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The Hook at the Core

In yesterday’s post I said this:


In fact the scene is just short of thirty-one hundred words, which makes it a big scene, and it’s something I should finish tonight.  “Should” being the operative word.  I’ve seen that plan fall through more than once, but I’m confident I should finish tonight.  Should.


Yeah, about that . . .

Should came up last night in the form of a long nap, a trip out for dinner, a couple of adult beverages, and just a general feeling that this was a bad week and I needed some relaxation prompted me not to do too much.  I managed a few words, but I really wasn’t into writing.  I mean, it’s been a week of ups and downs, and for the most part I’ve been taking Friday nights off.  And, for the records, I wrote, from Monday to Friday, four thousand, five hundred, and fifty-three words, which is a nice weekly total.  If I throw last Saturday and Sunday into that mix, the total rolls up to almost six thousand, eight hundred words, and that’s a short story a week right there.

I’m not going to complain too much.  I really need to take a break now and then.

However, I’m never quite away from the story, even when I’m not writing.  So while I’m sitting at Red Robins sucking down a Baileys Irish Cream milkshake–and I had two, ’cause it was that sort of week–I thought of the hook for this story, what’s coming for my kids–

It’s change.  More than just being able to do magic, too.

The statement has been made a couple of times that the kids are growing up fast, that they’re more mature, at least in their relationship, that others at the school.  But in the last year both my kids saw a vision of their future, and it was . . . well, it was pretty straight forward about where they were headed.  And now, after yesterday’s post, it looks like they may be out on their own, and perhaps preparing to get their ya-yas out–

"Cassie, I hate being a character in your story and pretending not to know what you know."

“Cassie, I hate being a character in your world and pretending not to know what you’re talking about.”

Sucks, don’t it, Chestnut Girl?

Annie turns thirteen in this novel–pretty soon, actually–and Kerry goes through the same thing once the novel gets on towards the end.  For the first time in this world they’re beginning to realize that they are changing, and that there’s a whole lot about them that is different–

And that’s all a bit scary.

I thought out how this current scene ends, which I sort of knew, but I worked out the detail last night without writing anything down.  That happens today, and then we go on to their Gift testing, which is just another indication they’re different kids–but they already knew that:  they were out on a secret mission four months earlier–as they were reminded by Deanna–and how many others in their level did the same?  Um, let me see:  add nothing to nothing, twice nothing, take away the nothing . . .

You get the idea.  They’re different.  And now they’ll start realizing they’re just like the other kids who are going through the Big P, only none of those kids have see what may be waiting for them when they’re done with school.

There are no big bads stalking my kids in this series of stories, looking to snuff them out of existence so they can take over the world.  The enemy they face is something even worse:  their own lives, and how they’re affected by those around them.

In other words, being teenagers.  Magical teenagers who deal with a lot heavier shit than wondering if they can work up the nerve to ask Jenny out to the dance, or see if Billy wants to go to a movie.  At least in those Normal instances one never had to worry about a monster eating them while they’re out . . .

I promise I’ll write today.  I want to finish this up.  Besides, I need something to do before I go get food and my nails done, and I’ve got a that makeup party tomorrow . . .

34 thoughts on “The Hook at the Core

  1. It’s after 7 AM , and I’m the first to LIKE and comment ? Oh, but of course I’m always the first to comment .

    But I’ve been busy, Cassie, and sadly, a few things , y’kow, school stuff, ,have not gone well…. no, I’m doing well with grades, and all hat, but mu adviser screwed up . She informed me there are 2 classes I need to take to complete my Forensic Science B.S. And to think I’ve already started looking for a job in this field. That’s what been bugging me the last few weeks. That woman screwed up my future. And to think the Chairman of Forensics Science Dep’t herself told me to come to her so she could write a letter of recommendation. I’m really mad. I had plenty of time this semester/ What kind of adviser is she.?

    • Yes, you are always the first! I missed you yesterday!

      You’ll get it sorted out, I know, and yes: she’s not a good adviser if she messed you up like that. Put it behind you and move forward. By the way, does this woman have red hair? 😉

      • Forensics Science used to be under Criminal Justice. The Dep’t Chairman was the one who had the two separated as different majors. Criminal Justice graduates do not have to take Chemistry and genetics and DNA analysis. Cops do not need to take these subjects… but Forensice Science used to fall into Criminal Justice category. It makes sense to separate the two. But it’s a new thing, so maybe that’s the reason my adviser screwed up. She has been my Microbiology adviser from Day one, so I guess she’s not very familiar yet with the new curriculum. Oh, well. And to think I’d been looking forward to a new job and leave my 2 part time jobs , selling clothes and scooping ice cream, ha ha ha. Oh, man.

        • That sounds possible. You’ll be out doing this sooner than you think. Oh, if only I was closer and could have you sell some clothes to me.

          Hey, we could work on CSI: Salem!

          • Ha ! I won’t recommend my store. A T-shirt that costs like $ 5 at WalMart is like, $100 at our store. It’s crazy and not worth it.. I can afford our shop’s clothes because I get 75% discount. I also get a $250 discount if I reach a certain quota and I use that to buy a runway dress. ( the dress used at a fashion show ) The store is owned by a famous designer. They’re expensive because of the first class materials . They are the real thing. If it’s wool, they are 100% wool. Mst of them are dry clean only, which is another bite off my pocketbook. I wish I was working at Forever 21… that’s my favorite store…. But I’m grateful . My managers work around my school schedule. They understand… oh, plus the fact that I’m their best stylist. I can persuade a client to buy the belt and accessories with their dress purchase.

            Off topic. He he

            Salem does not need a CSI…. what tit needs is a good plain, old – fashioned investigator who has a sharp eye, a brilliant Sherlock Holmes type.

          • Depending on what’s happening, if it’s something internal (something with Foundation people) they’d have the Protectors look at it–they’re like the police for The Foundation. If it was suspected that there was some really foul chicanery–like maybe Deconstructors involved–then the Guardians would come in. Of course, you’d have Helena there at the school, and she’d know what to do–like maybe bring in a couple of snoopy kids who might be forced to investigate their own classmates. Wouldn’t that be awkward?

          • Oh, Protectors. The name had already come out , right ? So if Annie misbehaves , like if she almost kills Emma, is it the job of the Protector to ” talk ” to her ?

            The Guardians are like the snoops who are involved with internal matters, or external, like the Kansas incident.

          • Well, now that Annie has done work with the Guardians, it’s possible that if she did anything at the school that warranted investigating, the Guardians would probably pull rank and take over. As Kerry and she indicated, they’re “in the club.”

  2. Anyway, I didn’t get to comment on your previous post, the teacup gig . I’m assuming Annie and Kerry have the same vision. Oh, yeah. He he he They are acting out their vision at the same time…. and they get out of it at the same time, too , I guess ?

    I guess that somehow assures us what teir future will be.

    But it doesn’t mean Kerry hasn’t had a gig with Emma. He he he

    • Always with Emma . . .

      Of course it’s easy to see that they were acting it out, ergo they had the same vision at the same time–no “frozen wasteland for Kerry” this time. The question for them is are they getting freaked out by the fact they had a vision together, or what the vision held. That’s the remainder of the discussion.

      • I’ have Emma paranoia, he he he. Anything that has to do with her gets me into complete frenzy. Ha ha ha

        Well, I want their relationship to be “pure” and untainted ,

        Of course they’re not freaked out ! ! it just affirms their belief that they are indeed together in the future…. well, near future, at the very least. Ha ha Who knows what will happen in the far future.

        Or maybe Kerry goes astray at one point, but Annie forgives him him for one indiscretion. Or two. * runs off *

        • This is really the point in their story where Annie begins wondering about the sex stuff–like I said, they are starting to understand the puberty is hitting them both, and this is the second time they’ve had a vision of them being together, alone, and the clothes are either off, or, it would appear, are coming off. Maybe to play video games on Kerry’s computer? Ummm . . . naw, don’t think so. And now that they’ve also had a taste of that freedom of spending the night together, like a real couple, it’s gonna start working their minds. I mean, it’s bad enough at that age wondering if the boy or girl you’re with is the ONE you’re gonna end up doing it with–it’s another to have your visions sort of telling you they are.

          • Iused to streak my hair. The last time , it was red streaks. But I have stopped dyeing my hair. It’s very expensive, like $ 40, once a month. I have better uses for that money.

            Believe it or not, I cannot imagine myself with black hair. Black hair is too harsh for me. Dark brown hair softens my features, especially now that I have bangs…. jet black hair is just too harsh .

        • What I mean by ” pure” and ” untainted ” is totally and absolutely monogamous… if there’s going to be eating cookies in the very near future, it has to be Annie and Kerry alone who should eat the cookies. I don’t want any other person, dipping their dirty fingers into the cookie jar. No sharing ! ! !

          • You’ll have to wait and see. According to the vision they had the year before, they’re “pure” when they marry–and Deanna said they were still virgins when they left the Sea Sprite. It looks like the cookie jar is still theirs.

          • Heh . Maybe, Annie is, I’m one million percent sure, but is Kerry ? No one can tell, eh ? Not with males. Maybe Annie can investigate, or have Deanna help Annie check out Emma if she has already gotten her wish. The fact that Emma actually feared being a virgin for a long time is kind of a hint….. why , in heavens name would you give Emma that kind of fear, out of a million fears you could pick out of ? o_O”

          • Annie has hormones, too! I seem to recall Kerry was looking for pajamas, and Annie was like, “Hey, watch this!”

            Because, deep down, Emma’s about as insecure as they come. She was probably just off enough–which could have happened because people sensed something different about her–that she was a bit of an outcast, and that screwed her up. And Kerry has red hair, so now–think of the kids!

          • Of course Annie has ! But no one can thwart her resolve that the vision of her being a virgin on the night of her honeymoon will be fulfilled. But of course , we don’t know that, what with temptations galore, and she and Kerry all over each other 24/7, who knows ?

            Here it comes….. I’m sure Annie is a tough cooike, but is Kerry ? Once he turns tween , like 13 , 14, his hormones will take of f like a jetplane, and there’s no stopping it. When opportunity comes knocking, like being alone with a willing girl, squeezed in together in a tiny tent, and perhaps in a tight sleeping bed, somewhere in the icy tundra, pesky hormones will kick in, and unless he’s a solid rock, his human body wll move on its own. C’mon. That’s the nature of men.

  3. A tiny tent ,one sleeping bag into which they might have decided to use together to keep themselves warm, ” body warmth, y’know ” and a girl who has been trying to get into Kerry’s pants since day one…… that is one tremendous skinship and temptation ,. It’s so unnatural if Kerry doesn’t do anything.

      • * sigh *

        This is like 2 mangas that I’m currently reading. The beginning of the chapter is about the future… like what happened in the future. So readers already know what’s gonna happen with the relationship of the two protagonists. I’m reading the first one where the male protagonist is talking to himself, regretting the events that led to the break -up . I’m still reading it and dreading , but I’m curious as to what happened… sadly, my speculations , more often than not, always come true. It’s the same with the second manga. The first chapter is the protagonists accidental meeting after 6 years. It tells us they are not together.

        I don’t know why these two remind me of Kerry. They have perfect girlfriends who are head over heels in love with them, needless to say the nature of the beast being what it is, the guys squander what they have.

          • For some reason, I liken these two stories where the outcome is already known at the beginning of the story with yours truly prematurely and presumptuously and unreasonably speculating that, like the two male protagonists , Kerry will go astray in the future, lol

            manga boys are idiots. 90% of the time. manga girls are even more stupid , 99% of the time. But I love reading romance mangas. I learn so much about another country’s culture.

          • I would say that neither Annie or Kerry are stupid. They’re actually extremely bright–but as Annie will point out in a coming scene, they’re still kids. It’s really a difficult position for them: they’re seeing and doing adult things, and they’re in the last moments of being tweeners and/or the first of being teenagers. That was a premise I wanted to bring out: the kids grow up fast, sometimes *too* fast.

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