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The Samhain Dance: Stump the Geeks

Well, that was interesting . . .

Last night, I mean.  Not so much today, but last night, it just seems to go on and on, and it was hard getting into the swing of writing, probably because I’m looking things up as I go.  You’d think I’d know to have these things laid out ahead of time before I start, right?

But I still got it going, and I ended up with just about the same totals I’ve had the prior two nights:


Words 07/21/2015: 724
Words 07/22/2015: 895
Words 07/23/2015: 794


That’s what you have to call consistency.  I have a feeling I’ll hit close to nine hundred or so tonight, because I’m envisioning ending the scene tonight, then starting this post late in the evening so it will auto-post in the morning, because–believe it or not–I have to be on the road by about six forty-five in the AM tomorrow.  Why?  You’ll probably find out Sunday.

As for the eight hundred words that follow–do they advance the plot?  Nope.  A little information is given, but it’s a big of character building.  I love character building.  And as the title points out, there’s some stumpin’ going on . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Alex smiled before looking over her shoulder to snort. “At least you were good racer on your side.”

“Yeah, well . . .” Nadine looked about for her racing team mates. “I race clean ‘cause I don’t want to fly off a broom at a couple of hundred kilometers an hour.”

“Neither do I.” Penny shrugged. “I only got pissy with people on my own team today. Though . . .” Her eyes fell upon a mass of red hair a dozen meters away. “I was about to kick one ginger girl’s ass today.”

Annie looked in the same direction as everyone else, where Emma stood speaking with a few of the Mórrígan warriors who would soon venture forth to do battle with the Åsgårdsreia shield maidens. She glanced at Kerry, who stood showing no emotion. After their discussion while returning from The Diamond he’d not said a word about her or the races, his only mention of the event had been to promise Annie that he’d not go on about the events of the Mórrígan race, or let them bother him. He’s put it behind him—one way in which he’s not like my father . . .

“Who is she suppose to be?” Jairo scratched his head. “Kerry, you seemed to know these things—”

He did know who she was. “She’s Ginny Weasley.”

“I thought she was Hermione?”

“Nope. Hair’s straight for one, and—” Kerry pointed in her direction. “That’s a Gryffindor quidditch uniform she’s got on. Hermione didn’t play quidditch.”

Penny stared at the floor, shaking her head. “You gotta be kidding. How lame.”


Man, feel the Emma hate.  And given how the other racers as Salem feel about the magical sport of quidditch–which is to say, they think it’s laughable–it’s not an easy time tonight.  Plus–a witch pretending to be a witch?  M’kay.

"I'm a witch, and I fly a broom, too!  Watch me throw a block."

“I’m a witch, and I fly a broom, too! Watch me throw a block.”

Emma may be in for a hard time on the course, is all I’m gonna say . . .

However, someone comes along to help out a little on her behalf, and to answer some questions:


“Now, now.” Erywin joined the group. She wore a long, bright robe and a dark cloak, and sandals. She carried a spear in her left hand, and her arms and legs were covered in runic tattoos. The group parted as she stepped alongside Jessica. “Miss Neilson can’t be held responsible for her costume, for it’s my understanding she came up with it on her own rather than asking for ideas—” She nodded towards Kerry. “—as she had last year.”

Kerry remained quiet, not wanting to get drawn into the discussion. Alex had other ideas, however. “Professor, may I—”

“Erywin, please.” She slowly shook her head. “I left the professor title in my room for the evening.”

“Erywin, then. Did you do anything about how she raced today?”

Penny spoke up. “Yeah, she pulled some heinous shite out on the course today.”

“I spoke with her.” Nadine put her hands on her hips while her dragon friend flapped its wings once before hunkering down. “I’m team captain, and it’s my duty to let a team member know if their actions during a race were warranted.”

That wasn’t good enough for Penny. “And if she doesn’t listen to you?”

“Then I step in.” Erywin lay her spear across her chest. “And if I have to step in, someone’s gonna get their arse ripped open.”

“Yeah—” Kerry chuckled. “Don’t mess with Boudica.”

Erywin’s arms slipped to her side. “How did you know?”

Annie decided to answer, because she’d figured out the answer almost as soon as she saw the instructor. “Celtic warrior queen often associated with the goddess Mórrígan, which happens to be—” She set the tip of her left index finger under her chin. “Your coven, I believe?”

Kerry slipped an arm around Annie and tilted his head towards his left. “What she said.”


It’s bad enough getting outed by Kerry, but when Annie is owning you–well, it’s not good.

Who was Boudica?  Only one of the most bad ass queens who lived.  A member of the British Iceni tribe, the Romans made the mistake of taking her kingdom when her husband died, flogging her, raping her daughter and her, and then calling in their loads.  At that point she said, “You wanna know what my business is?  Killing is my business–and business is good,” and proceed to burn Roman shit down.  By the time she died on at The Battle of Watling Street–either by taking poison, from a cold, or killed in battle, depending on who’s telling the story–seventy to eighty thousand people were killed, and her army sacked and burned three settlements, including Londinium, and ended Roman rule in the south of England for about four hundred years.

A Disney Princess she wasn’t.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful; hate me because I'm about to hang your ass from a cross."

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful; hate me because I’m about to nail your ass to a cross.”

But wait!  Time for another coven leader to put in an appearance–


“Maybe I’ll have better luck.” Deanna slipped up behind Erywin before stepping around her. Her costume was an elaborate warrior’s suit of armor, with dark leggings and undershirt worn under form-fitting armor across her torso and hips. She had gauntlets on both wrists, and her flat boots were fitted with guards that protected her knees. She carried a sword in a scabbard across her back, and held a small shield in her left hand.

“Well.” Annie’s eyebrows shot upward. “Quite a difference from last year.”

“My students have been after me to try something different.” The seer cocked her head to the right as she glanced towards Kerry. “Well?”

He stood silently for about three seconds before a smile began to form upon his face. “You gotta try harder, Lady Sif.”

Deanna shifted her eyes to her right to take in her fellow coven leaders. “He’s good.”

Jessica nodded. “Good thing he’s with us.”

“Good thing they’re both with us.” Erywin nodded towards Deanna while speaking to Kerry. “How did you know?”

“The look of the armor and the sheath on the back is right out of the movie. Plus Sif is a shield maiden, and . . .” He nodded towards Annie—

—Who immediately picked up on the clue. “Aren’t all shield maidens found in Åsgårdsreia Coven?”

Kerry nodded. “You guys—I’m on a roll. What can I say?”

“Maybe I can stop that roll.”


And Annie tips it in again!  But, yes:  Deanna showing up as another Marvel character, Lady Sif of Asgard, who I do not hide my admiration for, even if she is a fictional character.  The outfit does fit with her coven’s rep–because Åsgårdsreia Coven is the home of the Shield Maidens–and it’s also a modest outfit, which is keeping in what Deanna likes to wear–

"Read your fortune?  Run you through?  Makes no different to me."

“See your future? Run you through? Could be both are one and the same.”

But who is coming to break up the Lovey Dovey Couple’s streak?  Ha!  I know, but you don’t, at least not until tomorrow.  And we still don’t know what they’re wearing, do we?

Looking at the list, and . . . nope.  Still being a cliffhanger Nazi.

Looking at the list, and . . . nope.  Looks like I’m still a cliffhanger Nazi.

24 thoughts on “The Samhain Dance: Stump the Geeks

  1. Well, well…….Ginny Weasley gets the guy at the end of the story. Emma’s message is as subtle as a ten-wheeler truck. Well done, Emma. Well done.

    And it looks like some students, and all the teachers know the triangle situation. And Kerry is pretending to be oblivious to the object of discussion.

    I bet when THAT time comes, everyone will be agog about what happens next. Hey, it’s Emma they’re talking about here.

  2. I’m more frustrated with Annie. I just wish you didn’t make her too unaware of the ways of the world. ( she’s too young, though , so …. )

    Kerry > Meh.

    • Um, how do you know she’s unaware? Because she’s not telling someone that they need to watch out for the Colorado Ginger’s wily charms? She doesn’t have to: she knows Kerry and trusts him. she doesn’t warn him because she’s confident in their relationship. She has no fear. I was speaking with the “real Annie” last night, and she said that one of the reasons people think she’s stand-offish and selfish is because she knows what she wants, she has her eyes on the prize, and she’s confident in her ability to keep it. She knows who her soul mate is, and that means trust in his ability to do the right thing and see his one true love.

      She’s known Kerry *all her life*. She’s told him she’s been in love with him *since she was six* and planning their wedding *since he was eight*. She knows exactly what she wants, and she’s focused on that, and it’s *hers*. And he’s not run, not strayed. He’s secure in their relationship, and so is she.

      The reason Annie isn’t handing out warnings about Emma? Because Emma isn’t worth her goddamn time. Ding, ding, ding. Oh, what’s that? Oh, that’s the elevator, ’cause Emma ain’t no where NEAR Annie’s level. 🙂

      • I don’t know what’s going to happen, so this is just how I see things as events unfold.

        To me, though Annie is focused on her ” supposed destiny “, its a very narrow tunnel of vision, and I see that she just shrugs off or refuses to see what’s around that tunnel. She has to take heed Deanna’s warning that her visions are not 100 % sure. She has lived in a bauble of magic and has not really experienced the all too human foibles of life.. after all, they are still humans. Stuff can happen.

        • She’s an only child from a wealthy family, so she’d be a bit secluded even if she weren’t a witch. It’s just in the case of Kerry she’s been with him all her life, and knows him so well. Stuff can happen–but she *knows* the happening stuff won’t be Kerry running off with another girl. She KNOWS this. And Kerry doesn’t want it, either. Any 11 year old boy who hears his girlfriend confessing to having had her father build her a house for her HONEYMOON NIGHT and say that night will be with him . . . if he’s still with her, it’s love. It is.

          And if that don’t worry, there’s always the naked dancing around the bonfire after the dancing around midnight. Annie can probably swing an invite for that. 😉

          • I haven’t thought of Kerry running away with another girl,,,, how can he do that…. leave Salem ? Ain’t gonna happen.

            Emma is brazenly relentless in her pursuit of Kerry, fair or foul. There’s always a possibility though that at one point, she’ll get under his skin. I’m sure Emma would prefer that over being ignored.

            I’ve been binge- watching Filipino movies. I want to learn the language more. Last night, I watched ” The Thing Called Tadhana ” * (Destiny or Fate )
            It’s a funny movie, down to earth, lots of cussing, and the acting is good and natural ( that’s the difference between Filipino movies and Korean movies that I’ve watched so far. )
            Anyway, for some reason, I thought of Annie, lol. Hey, you can watch it, too, with English subtitles… for curiousity’s sake, at least.

          • Annie will probably start cursing more and more as she gets older. As for Kerry . . . there’s a scene coming up where he’ll be in New York City with Emma.

          • Problem is , the movie is cut almost at the end…. I think the movie is too long.

            Also, the acting of the guy , is intentional…. he acts like Pedro. ( forgot the title of Pedro’s movie, he he )

          • You’ll get used to the slow pacing..

            But it’s very Filipino…. spot on…. even the intro, where the main girl is taking out excess baggage, ha ha ha….. VERY Filipino… we do that at the airport all the time, ha ha ha…. and only Filipinos do that, I think.

            Also, the style of romance is Filipino . Very refreshing. Oh, ofc, you can’t watch it now. You’re at work, right ?

  3. Hey, Cassie !!! Yooohoo ! I just watched a Filipino horror film titled THE ROAD. It’s on Netflix ! ! Just type the title on Search. I think that’s more your type rather than a chick flick like The Thing Called Tadhana.

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