Floating in the Domain of Dreams

Before all gets started, major mistake that I’m dealing with today.  Yesterday I mentioned that I was heading off that evening for electrolysis and that today I’d have a messy, swollen face.  Guess what?  That’s tonight!  Yep, I screwed up my dates, and now I’ve got cactus face that I have to carry around at work all day, and walk around in public, so I’ll have the whole “Don’t look at me!” thing going on today.

Then tomorrow I deal with all the pain and swollen face stuff, and won’t that be fun?  Booyah.

Annie’s still off in her dreamwalk, and let me tell you:  writing about this stuff is hard.  Really.  Trying to come up with descriptions of something that I’ve known was coming, but only had a rough idea of what it would look like.  And then, in the body of the work below, I set up some new rules:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie appeared to hover a meter from the outer surface of her dreamspace, but she was aware this was the way her mind interpreted her surroundings. This wasn’t the real Astral Realm, but rather the small portion that filtered through and powered her aura. It wouldn’t matter how far she traveled from her dreamspace to another, dreamwalking would never reveal the real realm to her. In order to see the Astral Realm as it really was, Annie needed to learn Astral Projection—or better yet, master the ability to pull back the Curtain and Astral Walk.

The outer surface of her dreamscape seemed to flow and pulse. She wondered if it was reacting to her own heartbeat, but since she couldn’t tell how her heart was beating at the moment, everything was conjecture. The surface of the space was a combination of blueish-green interlaced with ribbons of pale chiffon flowing through the mass. A smile began to slowly etch upon her face as she realized her dreamspace was nearly the same color as her hair during the Samhain Dance a month before. She wondered if that meant something, if perhaps her subconscious retained the memory and held on to it as something favored and loved. Given what she’d read about dreamwalking, it was entirely possible.

She spun around and looked off in the direction of where she felt Kerry’s dreamspace lay. Normally finding another person’s dreamspace required being in close contact with that individual, or have something of theirs that possessed and astral impression that one could use a guide. The best way to dreamwalk another person was to have a close relationship with the individual, and use the impression left upon you to home in on their presence. Given her love for Kerry, Annie believed she’d find Kerry’s dreamspace without a problem. And if her feelings were correct, it was off that way—

Annie was no more that ten meters from her dreamspace when she caught another structure out of the corner of her mind. She wasn’t exactly certain what she’d seen here besides colored mist and floating dreamspaces, but she didn’t expect to see what looked like a corridor of shimmering golden light. As eager as she was to reach Kerry, she needed to investigate. She changed course and shot off to her left.

No, not this kind of dream corridor. Try again--

No, not this kind of dream corridor. Try again–

What she found was less a corridor and more a tube about a meter across. It sat fixed against her dreamspace and angled up and away to her right. Annie moved her head closer and followed the direction of the tube—

About thirty meters away was another dreamspace. But Annie already knew it wasn’t Kerry’s: it felt wrong. She pushed herself off in its direction, moving slowly upward. Two-thirds of the way to the new space she looked back at hers and saw how much smaller it appeared compared to this new space. It was only as she was about to touch the surface of this new space that the realization hit her:

This is the space Kerry and I share. This is our dreamspace.

Maybe there's a tree in there, too. We'll see.

Maybe there’s a tree in there, too. We’ll see.

Here we are now, with Annie just outside their shared dreamspace.  She still hasn’t found Kerry’s, but she’s found something that indicates their dreams together have a place where they happen.

Also, Astral Projection, Astral Walk, and The Curtain:  completely new spells and terms.  The Curtain is gonna come up again in this story, just to let you know, but not for a while.  What is it?

You’ll just have to wait and see.