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Fall and the Dreamland Express

It is the First of September, the day that people who are supposed to track these sorts of things say is pretty much the day fall begins.  Never mind that here in The Burg today and the next two days are gonna see temps get up above ninety Fahrenheit, it’s fall, which means I need to get into my jeans, slip on my Ugg boots, and go sip a pumpkin spiced latte and get a selfie while standing in leaves next to pumpkins.

I've got the boots ready, as you can see.

I’ve got the boots ready, as you can see.

Today is also post number one thousand, six hundred, and in one hundred and fifty days I will reach post one thousand, seven hundred and fifty; that will occur on Friday, January 29, 2016, or one day short of two years after post one thousand, titled Millennium, was written.

I intend to achieve a number of things over this period of time.  One, I get my name changed so I’m a legal beagle.  Two, I should have some of my ordered covers in hand.  Three, I should be working towards getting Kolor Ijo out and published.

That’s a lot of shoulda, coulda, woulda right there.  Oh, and one other thing:  that Friday will be, more or less, the first anniversary of the start of Cassidy, as that was the day one ago that I showed up at work as . . . well, as Dr. Banner would say, “The other guy.”  A huge amount has gone down since 2 February of 2014, and it just keeps going.

At some point I’m gonna have to sit down and start doing some heavy editing.  Right now I’m thinking I’ll stick with B For Bewitching until the middle of October and then switch over into editing mode, and stick with that through the end of November.  That means no NaNo, no new writing, I use the time where I’d produce new material to sharpen old material.  That way I can get back into this novel come 1 December, and stay with it through the end of January, when I’ll switch over and begin editing Act One of A For Advanced.

I can do this because there’s no point to continuing on B For Bewitching if I’m not going to get my material out.  That also means there will be few excerpts, but I’ve been considering doing that a lot of late.  After all, I’ve posted just over a half a million words from the first and second novel, and if that doesn’t have you interested in reading more, then nothing will.

But for now, they’re still here.  And this one should be self-explanatory:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

For nearly fifteen seconds after crawling under the covers of her bed Annie lay in the full darkness of her room staring at the ceiling while thinking. She was fully aware of what she was going to attempt; some questions remained, however, if she should . . .

Kerry and she had returned from the Friday Midnight Madness only about twenty minutes before. It was a usual evening at the Madness: they cuddled, they had snacks, they talked with friends and with each other. About twenty-three hours they lay down on the sofa and got comfortable under the comforter, and remained that way until Wednesday woke them sent them on their way. A light rain had fallen most of the evening, so rather than going outside they took the tunnel to the Pentagram Walls and entered the tower from lower level.

They didn’t go to bed right away, however: they sat for a few minutes in the commons and chatted quietly. Annie spent the time putting his mind at ease, because this afternoon, Saturday, was his first race on the Red Line, and naturally Kerry was nervous about making his debut on hardest, most technical course at the school. It was Annie’s suggestion that he not dwell on the matter for too long, and get a good night’s sleep so he’d be rested when the racing began thirteen hours from now.

Annie said her good nights to her love twenty minutes before. She used the bathroom, cleaned her face and hands, returned to her room, and made herself comfortable in bed. She didn’t close her eyes, not yet.

Not until she was ready to dreamwalk.

With all the classes and extra activity she’d needed to handle since school began, her study of dreamwalking had found itself put on hold. The dream she’d witnessed Kerry having two weeks before convinced her that now was a good time to resume the study, not only because if she could improve her ability to walk while at school she’d be able to walk Kerry once they were home for Yule Holiday, but she thought it might be possible to gain some knowledge on these reoccurring dreams he was having—and perhaps learn the identity of the girl with whom he was speaking.

All I have to do is get into Kerry’s dreams and explore. She smiled as she tiled her head back and examined the bottom of the frame that held her painting, Baby Snakes at Laputa. This couldn’t be simpler.


I’ve given this whole concept of dreamwalking a lot of thought, and trying to get the imagery right is going to be a pain, but if I take my time it could be weird.  This will be the first time anyone’s seen the astral realm–

Assuming I show it.  Maybe you’ll need to buy the book.

It's not like it'll get published tomorrow . . .

It’s not like it’ll get published tomorrow . . .

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