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Light As a Feather, Changed and Now Bored

It’s almost forty-two thousand words into my new novel, and still not one day of class.  So much set up, so much to do even though I feel like I’ve done it already.  It’s one of those things playing at my mind, that I want to get into this story . . . and then I realize, I am in the story.  This is needed.  And I’m writing it, slowly but surely.

So let’s get going.  In the story is 1 September, and a year before Annie and Kerry were walking into this joint.  Today . . . they’re doing something different:


 (All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

After the jaunt Annie slowly stumbled in through the south entrance of the Sloan Powers Center, escorted by one of the students who studied there. One of the girls who helped Vicky during Annie’s testing walked alongside: she wasn’t actively helping, but was rather there in case Annie needed any assistance.

Annie wasn’t completely worn out, but she felt the strain of the last two hours.

Doing magic required expending personal energy to extract magical energy: it was the trade-off that witches incurred in order to craft their art. Usually the person energy expended wasn’t close to the energy retrieved, but as with any physical activity, after a while the witch in question will grow tired—even more so if there is continual crafting.

None of the crafting she’d done over the last year required using a lot of physical effort; her most strenuous class from her A Level was Advanced Spells, and two hours of crafting there ended up being no more difficult than taking a long walk from The Pentagram to the Observatory. This time, however, she’d found herself crafting almost non-stop for two hours, and while she wasn’t exhausted, the experience had certainly tired her. Instead of the experienced feeling like a walk to the Observatory, Annie felt more as if she’d jogged there.

And she knew if she felt tired . . .


I’ve not talked much about the thing in the south part of the school, and for good reason:  there isn’t much there.  See below:

The Pentagram and all points south.

The Pentagram and all points south.

You can see The Pentagram and Great Hall, the Spell Center on the left, and the Transformation Hall, the Chemistry Building, and the Instructor’s Residence on the right.  In this image “above” those are the Tesla Science Center and the Sloan Powers Center, and slightly above them in a short, long building known as the Hanger.  Above the Hanger is the Aerodrome, and almost due left of that is the Flight School, sitting on the edge of the light green area that is Selena’s Meadow.

In the upper left we have The Diamond, the racing stadium that can also be used for training.  All the way at top center is the South Wall and Gloucester Bend of the Green Line, and beyond that the town of Gloucester.  Beyond that is a lot of forest, and the remains of what was once known as Dogtown.  Over in the lower right, where that portion of wall and a tower sit, is the area where Emma and Kerry crashed down during the Day of the Dead attack.

I should point out that the Hanger is on its third incarnation.  The first one was built in the 1930s; that was later taken down in 1971 and replaced with a structure that looks quite like the one standing today.  The second incarnation was blown up by Maddie’s husband in 2000, during the Scouring.

It’s in the Hanger that Annie was doing her Gifts testing–which is what is happening in this scene–and Kerry is doing his in the Sloan Center.  The Tesla building looks like a T, and the Sloan Center is to the right, shaped like a U.  That’s where the action is taking place, and this is a part of the school–a small part–that has not been seen yet, because this area is for the Gifted and the Mad Scientists who are also witches, but are more technowitches and “mutants” than anything else.  They need the love, too.

Speaking of love . . .


The girl stopped next to a door and opened it about half-way. “You can wait in here. The professors will be with you as soon as they’ve finished examining your results.”

“Thank you.” Annie nodded at the girl as she pushed the door open the rest of the way and walked into the room beyond. Its wasn’t large: there was a table and a few chairs to her right, and a few large chairs—much like the ones in their Pilot’s Briefing Room in the Flight School—only these reclined.

One close to the table was fully reclined: the person in the chair, who wore loose light blue lounging pants and a gray tee shirt just like hers, looked up and slowly waved. “Hey—” Kerry pointed to the chair to his left. “Come sit.”

“I will.” She sat in the chair and marveled at its comfort, recognizing it was likely enchanted to feel this way. She reclined so she could seen Kerry without having to twist around. “This is nice.”

“It is.” He slid his hand behind his head. “Where did they take you?”

“Over to the Hanger.” The Hanger was one of three structures on school grounds where air craft could be stored and tested, though its main purpose was so students from the Tesla Science Center had a place to work on their projects. “Vicky and three students did the testing.”

“What did they have you doing?” Kerry stretched as he tried to stifle a yawn.

“A lot of levitating.” Annie stared at the ceiling as she recounted her experience. “I’d levitate something, then I’d levitate myself; then a few other things, then myself; then more things, on and on.” She rolled over so she was facing Kerry. “Then they had me stay in the air for about an hour while I levitated dozens of objects.” Annie stretched her right arm out towards the top of the chair and lay her head down. “What did you do?”

“Minor transformations—” Kerry rolled towards Annie. “Trying to change things like hair, eyes, lips, complexion, then trying to copy the same things from two other students.” He rolled his eyes upwards. “One of them was a girl, and Jessica had me trying to mimic her hands and feet.”

Annie perked up. “Did you?”

“Twice.” Kerry shrugged. “Though I did her fingers first . . .” He flexed his right hand. “It sort of hurt ‘cause her hands were smaller.”

Annie held her left hand towards Kerry. “That tends to happen.”

He reached out with his right and touched her extended fingers. “I’ve noticed.”


Poor babies hanging out in nice easy chairs while wearing yoga gear.  It’s hard out there for a witch, I tell ya.  But I’ll get into the writing tonight, perhaps finish this scene and move to the next.

I really want to get into the classes.  I think.

21 thoughts on “Light As a Feather, Changed and Now Bored

  1. What? You mean I’m not the only one who hangs out in my easy chair in yoga pants? 😀
    BTW, do you have any “Witchy” books you’d recommend? I’m writing a series (The Carolina Witches series) and I’m looking for background research on witches, hereditary witches, solitary witches, natural witches, nature witches, covens, Wicca, etc.
    Hope you have a great day. 😀
    Love your post.

    • Yes, but you’re not doing transformation or levitation magic. 🙂 They should have had some easy chairs like that at Hogwarts.

      Most of what I’ve found I’ve had to dig up on the internet, and there’s a lot of conflicting information. I would put out a general call on your blog and ask for emailed recommendations, since some people don’t like to let others know they’re looking into that.

          • I’ve invaded her mind…… she’s been thinking of that the very second she entered the doorway of Salem , and saw the red -headed , green eyed boy…. it was love at first sight for 11 year old Emma, and her feelings have never wavered. If this was shoujo, she could be the female MC. He he

            And then Kerry indeed thinking of Emma and their common interest, flying, which , to be honest, is what Kerry really loves, He and Emma are free-spirited. He has already realized that during their 5 hour advance flying.

            What a fan fiction. Ha ha ha

          • Meh. She’s .nasty. Shoujo MC’s don’t act that way. Her behavior is that of a bitchy rival whom everybody hates and wishes should just disappear from the face of the earth. He he

            Not really. Emma’s just your common nasty rival. No biggie, unless she does something NTR.

          • Shoujo rivals are prettier, with better hairstyle ( it always frustrates me why the main girl has awful hairstyle, like all the time.)

            Oh, you’re talking about shounen girls. Shheesh….. their boobsies are as big as watermeloms. Shoujo girls are flat breasted, like 99.99 % of the time. I know of only one manga where the MC girl has the goods.

    • As was pointed out with Annie, she’s feeling a little like she just did a slow jog to the Observatory. Kerry’s the same way, and I figured the would probably not be huggy-kissy right off the bat. Besides, there’s a little more in this scene, and they’ve yet to get chummy again.

          • Please leave it. Maybe he was just too tired…. I guess transformation is the most tiring of all. I just thought sweetie should have come naturally and automatically, no matter how tired he was. I’d understand if he didn’t have the strength to stand and hug her, but sweetie is just one word.

          • I did a little change. Just a few words here and there . . . but it shows a bit more affection. And he is tired. I’m getting to that. But he isn’t going to stand–and Annie will ask him about it.

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