The Moment of Calling

Short scene, my butt.  Well, somewhat short, if you call nearly fifteen hundred words short.  I didn’t exactly zip through the evening–Con Air was playing on the television, and I was chatting with an old friends at the same time I was working on the novel–but eight hundred and eighty-four words flew out of my fingers, so I’ll consider it a good evening.

So, we know Lisa doesn’t like big lesbian instructors–and she’s probably even more upset since it’s now known that her spells instructor is seeing the school’s Chief of Security.  Yeah, sucks to be homophobic at this joint.  And that sort of gets pointed out . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Kerry snorted and rolled his eyes. “Give it a break, Lisa. The snarky southern girl routine doesn’t work that well for you—” He stretched his arms back, loosening up the muscles in his shoulders. “You come off sounding more pissed than snarky.”

“Not to mention you’re picking on the wrong instructor.” Annie crossed her legs as she gave Lisa a satisfied glare. “It’s never nice to make fun of the one instructor whose life partner not only teaches here, but is probably the most dangerous instructor here—”

“And she doesn’t care for you.” Kerry tapped the corner of his forehead. “Smart.”

Lisa threw her nose up in the air and turned back to Franky. “Ah, what do you expect from those two? They’re all teacher’s pets.”

Franky nodded and spoke in a soft voice with enough volume that everyone within ten meters would hear him. “Particular Kirilova—” He hissed out his comment. “The Black Queen’s favorite.”


The Black Queen.  This is a nickname you’ll hear used on Helena from time-to-time, and it really fits her well.  There was a Black Queen in Marvel comics:  one was called Selene–hey, sounds like a certain flier we know–but the first was named Emma Steed, which is a play on the name Emma Peel, who was played by Dame Diana Riggs on the show The Avengers.  The character was so closely tied to Dame Diana that the character’s original appearances had her looking a great deal like the actress.  Needless to say, it’s not a nickname that gets used in front of Helena much–same with her other nickname, which is “That Bitch.”

I’m sure you’re asking, “So, is there a White Queen?”  Yes, there certainly is, and her name is Emma Frost.  She’s another Marvel character who is a powerful psionicist, but is best known for dressing as if she’s going clubbing at all hours of the day and night, something you can do that when you have gravity-defying boobs.  As the Black Queen has dark hair, the White Queen has white, or lighter, hair, and I guess chestnut is light, so . . . maybe Annie gets a new nickname one day?

The interesting thing is there’s also a Red Queen, who has–believe it or not–red hair, and could be either Margali Szardos of Madelyne Pryor.  Good thing Emma isn’t really good with sorcery . . .

Back in the scene Lisa is going down the same nasty path as Franky:


Lisa glanced back over her shoulder at the couple who’d finished storing their soil and manure and were now sitting away from everyone else. “Oh, yeah: she’s got her nose totally up Lovecraft’s ass. Same with her loser boyfriend.”

Annie stiffened upon hearing the comments. Normally she didn’t react when other students made comments about her, because it was common knowledge that the less advance were going to talk about her—some out of frustration, some out of jealousy. She hated it, however, when those same people cast aspersions at Kerry. She didn’t know if they said these things because he was from the same background as them and worked hard to be as advanced as her—or if they said these things only because he was with her.

Kerry never cared what was said about him, however. She was aware that he didn’t like people saying things about her—and Annie was fully aware of the one time he did something to the person who did—but as he’d mentioned, he’d grown so used to hearing people make derogatory comments about him that he ignored them. Annie was also aware that Kerry’s comments there weren’t entirely true . . .

He stood and helped Annie to her feet. “Let’s put the cart back and we can start prepping our beds.”

Lisa shouted out a response to the rest of the class before Annie could reply. “That ain’t the kind of bed Annie’s thinking about.” About a third of the class laughed along with Franky and Lisa.

Annie turned a cold glare upon Lisa. “You should know when to keep your mouth shut, Lisa.”

Kerry touched his soul mate’s hand. “Let it go; they’re just trying to get a rise out of you.”

Franky lightly tapped Lisa on the shoulder. “Are you saying what I think you’re say?”

Lisa raised her head. “That she’s DTF?” She turned her sleazy stare upon Annie once more.  “Oh, yeah:  totally.”

Annie’s head snapped around. “What?”

Kerry knew what Lisa had said and tried to keep the situation from escalating. “Let it go, honey—”

She wasn’t about to let anything go, however. “What did you say, Lisa? What does that mean?”

Lisa did nothing to advert her gaze from Annie’s. “Down to fuck. You know, as in—” She set her right forefinger between the fore and middle fingers of her left hand and slid it back and forth. “I’m sure you know what I said now.”


Yeah, that Lisa:  she’s about as nasty as it gets with the personal slurs.  And what she just said–and implied–is something you don’t say aloud in mixed company.  You can, however, say it when the instructor’s not around–which Professor Simplen isn’t–and a portion of your classmate think what you’re saying is probably true.


Annie didn’t hear the laughter of the others in the class, nor did she feel Kerry at her side. All she saw and heard was Lisa, and all she felt was the anger building inside. “How—dare—you.” She didn’t raise her voice, but her tone told everyone in the room her current emotional state. “How dare you say that about me—”

“What?” She stepped away from her planting bed and stood alone in the aisle. “Say what? Are you saying Kerry hasn’t inoculated you against virginity?” She giggled. “Is he gay or something?”

Kerry isn’t—” She closed her eyes, realizing that Lisa was trying to get her to deny a non-fact that she could use against Annie. “Just shut up. I’m tried of hearing you say these childish, hurtful things.”

Lisa held up her hands as if she was warding off an attack, but she did this as a prelude to mock Annie further. “Oh, the little ass kissing sorceress is all upset—” She began pouting. “What are you gonna do about it, Annie?”

There were many thing Annie knew were possible. She could ignore Lisa, but the more she ignored her, the more it emboldened her. She could go after her as she’d done after Lisa had wrecked Kerry on The Diamond oval and put him in the hospital, but that would get her into more trouble than it would Lisa. She pushed down the anger inside and slowed her breathing: there was an option she’d not used before, one that Vicky had suggested—and one that was needed now.

Annie slowly walked towards Lisa. “What am I going to do about this?” She stopped two meters from the now-smirking girl. “Something I should have done last year.” Annie’s voice grew just loud enough so that no one in the room would mistake what she was saying . . .

“I’m taking you to The Manor, Lisa.  I’m calling you out.”


Now you've done it; you make her angry.  Prepare to die, Lisa.

Now you’ve done it, Lisa; you made Annie angry. Prepare to die.

That, by the way, is Story Annie in the picture:  the person upon whom Annie is modeled physically.  So when she’s looking at you that way, that’s how Annie’s looking at you–though Story Annie is probably appearing a lot colder, like she wants to rip out Lisa’s lungs–oh, wait:  that’s what she wanted to do to Emma.  She’s probably going to take Lisa’s spine out after that remark.

And where is she gonna do that?  In The Manor, of course.

And she’s gonna do it with magic.