Seeking the Unknown Light

My madness knows no bounds, it seems.  When I started this process of figuring out who is attending the advanced classes, I find I’m digging myself into a nice, deep hole of my own crazy.  Because once I began the process of getting into attendance for advanced classes, that turned into something bigger . . .

Once starting on the process of getting names together for classes, a little switch in my head snapped open and told me, “Hey, you better make sure you don’t pull in more people from a coven than you already have.”  It told me this for no other reason than I like to keep my books balanced, or at least keep people from coming back and telling me I’ve got like six E Levels from one coven attending classes, and that ain’t right.

Which meant there was only one thing to do:  set up a grid and start plugging in names for the covens.

It’s not as hard a task as one might think.  After all, I have people for the advanced classes, I have names for the Cernunnos racing team, and I know all the students currently occupying the B Levels of every coven.  So once I had my grid up, and my covens in, and the levels set for each level, all I needed to do was copy/paste names.  And brought up some interesting things . . .

Interesting things.  Like "Why do I do these things to myself?"

Like “Why do I do these things to myself?”

Right off the bat we see something interesting with the West and East Points of the Pentagram, also known as Cernunnos and Mórrígan Covens.  Cernunnos seems to be a little heavy on the boys, while Mórrígan is so heavy with the girls that there are no boys in the B Level.  That’s a fact, Jack, and it just came out that way.  I guess the way to look at this comes from Cernunnos being the only male aspect deity out of all the named covens, while Mórrígan is famous as the great Celtic queen associated with battle and strife.  Åsgårdsreia is named to honor the Wild Hunt and the Valkyries, so it joins the other covens named after goddesses.

And see how lonely that B Level in Cernunnos looks?  Actually, the whole second floor of Cernunnos has fewer people than the second floor of Mórrígan, and there are two levels on that floor in Cernunnos.  Maybe the Phoenix is beating that joint down because of all the boys–then again, she’s the one putting them there, so perhaps the stories are true that she is a sadistic bitch.  Whatever the reason, maybe there’s a story there.  Maybe.

This wasn’t all I worked on yesterday.  There was writing, too.  Oh, yes:  almost eight hundred words of the next scene went down before I finally called an end to the day.  We are into another late night, and since it’s a Wednesday evening, that must mean it’s Wednesdays with Wednesday.  And the little witch isn’t one to waste time . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Wednesday didn’t wait any time getting the returning students in Advanced Spell Casting going: she put them all to work things they’d never touched before. For Annie and Kerry, that meant being put on their spells for the month: Far Sight and Aura Reading. Wednesday said they weren’t supposed to begin learning until near the end of the C Levels, and that most people don’t become proficient with either until near the middle of the D Levels, but she was certain they both would start getting the hang of the spells before Samhain, if not sooner.

After a year at school Kerry knew of both spells—some from reading, some from discussions with Annie. Aura Reading let a witch read another person’s aura, just as the spell advertised, which Annie told him was great way to not only know if a person was Aware, but if they were lying. She mentioned that the first part would be far easier to determine than the later, but she was confident they’d figure out both in no time.

Far Sight was something even more important, for it allowed a witch to extend their sight and hearing far beyond their physical being. Wednesday mentioned that Far Sight was something everyone on the Rapid Response team possessed, as it allowed them to scan areas of the school hundreds of meters from where they were and, if need be, jaunt there to handle a situation. She also mentioned that once they mastered Far Sight, the next step was to master Far Touch, which was far more difficult, but once perfected would allow them to craft spells in the distant area they were viewing.


Far Sight and Far Touch are a great combo for a sorceress but are a pain to do together, mostly because if your target is moving, its simply easier to remotely see them, jaunt to their location, and put the whammy on them.  Helena was trying to use Far Sight in Kansas City, and she couldn’t because Tanith’s house was shielded against that spell, and for very good reasons.  Nearly every witch’s house is shielded against this spell, as well as every structure at Salem.  Particularly the covens, because kids will be kids, and none of the students could dress or go to the bathroom in peace if the towers weren’t shielded.  Of course the school could work off the honor system and think the kids wouldn’t do that, but . . . nah.  You get shielding, and you get shielding, everyone gets shielding!

After class the students go to the Great Hall to relax, then with less than an hour before midnight they break p and had back to their covens.  Wednesday follow Annie and Kerry out, because–well, she’s curious–


The young witch walked to Kerry’s left, hands behind her back, trying to appear nonchalant. “How do you guys think you did tonight?”

“I think I was starting to get the hang of Aura Reading.” Kerry shrugged. “Can’t say the same for Far Sight.”

Annie leaned forward enough to see Wednesday. “For a couple of instances I thought I saw a faint outline around Kerry.” She righted herself and focused on the covered walkway ahead. “It’s more difficult to do than it seems.”

“That’s because you trick your mind into thinking you’re seeing an aura when in reality you’re not.” Wednesday chuckled. “When you get to where you think you’re seeing Kerry’s aura—or you her’s, Kerry—then I’ll work with you so we’ll know for sure.”

Kerry turned to the instructor. “How do you do that?”

“I give the person being read a set of instructions about what to think, and I compare what the reader is telling me they see with what I’m seeing.” Wednesday unhooked her hands and slowly swung her arms. “I’m also reading the same instructions as their reading, so I can gauge what they’re feeling and know how their aura should appear.” She glanced at the children on her left. “Pretty simple, huh?”

Annie clutched Kerry’s arm. “It sounds rather simply, yes. Can I ask a question?”


Annie gently pulled Kerry to a stop and turned to face their instructor. “What do you want?”

Wednesday faced the couple. “You guys are perceptive.”

Kerry didn’t bother hiding his smile.  “Well, most of the time you say goodnight to us in the West Transept and then jaunt off to the Instructor’s Residence. The only time you follow us out into the garden is when you want to tell us something—”

“Or when you want to ask something.” Annie was smiling as well. “If you have something you want to tell us, you usually start as soon as we’re outside the Great Hall, so you must have a question in mind.”

“Yeah.” Wednesday nodded towards their bench just inside the covered walkway. “Care to sit for a few minutes?”


Sure, they’ll sit for a few minutes, because I said they can.  You gotta hand it to Annie, though:  she doesn’t waste time screwing around.  Kerry picked up on what was going on as well, and as soon as his Sweetie kicked open the door, he ran in after her.  But then, they have proved they work well together–just watch out when they start finishing each other’s sentences.  Oh, wait . . .

Back on track with writing and world building.  There are better ways to spend the weekend, but for now I’ll take these.

It’s almost as fun as getting my nails painted a bright blue like I did yesterday . . .