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The Only Ones

Well, now, it was writing time, but I wouldn’t say it was one of my finest moments.  It’s so difficult to get back into the swing of things when you’re tired and you know you have a few thousand words ahead of you to get done before you get into your personal stuff.  Yeah, busy weekends mean it’s busy catch up time on the novel front.

This means I was able to get just a few words over five hundred into the bank before I decided they weren’t coming any more and it was time for bed.  That’s not a lot, but I think–think, mind you–that things will go better tonight.  Besides, I have a goal to shoot towards–

Probably the only "close to six figures" I'll ever see.

Probably the only “close to six figures” I’ll ever see.

Yes, I’m one thousand, seven hundred, and fifty-five words away from hitting one hundred thousand words for the third time, and I’d like to hit this by Friday night, because that will stay with my current rate of cranking out about five thousand words a week.  As if it, it looks as if I’ll reach that milestone in the next scene, because this one is just about over.

So . . . Annie talking about sex–you know, that sex.  When I was last here I left off with a question by Deanna that, to me, feels like a good place to start up once again–


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Deanna chose her next words carefully, because she didn’t want to make Annie overwrought. “Do you think it’s possible that either you or Kerry will have—sex with someone else before your marriage?”

Annie’s calm expression never changed. “No.”

Deanna leaned towards her. “I can understand you knowing your feelings, but Kerry—”


“You don’t think he would?”

This time Annie’s calm began to shift into one of slight disbelief. “I said no, Deanna.” Before the seer could query the matter further, Annie shifted around so she was looking over the back of the sofa. “Do you see Kerry out there?”

Deanna spotted him right away, dancing in his own clumsy, flapping about with the rhythm way with Nadine. “Yes.”

“You noticed how Nadine asked me if she could dance with Kerry?”

“How could I not?”

“She did that because she respects our relationship, because she respects us both—” Annie turned back to her normal seated position so she was once again facing Deanna. “She did that because she respects me, because she didn’t want to impose herself by violating our personal boundaries.

“But did you notice what Kerry did? He waited to see what I would say. If I’d have said no, he’d have been as good with that answer as he was when I said yes. He did that because he not only loves me, but he respects me.” She slipped her hands together and rested them against her thighs as she now leaned towards the seer. “There is only one girl Kerry will lose his virginity to, and I am that girl. There are no others.”


I know what you’re saying:  “She’s only thirteen, how the hell does she know that?”  Because, I know, hormones and all that, Kerry has them, and they’ve been known to lead even the strongest willed boy astray.

But Annie is a different kind of thirteen year old girl.  There is something I know that you don’t–which is my normal mantra, “I know something you don’t”–and this very adult understanding of her soul mate might seem strange in other girls her age–who are often losing their shit over the fact that some guy they like was seen hanging out with another girl–it’s not strange for Annie.

And in case you’re wondering, “When will we learn why Annie is so different from other thirteen year old girls?” I can tell you:  sometime in the beginning of the D Level novel.  Say . . . four hundred thousand words from now?  Hang in their, kids.

This last statement has Deanna asking another question . . .


She appreciated Annie’s conviction in feeling that Kerry will be her first, and he hers, but Deanna knew there were other pressures at school that could skew that dream. “You don’t believe there’s anyone here that could tempt him?”

Annie glanced over her right shoulder towards where Emma stood speaking with a group of girls. “There are no other distractions—” She turned back to Deanna and deftly crossed her legs. “—worth mentioning.”


Ding, Ding, Ding.  What’s that, Emma?  Oh, that’s the elevator, ’cause you’re not on the same level as Annie.  In short, she just laid a bit of, “Bitch can suck it,” smack on her, and that’s that.  She gives zero shits about The Ginger From Bolder and doesn’t consider her a concern.  And in case anyone has any questions–and I know they’ll come–watch Chapter Twelve.  It’s coming.  Yes, it is.

Where does this leave us?


Deanne decided not to press the issue further because she knew the discussion would return to the same point each time, and now that Annie’s beliefs were out in the open, there was little point in continuing to examine them. “If that is true, then we’re back at the beginning: you’re afraid you’ll both falter and give into weakness.”

Annie cast her sight downward for a moment. “Yes. That second vision seemed to indicate the possibility exists.”

“But you’re forgetting something—” Deanna held up her finger for emphases. “The second vision could be wrong. You weren’t far enough along in that vision to witness the outcome, so it is entirely possible that you weren’t going to engage in . . .” She cleared her throat. “That act.” Deanna expected the girl to respond, but saw something in her body language that indicated that whatever she was going to saw, it wouldn’t come without prodding. “You felt something, didn’t you?”

Almost five seconds passed before Annie nodded slowly. “This last summer was far more difficult than I expected.”

Deanna said nothing; not asking questions at this moment was the key to getting her to open up. “Please tell me.”


Yeah, tell us, Annie; tell us how difficult this last summer was.  Because it sounds like The Chestnut Girl isn’t completely immune to her own feelings, which is why she’s having this conversation.

Looks like I have a summer to recollect ahead of me . . .

20 thoughts on “The Only Ones

  1. It’s 3:30 AM . G’morning, Cassie !

    First to LIKE !

    I don’t know what to say. I’m sure I’m going to say the same thing again and again, like a broken record.
    I admire Annie’s absolute trust in Kerry, but to me, it’s a almost a character flaw to be too unrealistically and naively trusting. I hope Deanna can explain a few facts about the birds and the bees to a 13 year old girl since she’s the adult in this conversation. Deanna should tell her that, yes, Nadine respects her and her relationship with Kerry, but does Emma ? And yes, she knows herself and she’s in control of her hormones, but it’s too naïve of her to assert her control of Kerry’s. Oh, in fact, she herself is not sure if she can control her own.

    Oi, Cassie. I have a feeling you’re setting up the future scenes…. maybe you can give it a title, The Temptation. Ha ha

    And the possibility of betrayal is nearly 100%

    • First to like, first to comment!

      If you really think Annie doesn’t know about the birds and the bees–or, in this case, where Kerry’s penis is supposed to go ;)–and she isn’t aware that Emma probably still likes Kerry, you don’t get Annie. Seriously, how many girls her age have a discussion like THIS with a woman twice her age, and she’s not flipping out and releasing the llamas from the pen, while Deanna is the one listening and nodding and going, “I see”? Like I said, about another half million words from now–oh, jeez–you’ll find out some real truth about Annie, but for now she’s just another teen girl.

      Also, wait for Chapter Twelve. Just wait.

        • How is it obvious? Annie just dismissed her, so she knows something. Also, she knows that Emma kissed Kerry, because he told her. And Emma hasn’t done anything since, so I wouldn’t really call it a triangle.

          It’s been mentioned that some teachers have noticed she “acts differently” around Kerry. Erywin said she’s heard things in the coven, too.

          • It’s obvious coz her trust in Kerry is absolute. She should know 99.% of men can be tempted when given an opportunity, like the 3 – day Polar Express with the unusual sleeping arrangement of wingmates sharing a tent, no matter what their genders are. And if that’s Emma who can do whatever she likes openly and shamelessly, who knows what she’ll do when given this heaven-sent opportunity to be alone with Kerry.

            Earlier on, I believed 13 year old boys wouldn’t indulge in such stuff. But, I heard the story of the head of security at our subdivision in the Philippines. He was 13 going on 14 when he was seduced by a 17 year old girl, and got her pregnant. By the time he was 18, he already had 3 kids with her.

            I do think Annie should throw that trust out the window, and not be totally complacent with regards to Emma. I mean, the whole school know, including all the teachers. There must be some open flirting going on. And Emma is encouraged because Kerry is not discouraging her. Not letting Emma to be on his left side is not exactly discouraging her.

            By the way, when is The Phoenix going to appear ?

          • Kerry is the 1%. Annie knows this. 😉 And there is no open flirting, because it would have been seen or mentioned by now.

            The Phoenix–or “Phee” as most people call her–shows up in Act Three.

          • I’ve been waiting for her/him/it.

            The Phoenix is such a mystery to me. I’d like to know if she’s Kerry’s great, great great grandma. How long has the Phoenix existed anyway ?

  2. Knowing that the couple is going to face a few challenges this year that will test their own limits as well as that of their relationship with one another, I actually have a theory that may explain a possibility of their not being each others’ firsts.

    I doubt Annie is lying. I doubt it very much actually. In her mind, what she says is true. There is no way, absolutely no way, they will have sex with someone besides each other.

    At this point in their lives, they’re probably sure – actually, they’re not or Annie wouldn’t be asking – they’re going to be each others’ firsts, but time has a funny way of changing one’s mind. I foresee the challenges in their lives splitting them for a bit, even if they make their way back to one another in the end. During their time apart, it would be easy to see – especially if the split happens when their “hormones rage” – how they might have sex with other people.

    Will it be Emma? Somehow, I don’t think so. Not unless she does it against Kerry’s will. Why? He kinda cursed her ass. Yes, it prevents her from saying anything against Kerry’s girl, but if she can’t badmouth someone and have that connection, even if he’s the one sitting and complaining first for whatever reason, it would be really hard to have sex with that person. Sex is a connection – whether just phyisical or emotional as well. At this point in his life, Kerry’s not attracted to Emma. Could that change? Yes, but I don’t see it. And because they don’t have an emotional connection (that I’ve really seen) besides flying – which, while she’s proven herself to be an excellent flier, she’s also proven herself to be kind of a dick about it – I don’t see them having the emotional connection necessary for sex either.

    Another thought is the other girl… No Name. The one he’s seen in his dreams a couple times, but isn’t Annie. I think she’s going to play a major role in Kerry’s life in the future, and I’m not positive it will end well between him and Annie because of it. Soulmates or not, I see rough times ahead…

    • It might be rough, but there is a lot of love between them. What I’m seeing as I right is that Annie is becoming more passionate, but in a more physical way: she wants to touch, to hug, to kiss, because her body is changing and she’s finding that something she’s never encountered before. It’s strange to say they knew each other all their lives, and fell in love many years before, but all that happened in dreams, and even as real as they are, you’re starting to see that there are tiny differences between dreams and reality. If it had to be explained, it’s probably that the tactile sensations between them is slightly different: after all, while they *feel* things in dreams, it’s still not one hundred percent real.

      And Kerry is maturing. He’s getting his emotions under control, but he still has his passion. He’s with the girl he loves, and you can see how different he is between home and school. It’s all Annie.

      But you are right: there are going to be challenges ahead. And it’s all about them coming out of them complete.

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