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The End of the Ice Princess

Eighteen twelve.  Not only an overture which we can get behind, but how many words my scene finally came to when I ended it last night.  I figured that after eighteen hundred words I’d said what needed to be said, and wrapped it up.  Why did I do that?  Because you don’t stretch out a scene any further than what needs stretching, and I’d reached the right point to move onto what comes next.

Before that, however, here are my word counts for the last three nights of writing:


Words 07/26/2015: 688
Words 07/28/2015: 503
Words 07/29/2015: 621


As you can see I skipped a day there because of electrolysis, work, and a dinner engagement exactly in that order, but I stayed pretty steady throughout the whole process, average six hundred words a night.  Oh, and last night I didn’t get home until about six-thirty because I stopped off for drinks and chat, my first time to do that in a long time, which means by the time I was out of the shower and feeling human again, it was close to eight before I began writing.

Oh, an one other milestone:

It's just one more, it's eleven . . . hundred.

It’s just one more, it’s eleven . . . hundred.

Yes, I’m only about eleven hundred words from reached one hundred thousand, and if my writing skills hold up tonight as they have this week, I’ll likely hit that mark Friday night.  I will try, however, to get closer to a thousand words tonight, and if I manage that, then I’m going to try and push it over the top.  I don’t know, but I do know there is dancing in the next scene.

As for this scene?  Well, Annie mentions a few things about herself . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Almost five seconds passed before Annie nodded slowly. “This last summer was far more difficult than I expected.”

Deanna said nothing; not asking questions at this moment was the key to getting her to open up. “Please tell me.”

A moment of hesitancy crossed Annie’s face as she leaned into the arm of the sofa before she relaxed. “You told me last year that being with Kerry in person was different than it had been when we’d met in our dreams—”

“I remember that discussion.”

“I didn’t believe it at the time, and I right up until I arrived home I thought getting through the summer would be a strange, but that it wouldn’t be hard.” She shook her head. “I was wrong; I missed him horribly. I’d wake up in the morning and expect to find him outside my door: I’d go to bed at night wishing he was there to kiss me goodnight and tell me he loves me.” Annie stared at her hand in her lap. “We wrote to each other constantly and managed to meet in our dreams twice, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to be able to touch him, and I couldn’t.

“Then we met in London for those few hours, and . . .” Her voice caught in her throat. “I know Helena and Erywin meant well, but being with Kerry for those few hours, and then leaving him behind for at least another month—it was maddening. I just—” She sighed softly. “That was when I discovered . . .”

Though Deanna’s sight was well developed, she didn’t need it to anticipate where the conversation was headed. “You were like any other girl in love?”

“Yes.” Annie chuckled. “I always knew I was, but there was more. Until that time we spent in London, I didn’t realize I had—” A touch of redness came to her cheeks as she said the word. “Urges.”

Deanna tilted her head slightly. “Really?”

“Yes. Not often, but there was one time, I was sleeping in the main house, and before I got up I—” She gave a little smile as she shrugged. “When I went out to my sitting room my mother was there with breakfast. I think she may have heard me.”

After a few years of being a coven leader and a counselor, of dealing with the drama of tweens and teens growing up in her coven, of listening to students who’d fallen into and out of love, of giving guidance and comfort to those who found themselves in their first sexual encounters—she’d learned to keep her emotions off her face—except this time she couldn’t. Deanna’s smile was wide and bright. “Annie. I’m . . .” She patted Annie’s hand. “You are definitely growing up. I’m pleasantly surprised.”

“That I’m not an ice princess as others have said?” She was well aware of the things others in her level had said of her during the last school year, and not all of them were as complementary as “lovey dovey”.

“I’ve always known you were passionate; all you’ve done is confirm your passion.” Deanna nodded towards a group of people off to Annie’s right. “Maybe you’d like to speak with someone else about this?”

She turned and saw a group of students speaking with Headmistress Laventure and Coraline. She’d overheard Helena saying that the headmistress was coming as Madam Marie Curie, but she was unsure of Coraline’s costume. She thought she might be Merida from the Brave movie that came out over the summer—what with the bow and quiver of arrows Coraline had strapped to her back—but she looked like she was dressed for winter, and as far as she knew the movie didn’t take place in that season. She made a note to ask Kerry when he was finished and returned to her talk. “I would rather not speak with her right now.” Annie glanced over her shoulder and saw Kerry coming off the dance floor. “Especially right now . . .”


Urges?  Annie has urges?  Yep, big time.  Must be hormones.  I mean, why should the boys have all the fun?  If anything it’s probably noted more at Salem because there are so many girls.  But Annie maybe getting caught by her mom?  That is probably something that Mama Kirilova has never had to deal with, and I imagine that Annie probably had to whistle up all her willpower to keep from sporting Guilty Face when she came out of her bedroom to use the bathroom.

So what does an Ice Princess say when her mom gives her that “Were you doing something in there?” look?

"Morning, Mama.  I was, um . . . defrosting."

“Morning, Mama. I was, um . . . defrosting.”

At least Frozen won’t come out for a few years in story time, so Annie doesn’t have to worry about coming to the Samhain Dance as Elsa–yet.

Tonight, it’s time to get some dancing on . . .

13 thoughts on “The End of the Ice Princess

  1. When Frozen does come out in story-world-time, I can see one of the characters saying something like, “Annie was Elsa before Elsa existed” or something similar. 😉

  2. Uhm, I don’t get it. I know guys do that , how often, I have no idea, but girls, too ? and a 12 year old at that ?

    She’s really in love with Kerry. To the max. Houston, we have a problem.

    I wonder if Kerry’s that in love , too.

    • Given that kids are starting puberty at like 9 and 10 these days–AND given the sort of stuff that’s happening to their right now–I don’t see it as being out of the question that a 13 year old Annie–well, almost 13 at the time–is starting to feel . . . urges. I mean, if we’re talking about Kerry being unable to control himself at 13 during the Polar Express, Annie probably feels like she could use a little, um, “pick me up” from time to time. Particularly when she’s lonely and thinking of her soul mate. Today’s 12/13 is like when I was 16, and yeah, that sort of stuff happened 40 years ago.

      And yes: girls, too. Annie probably has the maturity of a girl at least five to ten years older, and who knows what those magical powers do to their body. You’re also talking about a girl who said she was in love with a boy in her dreams when she was seven. Yes, major love.

      As for Kerry . . . he feel in love early, but because of the shit that was his home life he was afraid to mention it to Annie until he was, what–nine? Yeah, nine. On his birthday. He’s in love. Deny that at your own risk.

  3. By the way, the teachers should not allow Annie and Kerry to share a room anymore.

    Actually, Deanna said they should not force their vision to happen, right ? If a vision is something they don’t want, like Kerry’s vision of Emma, Kerry should not do anything to prevent that from happening. Like, just let events unfold.

  4. I think Nadine has a crush on Kerry. I remember that time when she stared at Kerry and I asked you if she lked him, and you said no, Nadine will not be in the equation, but methinks Kerry is getting too much attention from Nadine. Oi, Cassie, have you turned this into a harem ?

    • Nadine asking Kerry to dance does not this make a harem. Remember, four girls for every boy, and Nadine formed a bond with Kerry teaching him a song the year before, so asking someone she knows not to be a creep, who doesn’t perv on her, to dance, isn’t out of the ordinary. AND she asked Annie first. If she was really trying to act like the “dominate female”, she’d have asked him directly.

      • Well, I have no idea what else will Nadine do in the future, but as a reader who plays close attention to details, ( and following the series like a hawk ), Nadine does give Kerry undue attention., and any reader will think, hmmm.

        In a forum, I can bet there’s gonna be speculations on Nadine.

        And I kid you not, this matter of Kerry’s first time wil have its own thread, with thousands of comments, and I tell you, , 99% of the comments will be, no, Annie won’t be his first time.

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