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Come Down in Race Time

Even though I was home, it was travel time yesterday, because I was off to my HRT doctor for my one year check-up.  To get there I have to drive two hours into New Jersey, which isn’t a bad drive in of itself if you ignore the idiots around Allentown, where we are not living.

The news was good:  nothing abnormal has shown up in my labs; my lungs were clear; my heart was good; my blood pressure was the lowest it’s been (120/68); and the girls are growing.  My weight shot up a bit, but I can manage that with diet and exercise.  So, because I am a “graduate in good standing”–meaning I haven’t abused my hormone regiment and my health is good–my doctor wrote me a year-long script for my testosterone suppressant, and I have a new scripts for my estrogen which I can renew once, which means I’m good on that for a year.

Naturally, when I left the office I was all smiles . . .

Happy girl; happy face.

Happy girl; happy face.

I do labs again in December, but unless they are totally nuts, I only need to do them annually.  And my doctors visits are, for now, every six to eight months.  I don’t go back until February now.  It’s a good time.

I was almost eight hours on the road, and once back I had to write my Humans recap for this last episode–it was a good one filed with bad android sex–but I still got into the novel because I wanted to finish the scene, and five hundred forty-six words later, I did.  (If you’re keeping score, that’s also ten thousand, five hundred words for the chapter, and ninety-three thousand, four hundred for the novel.)

We left off with talk of Emma, but someone is a little tired of that . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie didn’t want to speak of Emma any longer. “Don’t let her get to you tonight. I want you to remember—”

He held Annie’s hand tight. “Yes?”

“You pointed in every race you were in today: not just on the A Team, but your two races on the B Team. You had two podiums on the B Team, and one was the win against Åsgårdsreia. And in your second A Team race you had a second—against Mórrígan.” Annie brought them both to a stop again, and she drew in several deep breaths before continuing. “If you hadn’t been blocked so many times in that last race, you would have finished fourth, maybe third, and Cernunnos would have likely won the Battle Royale.” Her last breath came slow, and when she exhaled her eyes burned. “I hate what she did to you, and I hate what that did to us.”


There you have it:  on the B Team Kerry had a win and a third (not mentioned, but that’s what it was), and on the A Team side he had a second, a fourth, and a sixth.  And the emphases on Mórrígan is Annie’s way of saying, “You placed second against the best.”  Since I have the results for that race figured out, it’s also evident that Kerry was the only member of his team to hit the podium against the best team in the school.  There will be some mention about that . . .

But Annie is a little pissed, it would seem–


Though he could be clueless, Kerry found it easy to understand Annie’s words. “You don’t like what happened to our coven.”

“No, I don’t. I just—” She looked away for a moment. “I never imagined I’d feel this way about racing. Then again, I never imagined I’d have a soul mate racing on the A Team.”

Kerry shrugged. “Just for today.”

“Oh, really?” Annie hugged Kerry, laughing softly. “You scored three out of three races, which is something Hasan hadn’t done since starting on the A Team. And don’t say you were lucky: the Samhain races are hard, and it was even harder for you because you ran five races.”

“Emma ran four—”

Annie clutched Kerry, pressing herself into him. “I don’t want to hear about Emma.” The submerged anger in Annie’s voice leaked out. “She had her second in the Battle Royale and an eighth in the last round. She didn’t do what you did, so stop making it sound like she’s somehow your equal—she isn’t.”


This is really the first time Annie has come across as even a little upset when there’s mention of the Soul Mate Stealing Bitch From Boulder, and she knows Kerry is trying to be nice, but dammit!  She wants him to remember what he did, because it was great.  Screw that Mile High Bitch, dude–

You're gonna make Annie angry; you don't want to do that--

You’re gonna make Annie angry; you don’t want to do that–

It does sound a bit like Annie wanted to bounce out of the stands and give Emma a good slapping.  I’d say some girl better not come over during the dance and ask if she can dance with Annie’s boyfriend.  It might not turn out as she expects.

Annie just wants the best for Kerry, and she’s trying to tell him–


Though their conversations about his wingmate were always cordial, Kerry imagined that perhaps Annie harbored some animosity over what Emma tried last Yule, and his thoughts were now made real. “I’m sorry. I just—”

“—Can’t see how good you are?” Annie took one step back, holding Kerry’s hands in each of hers. “You get too close and all you see are flaws, but I see how you really are. I see the wonderful witch, the serious sorceress, and now the amazing racer. I see them all, my love; it’s impossible not to see this.”

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him—not lightly like before, but with more strength, more passion, more love. Everything she felt flowed from her to him in that kiss, and the light headedness they’d spoken over before began to creep in and fog her mind. “Hold me, dear. Hold me tight.”

Kerry got his hands around Annie’s waist and pressed her against him. “I have you, Sweetie. Don’t worry.”

“I never do when I’m in your arms.” She chuckled as the faintness began to slowly subside. “My mother—”

Kerry lightly stroked her hair. “What about her?”

“She told me I’d fall in love with a racer.” She tilted her head back and kissed his cheek. “I shouldn’t have doubted her.”

Kerry kissed her back. “How could you have known?”

“Because I’m my mother’s daughter.” Annie tapped her finger against Kerry’s lips. “How could I not have known?”


It’s over:  all the racing is, for now, finished.  Now on to the dance.

It’s time to make the costumes.

16 thoughts on “Come Down in Race Time

  1. Though their conversations about his wingmate were always cordial, Kerry imagined that perhaps Annie harbored some animosity over what Emma tried last Yule, and his thoughts were now made real ‘

    Really, Kerry ? PERHAPS Annie harbors some animosity towards Emma for confessing to you, kissing you, and trying to be close to you ?

    Perhaps , deep in his heart, Kerry is harboring some unexplainable thing for Emma. Kindred spirit ? Shared love for flying ? I wonder how EmmaxKerry would interact in the shared tent, spending the night, just the two of them. Fan Fiction ! ! !

    • Actually, you’ll find out. 😉

      And yes: he figured she had some resentment because it’s something they never discuss. If you remember, he figured she’d be pissed, and never brought it up. And Kerry isn’t harboring anything: you noticed he DIDN’T stick up for Emma after Annie slapped down the discussion. He let it go. That was Kerry, once more, trying to find away to belittle his own accomplishments, and Annie was having none of it.

      • Seriously, Annie and Kerry should have a heart to heart discussion about what happened last Yule. Kerry should ask what Annie really feels about Emma . Perhaps Kerry thinks everything is okay, and Annie has completely obliterated that event from her memory. Ofc, both are very young and completely clueless as to how life works. I can’t y believe that Annie only reacts when Kerry is dissed or hurt, but is completely unemotional over the fact there’s a girl who’s trying to brazenly take her boyfriend away.

        • Emma tried one time. Kerry cursed her. Annie almost killed her accidentally. They both know if they wanted, Emma would just be a stain on the floor somewhere–I mean, they went toe-to-toe with three people who tried to kill them, so big deal about a 12 year old girl who may or may not think she can still get the boy.

          These two know each others. I mean, meeting in dreams where they’re naked in bed together? Their minds are already moving ahead to the wedding night. 🙂 Neither is worried about her, because Kerry won’t respond to her advances, and Annie knows she might kill her by accident–she almost did it once.

          In that scene Annie was more pissed about how Emma screwed Kerry and their coven out of a better position, and then she didn’t want him trying to make it sound like she’d had as hard a time racing as him. And, yeah, there’s probably a little lingering “You Bitch” feels there as well. 😉

          • Well, Annie should be a bit concerned about Kerry and Emma sharing a tent , most particularly during the Polar Express. And if I were Annie, I’d let Kerry know my concern regarding this matter of sleeping arrangements .
            ” I’ll be watching, Kerry ” * makes the appropriate hand signal.” lol

            Husbands and boyfriends maybe weak to Kirsten Dunst look-alikes.

          • Annie would know if she even had to CONSIDER making that suggestion (*fingers pointing at her eyes* “I’m watching you, Witch Boy.”) she’d know their relationship wasn’t solid. Really, think about it: there is a lot of time during the Friday morning when Annie is in Flight class and Kerry doesn’t always show. There’s fifteen square kilometers inside the school walls–and below the ground–where Emma could get a chance to, um, ride Kerry’s broom. Hasn’t happened. Like he told her when they crashed during the Day of the Dead, “You can only be found if you want to be found.” No, this hasn’t happened, and won’t happen. Annie doesn’t give Kerry warnings, because she knows she doesn’t need them.

          • Well, you’re the author, and it’s very comforting to know that.

            But I tell you, if this were a forum , we’d all have similar thoughts, given Emma’s character, and the circumstances where Emma and Kerry would find themselves in, unless of course a spell would be cast , like the spell Helena cast ( casted ? past tense ? ) on Annie and Kerry the first time they shared a room. * ponder* she did, right ?

          • No, she didn’t. Helena wouldn’t do that, and if she did, she’d tell them. “I think you kids are too horny, so spell time for you!” Nope, that was all the kids on their own. They handled it like good little sorceresses.

            And Erywin would have raised holy hell if Helena had even considered doing that.

            There are times when I feel like George R. R. Martin and he’s reading all the stuff about “A Song of Ice and Fire,” and how people think things are going to go/be/end. I’ve got about 90% of it time lined out, so I know what’s coming.

          • But at one point Helena did think about it, didn’t she ? * trying to recall * okay, she didn’t go through with the spell………….. Or maybe she did ? Are you sure about no casting ? I really think a spell was cast .

          • You can think that, but you’d be wrong. She talked about knocking on the door before entering the other room–and made a comment like, “Or are you going to be doing something?” No spell was cast: trust me.

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