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The Samhain Dance: Off to the Dance

It’s finally that time:  the big Samhain dance, aka Halloween for all the people outside the Salem Wall.  It’s a time of racing–which we got–and dancing–which is gonna happen–and bonfire walking, which is in the future.  And none of this Mother of Dragons bonfire walking, either.  Though at this place there are a few people who could pull that off.

Lets get into this, and I’ll lay out comments as I go . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

The night was growing cooler now that the sun had set, but the sky remained clear, allowing the starts to shine bright in the enhanced darkness the light elimination enchantment allowed the grounds inside the Salem school walls. Annie and Kerry walked down the covered walkway from Cernunnos Tower to the Great Hall. They noticed the orange glow to the south and realized the Samhain bonfires were aflame and awaiting those who wised to walk between them and burn off the remnants of the last year.

Annie felt the nervousness she’d felt earlier in the evening fade now that Kerry and she were out in their costumes in public. She never thought of herself as having a comfort zone, but tonight, when they were putting their look together in their private lab in the lower levels of the tower, she’d felt slightly self-conscious about how they were going to look. Much like she’d done with Kerry earlier in the afternoon when she worked to remind him of his racing accomplishments, he’d reminded her that in a school full of witches and transformation experts, they were probably going to be the most sublime couple in attendance at the evening’s festivities.


Bonfires are going, so it must be time to party:

Looks like some witches have been hard at work.

Looks like some witches have been hard at work.  And pay no attention to that fire truck in the back . . .

Really, this is even a bigger symbolic event than Beltane.  Everyone wants to go walk between them; everyone wants to feel the heat wash them clean.  I used a metaphorical walk between bonfires to come out online, and Kerry would have used the moment to tell Annie of his love were it not for déjà vu.  That will even come up in a later scene–as well as something else.  Maybe?  We’ll see.


They moment they were through the West Entrance and into the transept Annie heard the music emanating from the Dining Hall. She wasn’t certain of the song, but it was made for dancing, and she was that was already underway. She’d waited since this time last year to dance again with Kerry, and he’d told her several times in the last week—including twice while getting ready—that he was ready to dance with her. Last year he approached the dance with a bit of timidness. She hooked her right arm around his left. Not now; this year, he couldn’t wait for us to arrive . . .

They stepped through the west back entrance to the Dining Hall where Netra Bonds, one of the member of the staff who oversaw kitchen operations and the management of the dining area, acted as one of the official greeters. She was much like she was last year, her human form transformed into a chrome and plastic body that most Normal imagined when they thought of artificial people.

Netra turned to the children as soon as they were inside. “Welcome to the evening’s festivities. Who may I have the honor of announcing?” Kerry removed a card from his jacket and handed it to her. She needed only a second to scan the card before turning to the revelers inside. “May I introduce Miss Annie Kirilova and her escort, Kerry Malibey, both of Cernunnos Coven.”

Kerry nodded and smiled. “Thank you, Netra.” With that he slowly led Annie into the gathering of staff, instructors, and students perhaps numbering one hundred at the moment, and likely to see the arrival of the rest of the school body in the next fifteen minutes.


Kerry was a bit nervous the last time because it was his first dance with a girl–really, his first dance ever, but having a date ramped up the nerves just that much more.  Also, there was the matter of a song dedication . . .

This time it’s Annie feeling the nerves because–of their costumes?  Hum, no mention of them yet–maybe in the next segment?


It was much like Annie remembered it being last year. The dance floor was in the front center of the room, where maybe half the people were dancing; around the outside of the floor were tables, chairs, and sofas; and in the darkest part of the room, to the south near the main entrance, were the seats where those who didn’t want to leave the room, but desired some privacy and quiet, retired.

A lopsided grin slithered out on to Annie’s face as she thought about the few people who’d head there later to snuggle and kiss. They go there to hide— Kerry slowed then stopped, and she did the same. They go there because they don’t want people to see them. They go there because they’re still afraid. She slid her hands down to take Kerry’s. We don’t need to hide

“We have nothing to hide.”

Kerry turned to his left. “What did you say, Sweetie?”

Annie turned to face him before touching the back of his left hand with here right. “I said we have nothing to hide, my love.”

“Why would we?” He chuckled as he turned his left hand palm up so he could play with her charm bracelet. “I’m glad you wore this.”

“Why would I take it off?” It was her turn to giggle. “I would wear anything you give me.”

Kerry’s right eyebrow shot upward. “Anything?”

Annie nodded slowly twice. “Anything.”

“Hey, you two.”


Hey, who could that be?  You’ll find out tomorrow.

And notice:  no mention of any costumes.  You’ll get that tomorrow as well, because I actually spent about an hour going over things for what the people we’d meet would wear.  And I guaranty there won’t be anyone in a “sexy witch” costume:  too many of the already real sexy witches would probably rag their ass if they showed up dressed that way.

Talk about taking the fun out of partying.

43 thoughts on “The Samhain Dance: Off to the Dance

  1. One thing…. the person who greeted them , ” hey , you two” wouldn’t be the haters…. and most especially , NOT Emma. Know why ? she’d never include Annie in her greeting. Ever. ( and Kerry should not tolerate this anymore You disrespect Annie, you disrespect me . )

          • Their level mates understandably resent whom they think are far superior to them. Unfortunately, Annie and Kerry are not very friendly and outgoing….. especially Annie who acts stand-offish.

          • Indeed she is.

            Mother of dragons… that will perpetuate her image. Maybe she should go as café maid, instead…. and Kerry as Sebastian, the Butler.

          • Here’s the thing with their social interactions:

            Kerry isn’t very good with them. That’s a fact. He’s never been good with making friends, and he’s indicated many times before that he’s seen as “different”, even among is (now) own kind. Without Annie around, Kerry would probably be pretty lonely, or worse, totally under Emma’s thumb.

            Annie is a little rich girl: that’s been pointed out many times, too. She’s also smart. She probably thinks that if people knew she had money, they’d only want to be around her because of that. She doesn’t talk about money or her famous father, and Kerry knows that’s a ground rule and doesn’t cross it unless necessary. Annie’s also more mature, so no way is she hanging with this silly-ass girls and their “boy talk”. The fact they hung with Penny and Alex and Jairo Alex’s boyfriend shows they like having friends, but they want to have friend with whom they can relate. You can almost image the six of them sitting with their Frappuccinos and chatting and having a good time.

          • Yep, I can totally relate with not hanging out with people whom I have nothing in common. It can get very tiring .

            By the way, who does Kerry look like ? My image of Kerry is the 12 year old harry Potter. I do hope you don’t let his growth stop at 5’4″, ha ha.

            Do you know that Harry Potter’s character likes pretty girls ? many are wondering why Harry never gets attracted to Hermione, and she’s so pretty. Well, Emma Watson is, but JKRowling ‘s description of Hermione is not so good… she has bad teeth, which is ironic because both her parents are dentists, she has unruly hair, too. Harry likes ChoChang who’s very pretty, and then later, Ginny, who’s also described as pretty, and looks like his mother.

            I want him to look like Cedric Diggory, with eyeglasses. ( Robert Pattinson )

          • Kerry actually looks pretty normal. I took his picture from that of someone I found modeling, and just used that as the template. Kerry will never look like R-Pat, no way. 🙂 And (SPOILERS!) Kerry will lose the glasses, because people who know transformation magic know how to fix their eyesight. 🙂

            I also know how tall both Annie and Kerry will be.

            Yeah, I knew that about Hermione; she’s really very plain the books, but Emma–nope, nope, nope. Stunning. Hell, even Ginny turned out stunning.

          • 3 1.2 years = 5 years O_O Am I going to be disappointed that he’ll grow up to be as ” tall” as Daniel Radcliff ? Okay, don’t tell me . Have you seen the guy who played Neville Longbottom yet ? Ypwsh ! Total eyecandy !

          • I’ve seen him plenty of times. But being a lesbian, I find my eye candy to be . . . different. 🙂

            Oh, I spoke with the “Real Annie” last night and told her what you said about Annie not being prettier than Emma . . .

          • I’m fixated on Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliff as 12 year olds, without the bad hair. ( not Hermione’s personality, though, just her physical appearance ) I guess I may have to watch Twilight again and pay attention to the girl’s character. We have a dvd of Silent Hill, but I haven’t watched it.
            There’s this movie that I watched ( we have a dvd of this ) where there’s this girl who babysits 2 kids…. and then she gets scary phone calls, and then she calls the cops, and later she finds out the calls come from inside the house itself ! Anyways, the girl who plays that can pay Annie. * gets off computer to check out the title of this movie….. I hope it’s still there *
            Anyways, each to his /her own , right ?

          • Annie is already picked. She ain’t changing. And I love her. She’s beautiful in her own way, because she’s confident in her appearance, and Kerry feels she’s beautiful.

            And keep in mind, in a world where these two are already developing advanced transformation skills, who cares what they look like? I’ve already stated that by the coming summer Kerry loses his glasses because he’ll know how to fix his eyesight. If Annie doesn’t want her hair to grow–and not only on her head, but ANYWHERE–magic will take care of that. Not to mention their ageing will start slowing down soon, so nothing like being twenty-five and looking like a couple of flawless sixteen year old kids right off a Hollywood movie set. Right?

          • The same goes for Emma and Lisa.

            I’ll watch Twilight tonight. I need to completely erase from my mind this sudden image of Annie looking like Christina Ricci . Pronto. Don’t hate me, LOL.

          • But you’re not a lesbian, are you ? You’re a woman now.

            Well, about Neville Longbottom…. not my type either. How he turned out is just a big surprise. Look at Daniel Radcliff. he was a cute 12 year old, and look at him now. Even that ugly dorky boy from Sixteen Candles turned out to be a hunk .

            Meg Ryan was gorgeous in Sleepless in Seattle ( one of my all time favs ) but look at her now. She didn’t age well.

          • The last time I checked, lesbians ARE women. 😉

            Meg had cosmetic surgery, and that messed her up. You gotta be careful with that stuff, because it can really change your appearance as you grow older.

          • Oh, right. Lesbians are women. But , but lesbians like women, and indifferent to men, right ?

            Meg Ryan did have cosmetic surgery. Do you remember that woman ( the Duchess ) who is Julie Andrews rival ? I saw her again , and I swear she must be a 100 years old now, but she still looks nice. She aged well. Oh, and Julue Andrews looks fine too. I’m sure these women didn’t have surgeries. I find the woman , the wife of Kirk Russel and mother of Kate Hudson , kind of creepy.

          • I’m not indifferent to men, but I don’t find them appealing in a sexual way. I can say the guy who played Nevile is pretty hot, but only in the sense that I can tell he’s good looking. As far as any girl boners, though–nada. He doesn’t do it for me.

            Julie is nice. I’m trying to think of who this Duchess is–what movie? And Goldie Hawn? I remember when she was totally cute.

          • Sound of Music…. both that woman as the Duchess who likes the Captain and Julie Andrews are in it, and both women still look fine even if they are both 100 years old.

          • I saw Julie Andrews in Princess Diaries. Doesn’t she look fine ? How old is she ? Mom says she was in 5th or 4th grade when Sound of Music was made, and Julie Andrews was already an adult, and by the looks of it, already in her 30’s. And mom is what, already in her 60’s now ? SShe was born in’. 53. So Julie Andrews must be in her 90’s now. And she doesn’t look her age ! !

          • Or . . . he’s waiting to see if she’s going to dis Annie, at which time his curse kicks in. He IS a sorceress, you know, and he’s shown he can be kinda nasty about it when he wants. Maybe he just wants to see the look on Emma’s face when she realizes he can’t talk to her anymore.

          • That’s good, if that’s the case. maybe he’s just waiting for Emma to make a mistake, and bam, his curse kicks in. And he wants to see how the curse works.

            I’ve never really seen Kerry being nasty. Annie ? Yes , to the point that she was restrained.

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