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Back and Back and Back to The Burg

Forgive me for ripping off the title of a Farscape episode–notable as the first “Black Tee Shirt” episode–but since they kinda of ripped off their episode title from Back to the Future, I don’t feel bad for doing a little creative editing.

But as you may have guessed from the title, I’m back in Pennsylvania, and back to The Burg–not to be confused with The Burgh, over by der on the West Side of the State–and here I’ll remain until 7 November, when I return to Indiana because I got a date in court on the 9th.  So basically three and a half months to prepare myself for one of the most important moments of my life.

Meanwhile, since I was on the road from nine-thirty AM EDT until eight-thirty PM EDT, there wasn’t a lot of writing going on.  A lot of thinking, yeah, but not a lot of writing.  In fact, a lot of my thinking involved the race layout, the finishes, and how the points were getting laid out.  Which means about nine-thirty or so I was figuring all that out.  And since I don’t think I’ll spoil too much–because the next scene will describe some of this–here’s how the Samhain races played out.

It only took about fifty miles to get all this right in my head.

It only took about fifty miles to get all this right in my head.

So Mórrígan has a great day, Ceridwen is a surprise second (Åsgårdsreia is usually the second best coven team), and Cernunnos–who usually languish near the bottom with Blodeuwedd is a welcomed third.  You can probably guess that those italicized finishes are Kerry’s, but what about that one in bold?  You’ll find out . . .

I find I don’t do as much “story thinking” when I drive these days, because I’ve pretty much thought it all out months ago.  At least until such a time that I have to come up with something else in the story, and then it’s “run those plot lines over and over in your head again” time, most of which I do while walking to and from work these days.  Since I have to drive to New Jersey to see my doctor tomorrow, I’ll probably go over an upcoming scene in my head if I get the chance.  The upcoming scenes aren’t going to change on me that much, and even when I believe I have them all thought out, I’m usually surprised to find I can’t capture everything in my head perfectly.  No surprise there:  getting it down right is never an easy thing.

Now the goal is to finish this chapter, get into the next–which is gonna be Annie heavy–and go for one hundred thousand words.  I’m already near ninety-two thousand, so lets give it another week, shall we?

I just realized something:  I’ll be traveling in November, and that’s during NaNoWriMo.  Do I try it again this year?  Hummm . . . well, I did it in 2013 and 2014, and both times I jaunted to and from The Burg to Indiana, so why should this time be any different?  After all, when I’m not busy getting all the stuff done related to my name change, I can always be writing.

And stop somewhere for a smoothie now and then.

And stop somewhere for a smoothie now and then.

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