All In a Name Change

There are crazy things in my life, that’s for certain.  One of them is writing, which seemed to take up a bit of my personal time here and there, though you’re going to discover that yesterday wasn’t one of those times.  It wasn’t like I wasn’t going to write, but . . . well, that’s the whole point of this post, right?

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that it was going to be a busy day.  Right in the first paragraph I wrote, “Today I start working on the forms for my name change–“, and that was more true than you can imagine.  Probably fifteen minutes after I created that post I went out to the State of Indiana website and found the electronic form I need to fill out my petitions.  It’s nice they had that option, otherwise I would have needed to fill out four different forms, eight pages of information, all by hand, before making a copy.

I will tell you, I was more than just a bit nervous:  those suckers were rattling around hard, and it was one of those moments when I started printing things out.  That’s when you realize you’re about to take another of those “big steps” that will change your life, and changing your name over from what you were given at birth to the name you feel you want to carry with you the rest of your life, that moment starts growing inside, and it scared me.  Not that I haven’t been here before, but this . . . another step in the right direction.

Then it was off to the courthouse to do the filing.  Went in, walked through security, headed up to the clerk, and had them process my papers.  I paid and then headed up to see the judge who would do the actual change–one nice thing that I didn’t know is you get to pick your judge.  So I picked to only judge who is a woman, because I felt I’d be more comfortable that way.  Got a court date and then it was back down to the clerk to get my forms notarized so everything was official.

This all took about forty-five minutes and ran me $160.  I then went home and had lunch before running off to a local paper to run the ad that I need to show I’ve told everyone in the area I’m changing my name–that was $85.  So $245 total for something that would have run me over a thousand dollars if I’d gone through a lawyer.  Sure, they’ll be the expense of driving back from The Burg for my court date, but I was coming back for Thanksgiving anyway, so no biggie.

The result of all this will come 9 November, 2015, when I stand before a judge and she’ll tell me if she approves my petition or not.  The chances are she will, and that means when I walk out of her chambers, I’ll be totally legal name-wise.  Since that’s a Monday I can spend the rest of the week getting a new social security card and changing my bank information, and even updating my licence.  I’ll get new credit and debit cards.  My tax ID info will be updated, and next year, when I file, I’ll have my new name on the forms.

I may even be able to get my gender marker changed at the same time.  I’ll work on that info when I see my HRT doctor next week.

It’s all coming together, slowly but surely.  And now, the end of this trip is finally coming into view.

It’s all becoming real–

The facts remain the same, even though the names were changed.

The facts remain the same, even though the names were changed.