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Final Moments in the Garden of Salem: The Entry

Where are we?  Back to the last Samhain scene, that’s where.  I promised I was going to write, and yesterday I did.  I actually stayed in all day Sunday and didn’t put on any makeup for the first time since I’ve started wearing the stuff, and between naps and watching The Walking Dead Season 2, I wrote.  I actually wrote a lot, because besides doing my notes for my recap of Humans, Episode 6–where I wrote about a thousand words–I wrote eleven hundred words for this scene, most of which is below.

A two thousand word day.  Not bad at all.

The dance is over and the kids are winding down, but there’s a few things they needed to do before getting to their current location:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

They’d sat on their sofa for nearly an hour snuggling and chatting. Several people had come back to chat as well, including Wednesday and Isis, who were dressed respectively—according to Kerry—as Chell from the Portal video game and Samus Aran from the Metroid video games. She also managed to discover who Coraline was portraying: Ygritte from the A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels. When she asked if he was sure she wasn’t Merida from Brave, he smile and told her she knew nothing.

They spent the next hour and a half dancing. Fast dances, medium, slow: they were there for them all. The year before they’d spent most of the night sitting, and usually danced when the song tempo was slow. This year he didn’t care how he looked on the floor: as he said while they were on the sofa after dancing to her dedication song, he didn’t care if people thought he looked ridiculous, he wanted to dance with her.

After that it was back to the sofa for some rest before they made their way to Selena’s Meadow and the huge lit bonfires there. As they’d done the year before they walked between the majestic fires and paused in the middle to allow the heat to wash over them. She heard Kerry sigh amid the sounds and scents of the bonfire, and felt his hand tighten around hers. As they emerged from the other side she wondered if Kerry had felt the same sense of renewal as had she.


So now you know what was worn by Wednesday:

I wonder if Wednesday went the whole evening not saying anything?

Did she go the whole evening not saying anything?


I can see a Chief of Security wearing something like this.

I can see a Chief of Security wearing something like this.

And Coraline:

Wonder if Coraline was dreaming of lots of snow?

Wonder she was dreaming of lots of snow?

And let me tell you, coming up with customs for twenty characters–I found my notes in one of the posts and counted–was not an easy task, but I not only came up with the outfits, I showed them!  Ha!  Take that.

But we’re still not in the garden–what happened before that?


After that it was back to the sofa for some rest before they made their way to Selena’s Meadow and the huge lit bonfires there. As they’d done the year before they walked between the majestic fires and paused in the middle to allow the heat to wash over them. She heard Kerry sigh amid the sounds and scents of the bonfire, and felt his hand tighten around hers. As they emerged from the other side she wondered if Kerry had felt the same sense of renewal as had she.

They walked hand-in-hand from the meadow to the path leading back to The Pentagram. They didn’t speak the entire time during their walk, preferring to enjoy the silence while surrounded by darkness. The met no one on the way, but Annie didn’t find that surprising: with it growing cooler many of the students took The Chunnel back to their towers, while those who could often flew or jaunted. She was aware they could have flown to the bonfire and then returned the same way, but Annie knew Kerry loved this walk, as did she. It wasn’t the same as finding a quiet place in the coven commons and snuggling, but she savored these moments alone with her soul mate as much as their times alone on a sofa.

They finally came to the end of the path and entered the clearing between the small parking lot and Founder’s Oak. There weren’t any vehicle in the lot; there never were, save for the first night they arrived in the bus from the train station. The people who come to the school don’t drive. Annie brought Kerry’s hand up and kissed the back. Even for Ostara people jaunt in to watch the program


Since everyone jaunts in to see the Ostara performances and show, that means the parents and relatives know their kids are witchy witches.  And that means unless you come from Legacy families, A and B Level kids will not have their folks and friends in for a show.  So Kerry is performing only to the school–or, I should say, one student in particular.  That means the only people who come into the school are jaunting, or perhaps they’re flying in on a PAV.  The parking lot is just for show; go jaunt or stay home.

Finally they’re in the garden–or, really, just right outside the walls . . .


Kerry looked around and sighed. “So quiet.”

“It’s late.” Annie leaned against Kerry as they walked. “It’s after midnight, my love.”

“I know.” They reached the path leading to Founder’s Gate and began heading up the slight incline. “I don’t feel tired at all, though.”

“Nor to do. I could stay up all night were it not that we have class in the morning.”

“I know; I feel the same way, Sweetie.” Kerry released Annie’s hand and placed his arm around her shoulders. “Though we have to get up in a few hours. That Advanced Self Defense class really puts a crimp in the weekend.”

“Well, we didn’t have to take it: we could have said no and slept in on Sundays.”

He chuckled. “Like we did last year?”

She sighed. “I know, my love. I know.”

They reached Founder’s Gate and stopped a couple of meters inside the immense archway bisecting the Pentagram Wall. Kerry wrapped his arms around Annie and pulled her close. “You cold, Sweetie?”

“No, I’m fine.” She rested her head upon Kerry’s shoulder. “This shawl is keeping me warm—and you’re doing a good job as well.” Annie kissed Kerry. “Ti si moyata vechna lyubov.”

He smiled shone through the darkness inside the gate. “I hope that was good.”

“It was.”

“Then the same for you, my darling.” He took her hand and led her the rest of the way through the gate and into the garden.


What does Annie say there?  I’m not saying.  Ha!  I’m being mean, but only because what she says is oh, so personal.

Finally they entered the interior of The Pentagram and head into the huge garden there.  And there are thoughts–


The Great Hall stood before them, blanked in shadows by the dim indirect light that remained on until one in the morning. Since it was still on, Annie knew it wasn’t yet one, though she guessed it wouldn’t remain on for much longer. I want to see them go out. She directed Kerry towards the path they’d taken many times on late-night walks through the garden before heading to their home away from their homes. I want to walk with Kerry through the darkness to our home, to our floor, to our beds— Another thought entered her head and Annie couldn’t keep her giggle suppressed.

Kerry glanced over. “What’s so funny?”

“I was wondering . . .” She pulled them into a slower walk. “It didn’t bother you at all that you were wearing girl’s clothes tonight?”


Um, Annie?  Are you trying to kill the mood?  No, it’s just how she is, and she knows she’ll get a response from Kerry:


He turned a half-smirk on his girlfriend. “I wasn’t wearing girl’s clothes.”

“Oh?” Annie raised an eyebrow. “Didn’t you show me pictures of how she was dressed in the cartoon?”


“Anime, then. Isn’t your outfit—” She nodded towards him. “—what she wore?”


“Then they’re girl’s clothes.”

Kerry laughed softly. “I guess you’re right.”

Annie chuckled. “Aren’t I always?”

“Hummm—” He kissed her on the cheek. “Pretty much always.”

“Maybe next year we can wear those other outfits that Pang mentioned—” She playfully tugged against his arm. “What did he call them?”

Kerry gave a low sigh. “Fukus.”

Annie wasn’t trying to embarrass Kerry, but she loved the light flush that appeared upon his cheeks. So much like he was last year. “And what are those?”

“You should know: you wear one.” He laughed longer this time. “School girl’s uniforms, but more stylized because, you know, they’re magical girls.” He shook his head. “I don’t think I’m ready to wear one of those.” Kerry tugged on his jacket lapel with his free hand. “This is about as much crossplaying as I want to do right now.”

“Well—” Annie released Kerry’s hand and ran it along his back and shoulders. “I wouldn’t mind seeing you in a girl’s uniform one Samhain, my love.”


Yes, Annie is always right, and Annie–would like to see Kerry in a girl’s uniform for one Samhain?  Humm . . . his Bulgarian Buttercup has some interesting notions.  Then again, with transformation magic–of which he and she are learning the advanced versions–it’s likely that he may be able to grant her that wish one day.

They move on from them, with Kerry giving Annie a response and then . . . bringing up something old.


“Really? Maybe next year. You never know, Sweetie.” He came to a stop and checked their surroundings. “This was the place—”

“Which one is that, love?” Annie knew where they were: she couldn’t erase this moment from her memories if she’d wanted. But she left it for Kerry recall the time . . .

“This is where I almost said what I wanted to say.” He lightly touched her shoulders, moving them upward slowly to cradle her face. “This is where I was going to tell you that I loved you. And I would have—”

“Were it not for déjà vu.” A year ago they’d arrived at the dance, journeyed to the bonfires, walked between the fires, and returned to the garden. Annie remembered feeling then that something important was likely to happen, because that night Kerry had been all about showing her extra attention, only wanting to be with her—and a dedicating a dance that left her emotionally drained and light-headed.

They’d come here, and she’d call him moyata polovinka—my mate—for the first time, though at the time she’d told him it meant “My soul mate”, because she wasn’t certain if he’d understand. But she found out moment later, when his mood turned quiet and serious—

When he tried to speak—while they were kissing, actually—he complained of headaches. While he didn’t know what was happening to him, Annie believed, correctly, that he was suffering from déjà vu, from pain brought about by suppresses memories that wanted to come out, but were being held back due to magic. It turned out that was exactly what had happened to him, but at the time it was only a suspicion . . .


Yes, the scene of the big Déjà Vu Headache, brought about by Annie’s kissing and his desire to say that he loved her.  We know it didn’t happen that night, and it took near death before he overcame the Big Déjà and spit the words she wanted to hear out.

But they aren’t finished yet.  Oh, no.  There is something else on their minds . . .

25 thoughts on “Final Moments in the Garden of Salem: The Entry

  1. What else are on their minds ?

    Annie feels a lot freer now since Deanna practically told her to let things happen even if they contradict what’s in their vision.

    And again, you mention about Kerry’s gender. ( well, not specifically his gender, but the female outfit he wore at the dance….) There’s this nagging feeling Kerry’s gender will be an issue .in the near future . The hints are not so subtle, after all. In fact, The Phoenix was rather straightforward about it. I reread the Assesment scene several times and there was no doubt The Phoenix made Kerry choose what gender he wanted to be… a girl for the sake of his mother who wanted a daughter, or a boy for the sake of his new found friendship with Annie. This scene reminds me of a true to life story that I learned in Human Sexuality course that I had taken at school. A military man had a complete physical , and I don’t remember what exactly happened , how the doctor discovered his double gender privates…. then the man later found out his parents had known about it since he was a baby…. in the end he chose to be a woman. That’s why that scene with the Phoenix felt awfully familiar.

    But I have no doubt Kerry’s 100 % all male with regards to Annie, and my speculation is just that, a specualtion…… and I’m merely overthinking and overly analytical..

    You know, in a discussion forum, there would be at least 4 insanely long threads that would deal with 4 theories.
    1. Is Annie Kerry’s first time ?
    2. Will Kerry cheat on Annie with Emma ?
    3. Will Kerry have a gender problem ?
    4. Who among the characters will die ?

    • I can answer four now: everyone. Really. They all die, so that’s easy. 🙂

      1, 2, and 3 will get answered eventually. The Phoenix knew/knows of the issues Kerry has had with his mother, and those are really a bit of a pain in the ass. Annie may have daddy issues–and she does–but really, Kerry’s home life is a bit of a horror show because he so desires affection and the only affect he gets comes from a certain Bulgarian girl whom he used to think was a dream. Can you imagine how hard it would be to know that, at the time, the happiest day of your life came from a dream?

      I’ve read several stories like what you just mentioned. Also, one of my favorite time travel stories is “All You Zombies . . .” by Robert Heinlein. That one is totally wibbly wobbly.

      • he he I mean, who among the characters will meet an untimely death ? You did say you were going to off quite a few. I speculate it will be Helena. You’ve actually set Annie up as the next Queen of Sorcery. That’s just a feeling, though. I’ve read so many mystery stories that my senses have become attuned to this kind of things, ha ha.

        Anyway, I maybe wrong about Kerry’s gender issues. Poor Kerry had, in fact, wished he was a girl because of his Mom, who actually said to his face she wished he was a daughterl. That’s totally messed up. My heart goes out to Kerry . Kerry is a loving person who wants to be loved , as well. Annie is heavent-sent. She gives him the love he has been longing for.

        • If anyone was going to die an untimely death, it was Kerry. He should have been eaten. And if that had happened, a certain ginger girl would have had an “accident”.

          Kerry never wished he was one. In fact, it was because of Annie he didn’t take up the Phoenix’s offer. His mom told him that a few times, but he’s never really wished that. All Kerry ever wanted was (cue Queen and Erywin) somebody to love. This is why Kerry really is so tight with Annie: she’s loved him, without reservation, since they were kids. NOW you can understand why Kerry freaked out when he thought Annie was leaving him, and didn’t want to remember her: just the idea of her not loving him anymore would be soul crushing.

          And Annie’s already been called “Little Lovecraft”, so others recognize it as well.

          • He’s said many times before, he likes Emma as a friend. Annie doesn’t have a problem with that. Nadine is a minion, and if she discovered Kerry was screwing around with Emma, she’d tell Annie. It’s a small community at the school, and it would be hard to hide anything from people for very long.

          • ” He likes Emma as a friend”…. and this is what ‘s making me scratch my head. She forcibly kisses him, even if she knows he’s already taken, he’s smart enough to know that Emma is disrespecting his girlfriend and her relationship with him r, she has done bad things to him ( during the race ) ,so how can he even like her as a friend ? Emma has even mocked and ridiculed his girlfriend, including Annie’s accent. How can he even like her as a friend ? Does a good friend do that ? If a ” friend” would do what Emma had done to my loved one , I ‘d never talk to her ever. I say, that’s beyond liking her as a friend. Does he owe his life to her, and that’s why she can do anything , to him, and to Annie ? Maybe that’s it. Reverse psychology. He has saved her life, almost died saving her, so that’s the deep connection with Emma.

            And this is the reason why, when push comes to shove, Kerry will just roll with it, and go with the flow.

          • Because Kerry forgave her. Also, they’re in flight class together, and he’s much rather fly with her than the others. Emma backed off and didn’t make an issue of things. And Annie isn’t giving him hell over it. It’s just as it is.

          • And that’s why I want Annie to tell him. Last time I thought Annie would finally be honest when Kerry started talking about Emma this, Emma that.

            If Emma had backed off, how come all of Salem already know about the triangle ?

          • Because that’s how kids that age are? And given that there’s 150 students, it shows easier. It’s not much of a triangle: more like a lot of people know Emma likes Kerry, and Annie and Kerry just let it lay.

            The reason Annie got pissed had NOTHING to do with Emma liking Kerry. Once again, he was diminishing his own accomplishments by comparing them to Emma’s, and Annie doesn’t like it when he puts himself down that way. She knows it, and that’s why she brought it up. Again and again I’ve said: if Annie is concerned about those two, she’s gonna think the relationship is in trouble. She isn’t going to nag him: she’s already said that. She’s already snorted in the face of an instructor who brought up the possibility: that’s enough.

          • For # 1. 99% would agree with me because it made a lot of sense.
            2. Some wouldn’t call it cheating, and would rationalize it as giving in to natural urges in a seduction scene, and all of them would curse Emma. The purists would blame Kerry too for not being strong enough to stay faithful.
            3. So many scenes that hint on gender issues are too numerous to be ignored. But this would be very controversial.
            4. Who knows, but I think more than half woud agree on Helena untimely biting the dust.

          • 1. I wouldn’t agree with that because there’s no evidence it’s going to happen. He doesn’t show interest in other girls, and he’s seen a vision having Annie be his first girl.

            2. Again, no proof. Kerry hasn’t actively went after Emma, And you can’t use an event that won’t happen for 15 months as “proof”.

            3. The most we have is that Kerry’s mom is a screwy bitch who wanted a girl, and Kerry’s paid the price for that.

            4. Helena seems to be out of the field these days. Maybe she’ll get run down by a cart. 🙂

          • I guess she’d go running to Deanna and cry her heart out ?

            Annie has a narrow vision. Even Deanna has to pointed it out the possibility of another girl ( and then glances at Emma ). In fact, I see a certain arrogance in Annie’s unwavering and absolute trust that Kerry will not ” look ” at any other girl , except her and her alone.

            Don’t hate , Cassie ! ! !

          • Annie’s already cried her heart out to Deanna, and Deanna listens, but it’s never been of the nature of “I’m loosing Kerry!” It’s about whether or not she’s having sex with Kerry before she gets married.

            And Annie isn’t arrogant; she’s selfish. She admits that. it’s because she has her “eyes on the prize,” and that prize has red hair and green eyes. Even Deanna has told her it’s okay to be a little selfish when it comes to love. It’s not narrow vision: it’s confidence.

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