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To There and Back Again

For once I was recharged and ready to go yesterday.  I mean, I was tired after work, but only because it was as long, boring day, and I wanted to get home bad.  But there were things to do:  a paper to edit (okay, I wasn’t really into that one), a novel to write, and a intro to the television reviews I’m going to do.  I got in there and did them.  Did them hard.  Got the paper out of the way, wrote up almost nine hundred words on my intro, then turned around and added another six hundred and sixty four words to the novel.  Really, I tried making it to sixty-six, but it didn’t happen.  Maybe next time.

Another goal was reached as well:  seventy thousand words passed.  And this time in twelve days instead of fifteen.  I had to make up for lost time, right?

It only seems like six weeks ago this had just become a novel.

It only seems like six weeks ago this had just become a novel.

The rate at which I’m working leads me to believe I’ll finish Act One in a couple of weeks–probably during the time when I’m back home in Indiana.  If this is true, then the first act will end up somewhere between eighty and eighty-five thousand words, and the other two acts, if the same size, will pull the novel in at a quarter of a million words.  Though that can change, because I believe Act Three might just end up a little bigger than the others.

Doesn’t matter.  At least I can release this book as one book, and not as a multi-volume encyclopedia.  It’s easier to read that way.

And what about those six hundred words?  Well, they’re right down here, and it’s a bit of a continuation for Annie . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie remembered the first time Kerry and she walked into the Dining Hall with their flight gear on and their brooms in hand—the first Saturday after the first week of classes. She’d visited Deanna in Memory’s End while Kerry was with Vicky getting checked out on an Espinoza. He later met her as she was walking back to The Pentagram and convinced her to fly around the school grounds with him.

Mid-way through their day they buzzed the Great Hall, landed in the garden, and went inside for lunch. Though Kerry didn’t seem to notice, Annie was keenly aware that at least a third of the students in the hall watched them as they walked to their then always-reserved table, set down their brooms, then unzipped their flight jackets as they sat and waited to order.

Since then they’d done the same thing many times, including twice in the last month since returning to school. Only as they entered the Dining Hall this time, Annie felt something different. It was akin to the buzz she noticed the first time the walked in like this, as if they were once more drawing attention to themselves by simply looking different.

It’s entirely possible people know something about me and my training. Most of the B Levels were aware that she was spending time with Isis in the Aerodrome, and that Kerry had been with her the first time, and today. She figured there were rumors floating about, but so far nothing had reached her ears. Whenever anyone asked either of them what she or they were doing, the answer was always the same: flying. Not that we’re misleading anyone with that answer . . .

Kerry held her seat and waited for her to get comfortable before taking the seat to her right. “You still hungry?”

“More now.” Annie unzipped her jacket, shrugged it off, and hung it on the back of her seat. “Particularly after that second flight.”

“Yeah.” Kerry retrieved the short lunch menu in the center of their table. “I wasn’t expecting a quick trip to Ipswich after getting back to the Aerodrome.”

Annie hadn’t either. Upon returning to the school they landed inside the Aerodrome—entering through the same roof entrance Annie had used the week before—and spent about twenty minutes discussing the flight. After going over a few minor issues, Isis told Kerry to saddle up once more, and motioned for Annie to follow her into the open air beyond the Aerodrome.

The moment they were outside they flew up to five hundred meters and struck out on a westerly course. They flew on a direct course for ten kilometers to the train station at Ipswich, paused there for about five minutes so everyone could get their bearings, then covered a fast five kilometers to the Crane Estate at Castle Hill. They touched down in the gardens far away from the mansion, walked around for about thirty minutes, then returned directly to the school. Isis pushed Annie on this last leg, getting her speed up to near one hundred and twenty kilometers and hour, a third more than the sixty and seventy kilometers and hour they’d flown on the first flight.


That route was easy to figure out–

Because you know I did.

Because you know I did.

And though not stated above, it was nearly thirty-two kilometers, or twenty miles, right on the dot.  An interesting thing here is the Castle Hill/Crane Estate area.  If you’ve seen The Witches of Eastwick or Flowers in the Attic, you’ve seen the house:  it was the estate used in both movies.  You can also do a wedding there if you have the money.

Or, if you're Annie, Kerry, and Isis, fly in and see the place from this angle.

Or, if you’re Annie, Kerry, and Isis, fly in and see the place from this angle.

Who know, there might be something important about this house–like, owned by The Foundation, or something?  Or maybe someone in the novel will get married there–

Let me see:  are there any couples in this story?

6 thoughts on “To There and Back Again

  1. Whoa ! I did a lot of reading here. I wasn’t even aware I’d been gone a long time.

    Anyways, that chapter on The Scouring is awesome. Wow. Just a question, how did that happen ?Wasn’t anyone aware something was going on, especially with the Headmaster and Chief of Security ? That was huge! The Headmaster and the CSecurity themselves were the culprits ! Well , it did make sense they got away with their schemes. The ones who were entrusted to protect the school and the people in it were the ones who broke the trust. Did they find out why they did what they did ? I mean, thinking back, were there hints ? Like, the Headmaster and Security chief were always together, or something, and then Isis sent off the Security center premises ?

    No wonder Maddie had spied on the students. Her husband died because of treachery . I’m not surprised she kind of blamed Helena. She was The Foundation’s agent whose job was knowing what was going on at Salem, something like the NSA. Right ?

    Uhm, I’m not into romance at the moment. I’m pissed off at love right now, and I ‘m going to blog about it as soon as I can while I’m still angry. No, it’s not about me… it’s my best friend’s and it’s life – changing.

    Oh, wait… did you intentionally make the title of the book and Emma’s flight signature be the same ? is there a meaning to that ? I’m not in the mood for romance right now. DIE, InuYasha !!

    Okay, I’m off. Cya !

    • I was starting to miss you! 🙂

      The Scouring: They were able to cover up a lot of things but the Headmaster made a mistake and pushed Jessica too far, and she did something that threatened his plans. Jessica wasn’t as stern back then as she is now, and the Headmaster thought she’d be a pushover. She wasn’t.

      Helena wasn’t even in the country at the time the Scouring went down. Erwyin was trying to funnel information to her, but she had to go through the Protectors, and it was slow going. It’s implied that some people in the Protectors may have held info up deliberately because they didn’t like either Erywin or Helena, and didn’t their the info seriously.

      And, yes: Mattie was changed a lot by her husband being killed. A Lot.

      No, there’s no connection between Emma and a boat on the moon that brought Annie and Kerry together. It’s just a coincidence.

  2. So, in other words these Deconstructors did keep themselves totally hidden. Well, one thing, if Maddie had blamed Helena , there must be quite a few who felt the same way, as well. Mr. Gabriel was one.

    There’s no connection ? Thank goodness for small mercies. I thought you wouldn’t write anything down that had no significance. I mean, the title of the book that was so important to Annie and Kerry had been randomly chosen by Emma as her signature, out of nowhere. As a reader, I’d think there was a connection. But if you say there’s none, I’ll take your word for it, he he.

    • Gabriel was giving Helena heat about what happened at the WTC: that was her operation, but she wasn’t allowed to move it, and everyone knows that. He was just being a dick to her.

      The author of the book was on record as saying he loved coincidences, and felt they happened quite a lot. If there is any significance–well, I would know what it is, wouldn’t I? 😉

      • Oh, right. I remember she was very concerned the Foundation had decided to hold a conference at the Twin Towers. If something happened, The Foundation elders would be wiped out . Something did happen on 9/11, so were they wiped out ? I don’t remember .

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