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Easing Into the Additions

Since last time we met there wasn’t a lot of writing going down–unless you count all the note taking I was making for my recap of the pilot of Fear the Walking Dead, which comes out later tonight my time.  No, after writing seventeen hundred words for the novel, and another fifteen hundred words (for notes, mind you) for my recap, I was all storied out.

What I did was look at the novel and think about structure change, because I’m nuts like that.  I see something and I usually want to leave it alone, but just as I did with A For Advanced, I tinkered with it a bit after I had a much better idea of where the novel was going.  So you do reach a point where you can look at layout and structure and think, “Now, this would look much better as a stand-alone . . . something.”

That’s what I did with Chapter Thirteen.  I gave it a look, realized that the first three scenes fit together, and then looked at the last few scenes and realized they really were a completely different beast altogether.  So I did this:

I tinkered, 'cause that's what I do.

I tinkered, ’cause that’s what I do.

The last three scenes of Chapter Thirteen became Chapter Fourteen, meaning Thirteen ended with Kerry flying through the air with the greatest of ease–but unlike Annie, who doesn’t need a broom to fly, his landing wasn’t so great.  That’s where I make a break and put in the new Chapter Fourteen, because it’ll open up with someone we know waking up in Bed #2, Bay #1–I don’t believe I’m giving away too much of a spoiler.  That was where I put the last three scenes of the old chapter–

But now there are four scenes, so what gives, Cassie?  Check the time line in the image and look at the title, and remember what Mea Culpa means, and you may figure out what’s going on.  Let’s just say that scene is needed, and it’ll help draw to a close something that’s going on.  Sort of.  Because nothing ever ends here at Salem.

But this wasn’t the only changing I made.  I went in here, too:

Here being a chapter I talk about but haven't worked upon.

Here being a chapter I talk about but haven’t worked upon.

The now Chapter Sixteen is the still the first chapter of Part Give, and it’s also the Salem Overnight chapter which, up until last night, possessed one scene and nothing more.  No more, I say.  I added three more scenes and finalized a map that goes with this chapters–map, you say?  Yep.  I love maps.  There’s a lot of mapping going on in this chapter, and that’s one of the reasons I have a scene called Planing on PEI, because I always know where my students are.  What’s PEI?  Look it up, you’ll find it rather easily.

With all this work finished I went back and renumbered all the chapters and the chapter title pages, and called it a night.  Because my writing for the day was through.  I’ve said it before:  not all writing is writing.  Sometimes it’s research, sometimes it’s creating characters, and sometimes it’s plotting out your novel by getting your chapters in line with what you’re thinking.

And right now I have a far clearer view of where I’m going.

12 thoughts on “Easing Into the Additions

  1. Dang. I was hoping to learn more about the crash and burn, but I can understand why you didn’t get there. 🙂 At least you know where your kids are. 😉

      • Sometimes it just sucks to be a writer, doesn’t it. I just agreed to help beta read a short story. *shakes head* I set myself up for disaster. Dang…

        • It’s funny, because no one ever wants me to beta read their stuff. But people want to beta read mine. The worst one was the women who pretty much told me to cut the first 12,000 words out of “The Scouring” because setting up the characters was “boring”.

          • Ouch! I don’t mind beta reading, as long as I can find time. However I seem to have a wider genre range. The woman I’m beta-ing for writes and reads horror, a genre I don’t usually write but love to read… So even though she offered, it’s kind of a lost gesture… 😦

  2. Setting up the character is not boring. To me, it’s always important to read about the characters, especially those that have important roles in the story. For example, Maddie…. iff I didn’t know what happened to her, I’d think she was a bad person for spying on Annie and Kerry, and telling on them to the Foundation. ( their capabilities ) . It seems the school is not very concerned about character building…. that’s why it was great that Annie did something about it. Maddiie’s husband wouldn’t have died had the school just paid attention to what’ was going on that time. Of course, I can assume there was so much secrecy that went on then. The quiet , lttle nerd could have been making a bomb, and the nice, friendly student was actually thinking of killing them all. There ‘s nothing the school can do about them. But then there are the obvious, nasty ones. These students are learning to harness their natural talents … I caanot imagine how these nasty students will handle their ” power” once they’re let loose out in the world of normals.

    Anyways, when I saw Mea Culpa on your outline, my first thought was, Emma ? Emma acknowledging her mistakes ? Or could it be Kerry ? But if it was Kerry, what did he do ? It that was Emma, I don’t think that’s life – changing. She has been apologizing to Kerry since Day one…. does she ever change ? No.
    Well, let’s see what happens.

    • Yes, you’ll have to see what happens.

      As for the Scouring–there was a LOT of things going on in the background that allowed it to happen. If The Foundation doesn’t seem like it keeps an eye on things these days, I’ll just use a quote a friend of mine uses: “If you don’t see me coming, it’s on purpose.”

      You still keep seeing the situation between Lisa and Annie as the school refusing to do something. Really? Are you *sure*? The school doesn’t grade students normally, and some of their proficiencies are based upon their ability to act well with others. This isn’t a normal (or should I say “Normal”) environment, so you can’t keep using “normal” values to judge what’s happening.

      • At least Helena told these nasties would not be in her Sorcery class next year… and her class is the only one.

        I can only discuss my impressions and about events that unfold. Whoever put Kerry in the hospital ( I remember it was Lisa, or was it Emma ? ) during their Level A race had been punished, If I recall correctly mea culpa. I guess it didn’t work on her. She ‘s as nasty as before, even more so now. Good thing Annie didn’t let Lisa’s sh*t slide. I’m eager to know how she treats Annie from now on. Also, I assume Kerry has been injured, and it’s Emma’s fault… and what’s that mea culpa ? I hope Annie beats the cr*p out of Emma, and Emma says mea culpa.

        But we’ll see what happens.

        • There are other classes that end this year; Helena is pretty much saying that anyone who advances to the C Level is doing so in accordance with the process for invitation into Advanced Classes. She’s doing the same thing that Vicky, Jessica, Erywin, Ramona, and Wednesday have done, only in a different way.

          That was Emma. She was also in the hospital for a while. And if Kerry blacked out at the end of the race from a crash, it’s a sure bet he’s hurt.

          And Annie can’t attack Emma for wrecking Kerry. Vicky and she already had that discussion months before.

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