Up the Air Without a Broom: the Example

Life is interesting, which is one of the reasons why we keep at it, because we want to see what’s coming next.  Yesterday was one of those moment, because I went off for my first wig consultation and fitting, and came out with a really lovely wig that was about fifty buck cheaper than my last wig.  I’m really thinking about doing a video on all my wigs, which now number four, of which only two are wearable.  Oh, and after yesterday’s consultation, the stylist and I agree:  lighter colors are me.

Tonight I go off for more face burning, and when I come back if I’m not in too much pain I’ll try to start up the next scene–

Hey, what's that wingmate stuff coming up next?

Hey, what’s that wingmate stuff coming up next?

Yes, time for that other flying class, that one where Kerry’s gonna be teamed up with the girl who tried to win his heart, and crashed into Epic Fail territory.  And it’ll start out interestingly, because Kerry won’t need to change into his flying leathers, as he’s already in them.

Speaking of flying . . .

The final tally last night was just over twelve hundred words.  I was enjoying the scene, even though I found it hard to get everything right.  I’d run the scene over and over in my head maybe a dozen time, and still, I gotta struggle with the words.  That’s how imagination works.

A lot of the scene dealt with Isis walking Kerry through the motions of flight because she wanted to make a point for Annie’s sake.  And the part where Isis make’s her point is, I think, one of the best I’ve put together . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

“Stay where you are for now.” Isis turned away from the hovering boy and focused her attention on Annie. “Like I said, basic stuff you already knew. You also know you can combine the different modes of action, but even though it’s known as the six degrees of freedom, you’re not really free. Not like—”

Slowly Isis rose about a half a meter off the floor, then arched her back and rolled over, twisting around as she gained another half meter of altitude. About three quarters of the way through her backward somersault, she kicked out her legs and nulled her motion so she was facing Annie and Kerry, hovering on her side looking as if she were stretched out on a flat surface. “—this.”

Isis twisted round again, this time rolling to her right as she tucked her legs. She rolled forward as easily as if she were on the ground, then stopped and straightened, standing on her head for about three second before performing a pike, straightening, and shooting fifteen meters up. She tucked in her arms and spun, then dived to her left and towards the floor as she flicked her legs to the right and left.

A meter and a half above the floor she arched once more and did a slow climb to her left, leveling out two meters up and directly in front of both children. Isis pushed her arms out as if she were touching something, and almost appeared to be sitting in mid-air. “You flew before, Annie—” The security chief’s grin was warm. “—but you didn’t have Flight. With this, you’ll move through the sky much like a swimmer moves through the ocean, only our medium isn’t water—it’s air.”

Isis began moving about in the air in a slow motion dance, lifting her legs to her chest as she rolled onto her back while continuing to move forward. “It’s much as I imagine being is space is like.” She twisted onto her back, then stopped moving as she straightened her flat body so she was once more head up. “Only here, we’re not moving like this because we are falling—” She appeared to push with both hands against something on her left and slid quickly to her right. “We’re the ones who ignore gravity and do with it as we like.”

She sunk towards the floor, turning so she was facing Annie before appearing to swim upwards. “Kerry can always fly with us, but this is our ocean: air is the medium in which we swim.” Isis nodded in his direction. “Here, he’s a submarine, where as we—” She corkscrewed to her right, rolled over, and finally straightened up and hovered a couple of meters in front of Annie. “—are mermaids.” The demonstration over, Isis touched down. “Do you want to be a mermaid?”

Though she wasn’t one for flights of imagination, seeing Isis in the air pulled out emotions kept buried deep within Annie. “I do.”


"Finally!  Someone wants to be like me instead of building stupid snowmen!"

“Finally! Someone wants to be like me instead of building stupid snowmen!”

Mermaids of the Air.  I should note that, though not stated, Isis and Annie are the only two people at the school with the Flight Gift, so they are the only ones who can do this stuff.  Also, at the moment, the three in the Aerodrome are among a small group of people who know Annie has Flight, and none of these people are students.

One type of flying down–

Another to come.