The Meeting of the Geese

I know the title of today’s post probably makes no sense whatsoever, but in time it should make sense.  I hope.  One never knows because I’m looking at things a certain way an I have a strange sense of humor.

One of the things I did yesterday was flesh out the current chapter by adding more scenes.  That’s right:  more.  Because I wanted to separate thing and get them in their own little boxes.  I actually split out one and added another, so technically I added only one–

Giving me this layout.

Giving me this layout.

It’s how I work, and that work is making it easier for me to work.  Sorta.  I try not to think about it too much, otherwise I’ll probably go nuts.

So lets get to the setup:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

After his last B Team race Kerry came to the Cernunnos ready room, got comfortable in a recliner, and took a nap. Right about eleven ten Annie came by and they had lunch; at eleven thirty-five Penny came by, and the three of them headed down to the hanger area below The Diamond track and looked over the Class 2 PAVs. Though Penny was there to help Kerry find a good racing broom, Annie knew a great deal about Class 2s through her family, and she made the final decision on while broom Kerry would pilot. Because this was the third broom Annie had chosen for him, he named it “Third Party”.

They returned to the ready room where Alex was already waiting and in her racing gear. Kerry didn’t need to change as the racing gear was the same between the two team levels: a soft black leather body suit with gloves and short lace-up boots, and a full face helmet with a visor enchanted to darken and lighten on command. The outfit was enchanted to protect the flier a much as possible in the event of an accident, but as he was told in orientation, enchantments were designed to keep a pilot from being killed; they could still end up injured, much like Hasan was during practice.

Like the uniforms of the other teams, their Cernunnos colors were represented by green stripes running the length of the arms and legs, padding on the shoulders, and a band encircling the top of the helmet. His last name was printed on the front and back of his helmet as well, so fans and racers alike knew who was whom among the faceless people on the course.


In the next scene you’ll get a better look at the Class 2 PAVs/brooms, but they’re somewhat easy to visualize:  if the Class 1s look a lot like a classic witch’s broom, the Class 2s look a bit like the speeder bikes from Return of the Jedi–in other words, a Class 1 with small handlebars and a set of canards at the front to allow greater maneuverability.  Those aren’t the only changes, but visually, that’s as close as it gets.

Kerry also meets the other two members of the A Team:


It wasn’t long after Penny went to change that Manco Mamani, the captain of the team, and Darius Roy emerged from the adjoining locker room. Both boys, like the injured Hasan Fofana, were D Levels. Manco was from Chiclayo, Peru, while Darius hailed from Durham Bridge, New Brunswick, Canada; both were similar in appearance—tall, brown hair, dark eyes, dusky complexion—and in personality, which while it wasn’t surly, wasn’t overly friendly. They offered perfunctory greetings to the team before walking away, completely ignoring Alex. A few minutes later Penny came out of the girl’s locker room and they took their place in the front row.

So . . . not so nice, hun?  They’re dusting Kerry and Alex, and when everyone gets set for the discussions on the day’s racing–which, by the way, is a combination of running the Green Line and then the Blue Line and going back, doing three laps on each–the girls and Kerry sit in the front row, and the other two boys sit in the back.  Some witches be too cool for the room, it seems.

That becomes evident when they head out to get their speeders–I mean, brooms.


The turned right outside the door and made their way to the lift that would take them to the lower levels. Right away Kerry noticed the distance between the two older boys in front, and the girls in the back, with Manco and Darius not only ignoring the three newest fliers, but trying to distance themselves from them. He didn’t like what he felt was a huge snubbing, and thought to make his feelings known. “Hey, ain’t we supposed to be on the same team?” Manco and Darius stopped and turned to face their teammates. “I mean, is this how you guys do thing here?”

Manco shrugged. “This is how we did things last year.”

“No, it isn’t, Manco.” Penny stepped up next to Kerry, with Alex next to her. “Not when Jeong was Captain, and Hatim and Risto were on the team.”

Darius smirked as he spoke. “Yeah, and none of them are on the team this year.” He turned to Kerry. “This is how we do things up here; we ain’t down on the ground now.” He used the slang that Kerry was told referred to the fact that the B Level ready rooms were on the ground floor under the grandstands. “And I don’t care how well you did racin’ in the ghetto today, kid, when we’re out there, you stay out of my way.” He slapped Manco on the arm and the two of them turned and walked away.

Alex clutched her helmet against her hip. “Shcho velychezna mudak.”

Kerry continued staring straight ahead. “What’s that mean?”

“It means he is large ass.”

Penny snorted. “He’s a right daft twat, that’s for sure.” She patted Kerry on the back. “Gonna keep an eye on you, boy: don’t want you turnin’ out like them.”

“Not a chance.” He watched the boys enter the lift and vanish without waiting for them. “I thought all Canadians were supposed to be nice?”

“They are—just not in our coven, it seems.” Penny shook her head. “Come on; let’s get our brooms and make the best of this shit show.”


He called Kerry “kid”.  Annie would have lit Darius up if she’d heard that one.  And racing down in the ghetto?  Some serious attitude there.

What Alex actually said in Ukranian is, “What an enormous asshole,” and it goes back to the title of today’s post.  We’ve now seen how surly Darius is, and we know Franky–another Canadian–is a butthead, which goes completely against the grain of how we’ve come to think about Canadians.  Now, while I was speaking to one of my various Canadian friends who do live North of The Wall–as I like to say–we got on the subject of Canadian Geese.  And if you’ve ever had an encounter with these creatures, you know they’re more like winged minions of death.  My friend, who has had numerous encountered with these Northern Death Birds, put it as matter of factly as possible:  “Canadian Geese are assholes.”

"What did you call me?"

“What did you call me?”

So, the meeting with the geese, aka, the dudes on your race team are assholes, Kerry, and it looks like they’re tossing you in the back of the bus with the girls.  True, when you were leaving Berlin you guys were in the back of the bus, and you were having a hell of a lot of fun, but this is something completely different–

I’m sure the race is gonna be . . . interesting.