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Fear the Walking Dead, Season 1, Episode 3: “The Dog”

The recap is up!

Rachel Tsoumbakos

FTWD Ep 3 The Ride Home

Your zombie apocalypse up close and personal.

Out in the mean, soon to be dead streets of L.A., hell is all around. Everyone in Daniel’s Haircut Emporium is safe for the moment, but this is L.A.—or its stand in *coughVancouvercough*—and it won’t be long before things go straight to hell. Eventually some dudes break into the joint next door and set it aflame, which means Daniel’s place is gonna burn, which means get out in the street—

It’s not at all pretty. Cars on fire, people beating people, cops getting ready to drop the hammer—and, oh yeah: there’s a cop chewing on a SWAT guy’s neck. Someone get that officer’s PBA rep . . .

Travis and Company make a run for it, and eventually find Travis’ truck, which isn’t burning, upside down, or has even been broken into, which means they’ll make their way out of the downtown unscathed, right?…

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2 thoughts on “Fear the Walking Dead, Season 1, Episode 3: “The Dog”

  1. I find that when you are yelling at your tv it is the sign of a good show. it’s when you are sitting there not caring about anything that you should probably change it. I think the consensus is agreed, most were yelling at their tvs thinking the characters could hear them! lol

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