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Back On the Blue: The Bum Rush

As with the day before, yesterday was tiring.  I spent most of it on the road to Indianapolis–two and a half hours there, the same back–so I could see my therapist.  She was happy to see me, was ecstatic about the news of what’s happening in my life, and said she wants to see me in a year when everything is finished.

She also said she doesn’t want to hear from me for the next year, either, because that would mean there’s something wrong with me, and she doesn’t want there to be something wrong with me.  Neither do I, to be honest, so I’m gonna run the straight and narrow for a while.

Anyway . . . I did write last night.  Seven hundred words of writing.  And while I didn’t finish the scene or clear ninety thousand words, I’m close on both and will do those today.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this:  the last segment of the scene, and what happens when three POed racers gang up on their fellow teammates who are being douches.


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

The trio launched off towards the two older boys from their team. Kerry watched Darius and Manco panic as they realized their predicament: together they could block one of the girls, and likely both, but with Kerry helping out it was impossible for them to cover all three team members simultaneously . . .

Penny flew up hard on the inside of Gloucester Bend and refused to slow as Darius began a slow slide to his left. Alex squeezed between Manco and the outer safety enchantment, while Kerry went right up the middle. He caught the quick nod to her right from Penny as he gained about a half-a-PAV advantage on the boys and figured out what she was about to do. As she slid to her right Kerry jerked his speeder to the left, and the combined action was enough to force Darius to back off about three PAV lengths. Hoping that Alex had seen his move, he jerked his PAV to the right towards Manco: Alex had seen his move, and cut right for the front of the Peruvian boy’s speeder—and like Darius, Manco cut his speed enough to prevent a crash.

Now that they were clear of their team mates Penny jabbed her finger down the course. “No more wasting time: let’s race.” She leaned down between her handlebars and shot down the Green Line.

Kerry willed himself to speed up, and he was pushed back into the saddle back as he accelerated at a tremendous rate. He concentrated on catching Penny, who was already on the northward segment of Gloucester Bend. He checked his rear view; Alex was there, maybe three lengths back. She stuck with him as he hurried through Diamond Chicane, but he didn’t worry about her: his focus was on Penny, maybe a dozen speeder lengths ahead.

He concentrated on his entry into the Green-Blue crossover. As he reached the start-finish line the green lights flashed three times: he was on the final lap. If I’m going to do something, I have to do it now . . . Kerry entered the altitude gate and bore to the left, joining the Blue Line for the last time as he entered Woodland Path.

Woodland was a fast stretch, bending almost ninety degrees to the left before slowly straightening for a flat-out run across Selena’s Meadow. It was the only section at ground level that wasn’t surrounded by trees, and one area that afforded plenty of passing room. It was also one of the most dangerous spots, too, because fliers needed to shed all their sped in order to make Meadow Clime, a quick left-right turn that moved the course fifty meters above the school grounds.

Kerry passed the gate leading to the climb and pulled back and up on the handlebars. The speeder responded, and he pushed the PAV ahead as he shot over the trees and into the sky. He always felt a slight twinge here, for this was the same place almost a year ago that, on the Day of the Dead attacks, he flew in from the north and dropped straight down to the Meadow, all while he had a monster on his tail. This time it wasn’t a monster: it was Alex, who was only about five meters behind him as he headed down Pentagram Pass. At this point they were a few meters above the pointed roofs of Blodeuwedd and Mórrígan Coven Towers. Penny was even with Orchestra Hall and diving towards Trench, and Kerry understood his battle wouldn’t be with her, but with the Ukrainian girl pushing hard behind him.

He would have to push himself that much harder to be better.

The Trench was next, and Kerry’s stomach clutched as he flew back into the trees once more. This section of the Blue Line was narrow but there was enough room to stack fliers above and below, and it wasn’t unusual to see three levels of fliers zooming down this corridor to the moment of openness at Quarry Turn before hanging a hard left back into the forest. Another short, fast S-turn, and then Kerry was out of the woods and sailing past the Observatory—


And so you can follow the Blue Line:

Woodland Path after crossover from Green Line.

Woodland Path after crossover from Green Line.

Meadow Climb:

Minus monsters.

Minus monsters.

Pentagram Pass:

One of the ways Kerry can look down on Emma's coven.

One of the ways Kerry can look down on Emma’s coven.

And right at the end, The Trench, Quarry Turn, and Observatory Bend.

With Kerry getting ready to make that hard turn with a Ukrainian hot on his rear.

With Kerry getting ready to make that hard turn with a Ukrainian hot on his rear.

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