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Big Walking Dead Season 6 Conspiracy Theories

No “Fear the Walking Dead” this week, so how about some ruminating on the upcoming Season 6 of “The Walking Dead”. There are spoilers, so watch out!

Rachel Tsoumbakos

AMC's The Walking Dead Season 6 rumors and theories

So here we are with a break in Fear the Walking Dead, and since we don’t have zombies on our screen, we should have zombies to talk about–in particular, what we think we’ll see/want to see/rumors to bring out.  Let’s talk, because that’s all we have to do for another six weeks.

1.  Will Alexandra Fall?

CF:  Let’s define “fall”.  This happens in the comic under the All Out War story line with Negan, so I don’t imagine we’ll see this until Season 7.  It does look as if we are gearing up for Alexandra to get overrun by Walkers, and that’s still not a good thing.  If that happens, I believe they will find Hilltop, one of the other colonies in the area.

RT: I think Alexandria will fall and we will see it in the very first episode, but, as Greg Nicotero has stated, there will be a time…

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