so there’s that.

Now, did I write?  Yep.  Made it past four hundred words before stopping because my mind just wasn’t into it.  The spirit was willing, but trying to plot together something through a slight haze of pain was a bit too much.  Actually, since there’s a half hour drive between my apartment and the place where I get electricity zapped into my face, I could think out points while I’m in the car.  And what did I come up with?

One, I figured out the new C Level the kids will met.  You get a paragraph on him in this new scene, and how he’s acting when he first meets Annie and Kerry.  He was sound asleep when the Euroflight came in, which is why no one saw him in the last scene.

I also came up with an elegant solution to the question:  what happens with the new kids after they do their E and A?  I mean, the school doesn’t want them to see magic before Orientation Day–Annie makes a comment to Kerry about this in the current scene on which I’m working–so how does a school full of returning witches keep that from happening?  Well, you’ll find out, because Helena will explain it to Annie and Kerry when they speak.  It’s really very simple, once you give it thought.

I also added a new scene, which will pop in after the one I’m working on now.  I’m calling the new scene Party of Five, which is a play on the term I was using for Annie and Kerry palling around with Penny and Alex, The Gang of Four.  Since there is a new guy on the second floor, this scene shows them hanging out on the night before Orientation Day–or Getting Reacquainted Day for the returning students.  Yes, that’s right:  there are only five people in the B and C Levels at Cernunnos Coven, out of, right now, sixteen kids total.  That is not a lot of witches:  in fact, you find out in a later post that Cernunnos actually has trouble fielding a race team because of low numbers.  Let’s hope they get a good group of A Levels this year.

In the mean time, Annie and Kerry will relax this Thursday night–

Sort of like this, only in a dimly lit tower while sitting on pillow.  But totally the same.

Sort of like this, only in a dimly lit tower while sitting on pillow. But totally the same.  Except Annie would be on the other side . . .

Because that’s what witches do when they’re together at home.